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Strange news of the day: Cross-dressing Census Bureau employee attacks disabled woman in Houston

Read the article here for more details. Apparently the worker in question is now in a psychiatric hospital…

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9 Responses to “Strange news of the day: Cross-dressing Census Bureau employee attacks disabled woman in Houston”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Can someone tell me where I can get a couch like that?

  2. anonymous Says:

    Yes, I believe it. There are many excellent Census workers. However, there are incredibly non-deserving, “how in the hell did they get hired and how do they keep their jobs” Census workers, too.

  3. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    Hmmmm; fairly bizarre story. Guess we need a little light entertainment here to balance the muckraking stories from time to time.

    So as things stand now, the tranny enumerator is in the loony bin, has presumably been fired by the Census Bureau, and the victim is going to sue him; she’ll probably get a pretty good settlement.

    Hey, I guess that’s another approach to NRFU, eh? Bang on the door, demand the person’s census form, then get pissed off when they ask for your ID. Yep, that’s the ticket.

  4. Enumerate this Says:

    Where to start…

    1. We’re only getting half the story. Who knows what really happened.

    2. The local TV report — and the mytwocensus post headline — share an unseemly fascination with the “cross-dressing” part of the enumerator’s life. I must have missed the criminalization of being a cross-dresser. I expect shit like that from bush league local TV in Texas, not from an Ivy League guy in San Francisco. Next week: “Black census employee leers at white woman in Alabama,” or “Jew census employee gets loud-mouthed with citizen in Oregon.”

    3. The local TV reporter said the woman is terminally ill but never elaborated. Frankly, she looks like a “disabled” woman whose “disability” is “allergy to work.” Call me an asshole. (Actually, she looks like she has COPD.)

    4. Andrea Nguyen of KIAH-TV in Houston is not unattractive.

  5. Census Worker in Houston Says:

    Slow news day in Houston?

  6. JAG Says:

    Wow! She does seem pretty shook up and battered after this encounter! Notice how difficult it was for her to beat her bruised arm on the door…..she could barely get through the recreation of this scary and troubling encounter. Fortunately, she was able to calm herself enough to place the phone call to the media for her 5 minutes of fame….

  7. Enumerate this Says:

    @JAG: Funny.

  8. TXlcom Says:

    I dunno….the victim in the pink top looks alot like a tranny “herself”. I’m just sayin….

  9. Natalie Says:

    I think this is horrible.
    The fact that you are judging her and calling her an un-deserving tranny census worker after you only have half the story.

    Did you not pay attention to the news report
    They called her a crossdressing man.
    Showing her to be some kind of scary deviant.
    Revealed her house number, picture, and livejournal.

    This is a breach of safety for her and the way they portrayed her without getting her side of the story and going on COMPLETE HERESAY.

    I myself am a Trans Female. Merely living my life at the age of 19.
    Its news reports like this that can fuel hate toward people who are trans like myself.