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Census Bureau waste found…on Twitter

Back in December, Emily Babay added a “Twitter Feed” to the MyTwoCensus homepage. This tool has proved all too valuable in finding out intricate details of Census Bureau problems. If you want to see why/how your tax dollars are wasted, look at the below Tweet for why. Great job payroll system! (FYI the term #lml stands for “love my life.”)

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25 Responses to “Census Bureau waste found…on Twitter”

  1. insidescoop Says:

    Census employees will get a pay check two weeks after they stop working, because they receive their first pay check two weeks AFTER they start work working. The Census can stop paying employees when they stop working, but the employees will be short two weeks of pay if they do.

  2. Pablo S Says:

    OK, this forum has officially jumped the shark.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    wow, one piece of anecdotal evidence from ‘courtlewinsky’ seems like a good thing to base new article on. i don’t know who’s more clueless here, courtlewinksy or mr. morse.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Here are my favorites…THANK YOU TWITTER!!!

    News12NJ profile News12NJ NJ lawmaker wants to repeal dog census law

    Indian Express Fear of the Devil holding up census in Mizora

    Mother tongue will be asked by Census Authorities in Feb. 2011 while taking population census i.e. Individuals

  5. lol Says:

    Paychecks are at least 11 days behind. Like any other job, you need to get paid for your final weeks work.

  6. nerfoo Says:

    This is so funny. Such an obvious & simple indication that the ‘watchdog’ doesn’t have a clue how the system that he’s watching works.

    Basic training, day one… You are paid on Wednesday of the week *following* the week that you worked. You will receive a paycheck 11 days after the last Saturday that ends a Sun-Sat week in which you turned in D-308′s.

    And, really? Tweets from a member of ‘the bad girls club’ as a reliable source of news?

  7. Chris Says:

    Apparently Mr. Morse has never worked a day in his life and has no idea how payroll actually works…

  8. Anom Says:

    Dang. I wish I had someone that looked like that in my census crew. I had to work with a bunch of older winkled people

  9. Enumeratrix Says:

    Anom: You worked with people bearing shellfish??

  10. Ena Umerator Says:

    Umm, didn’t you research payroll before you posted that crap? It’s obvious the girl, who tweeted about still getting paid after being off for two weeks, is an idiot. As with the other posters on this topic… I call shenanigans. You get paid for two weeks after your work ends because of the time it takes to start your initial payroll.

  11. Amanda Says:

    And if they’d NOT paid her for her last few days in that last week, would she not have been the very first person to call the LCO or Payroll Hotline asking where in the world her check was? Lord help us all…maybe if she’d look at the payroll period on her statement she’d have saved everyone some time.

  12. Samantha Jackson Says:

    Good grief. Anyone’s who’s worked a day in their life knows payroll lags a week or two.

    Again, there is so much that is really, really wrong with this census operation that there’s no need to make up imaginary stuff. So, why not focus on the real scandals instead of non-issues?

  13. Admin clerk Says:

    This is ridiculous. No one gets paid unless they turn in a daily 308, signed by both themselves and their supervisors itemizing the time they worked, and the task they were doing. Census workers (except managers) are not on a salary; the pay varies based upon the amount of hours worked. If this woman is still getting paid, it is for work done two weeks earlier. Also, perhaps some of her daily 308′s were turned in late; thus delaying the pay for those days another week.

  14. lol Says:

    Mr. Morse, I’m pretty amused that you aren’t aware of payroll lag. It’s easy to complain about topics you clearly know nothing about.

  15. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @all – one month is different from two weeks in terms of payroll lag.

  16. insidescoop Says:

    Steven Robert Morse… Read the tweet. She has been done working for two weeks, not for a month. Sheesh!

  17. FL-RI Says:


  18. nerfoo Says:

    Not sure where you’re getting a month lag here…

  19. TR Says:

    Samantha Jackson, I’ve been saying that since Address Canvassing. SRM obviously has no filter and just posts whatever he can come up with. “Ready, fire, aim” journalism.

  20. Bob Says:

    This site has lost all credibility. It may have started as a “watchdog” with good intentions but now it’s just innuendoes, half-truths and flat-out false information with a smattering of alarmists yelling FIRE! FIRE! when there is none.

  21. Ena Umerator Says:

    LOL@ Morse… “I been done 4 two weeks.” You read four weeks, didn’t ya? Too funny. Good God, man please stop posting this crap and get the real stuff.

  22. Jeremy Says:

    Dude your blog has some good stuff but then you put things like this and it’s obvious you “bandwagon jump” without having a clue what you’re talking about. Every job, EVERY JOB I’ve ever had in my life my final paycheck has come at the earliest two weeks after I was done.

  23. Brooklyn Counts Says:

    Hey Steve,

    Do you ever file retractions, corrections or apologies?

    The same kind of transparency you’re seeking from the Census starts by being factual on your blog.

    Not everybody will click through to these comments, which all say the same thing:

    We start getting paid two weeks after we work. We will get paid two weeks after we stop working.

  24. nerfoo Says:

    This post does amuse me, though :-)

  25. Ley Says:

    So Mr. Morse, it appears that you, much like this “tweeter”, are an idiot.