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MyTwoCensus Editorial: Current Census Bureau official involved in Blagojevich scandal must go…immediately!

MyTwoCensus is disturbed to learn that a man so deeply involved in the Blagojevich/Obama-Senate-seat-for-sale scandal is now employed in an upper level management position by the Census Bureau in Chicago. Even if the man, Joseph Aramanda, has not been convicted (yet) of  a crime, his reputation for being involved in illegal activities seriously undermines the credibility of Census Bureau operations in Chicago. In a city with corruption linked to 2010 Census advertising, the public should not have to worry that upper management positions are being filled by individuals who are directly tied to government corruption and fraud. Furthermore, Joseph Aramanda’s experiences as a pizza franchise owner (his job prior to the Census Bureau gig) don’t qualify him to be in charge of 1,000+ employees. This is particularly troubling at a time when there are  many hardworking, educated individuals with office management experience in the Chicago area who can do the job just as efficiently. will be pressing the Census Bureau to fire this man immediately, as his association with the Census Bureau tarnishes the reputation of the 2010 Census. That the suits in Washington could let a man so deeply embroiled in scandal run the office of one of America’s largest LCO’s is extremely troubling and indicative of larger problems.

The following coverage comes from The Chicago Tribune:

Pal says Rezko lured him into becoming a middleman in money transfers

Transfers helped obscure cash illegally destined to Blagojevich, Rezko and others, prosecutors say

June 15, 2010

These days Joseph Aramanda manages a U.S. Census Bureau Chicago-area office and its 1,000 employees. But it was in a different capacity that he showed up for the government Tuesday at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse — witness in the corruption trial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Aramanda took the stand to explain how he was lured by Blagojevich insider Antoin “Tony” Rezko into becoming a middleman in money transfers that prosecutors claim helped obscure cash siphoned from government-related deals and illegally destined for Blagojevich, Rezko and others.

Blagojevich wasn’t directly linked to the complicated chain of financial transactions described by Aramanda, who will return to the stand Wednesday. But prosecutors are clearly using his testimony to explain how Rezko, Blagojevich’s friend and political money man, operated to benefit himself and the ex-governor.

For the full article, click HERE.

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17 Responses to “MyTwoCensus Editorial: Current Census Bureau official involved in Blagojevich scandal must go…immediately!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Uh…are you feeling ok, SRM? You should have someone take your temperature.

  2. anonymous Says:

    I work in this office, and have often wondered what this person did to get the job he has. I have never seen any evidence he got the job because of his managerial skills.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Hiring was done by the impressiveness of the resume. Not actual managerial skills. This was the safest way to justify hiring decisions. So, many of the LCO managers and asst. managers had previous jobs were they may have had tremendous responsibilities or very high levels of education but never really managed people day to day.

  4. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @anyone who works in chicago: why don’t you tell us here about Aramanda’s reputation and leadership skills?

  5. Arpad Golgoth Says:

    I got a 95 on the test. The proctor seemed excited by this. They wanted me to be a supervisor. Then they told me I had a criminal record when I do not. They would not tell me what I did, or when or where I did it, just that I had to prove to them that I didn’t do it. Like the guy in the Trial by Kafka. Then I heard about about a class action suit vs. the census bureau by lots of people who had the same thing happen to them. I emailed the law firm that was handling it and sent them all the documentation in support of my story. A barely intelligible black woman called me back and asked me if I was a white man. I said yes. She said I could not be part of the suit because I was a white man and hung up. What happened to this country?

  6. annnon Says:

    guilty until proven innocent?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    No. Guilty by association.

  8. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Guilt by association indeed. Not the kind of people you want handling confidential data…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    How has he compromised confidential data?

  10. home stretch Says:

    Not surprised at all with this 2010 Census!

  11. home stretch Says:

    Vacant/Delete operation will start last week of July – 1 to 2 days of training followed by 1 to 2 days of actual work.

    Follow-up Verification operation will start first week of August – 1 to 2 days of training followed by 1 to 2 days of actual work.

  12. anonymous too Says:

    anonymous 9:22 sm, In my LCO – CL, CLA, Managers were chosen because they knew someone higher up. They were the neighbors, drinking and eating buddies of upper management.

  13. My Two Census » Blog Archive » Update on today’s story…The Census Bureau hides behind the shield of FOIA once again Says:

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  14. James Says:

    I’m sorry, but the direction of a lot of topics has gotten really over the top. I don’t mean the responses, I’m more concerned about the topics. Instead of neutral journalism and facts we are getting opinions. Really extreme opinions. We are all interested in what is going on but let us make the decisions about the Census, not react to what peeves you.

  15. Insider Says:

    I’m not surprised at all that a “dirty” LCOM got hired; I’m sure there are alot more. If an RCC wants someone to get hired, they’re gonna get hired. Don’t be fooled by the hiring “rules”; the RCCs are masterfully adept at bending them to suit their needs (or more correctly, their wants.) Almost all of the Regional Techs, Area Managers, and Coordinators in my RCC are current permanent Census employees that have permanent “survey-side” positions to fall back on when the “decennial side” is over, so they have free reign to do pretty much whatever they want without repercussions. Unless you get caught doing something illegal. (See Mr. Dean).

  16. anonymous Says:

    Insider is right. For individuals who want to read positive, “feel good” stories about the Census, please go to – there is a fabulous Director’s Blog, positive stories and photos from around the U.S., etc.

  17. Jhette Says:

    what happened to innocent until proven guilty??? just wondering.