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Strange news of the day…Census worker “abused” in Tennessee

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Suspect ‘tired of’ visitors stopping by


A Chapel Hill man was arrested after allegedly holding a U.S. Census worker against his will.

James T. Brewer, 61, 3026 Highway 270, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

Travis Ryder, 20, told deputies Brewer became aggressive toward him when he went to Brewer’s home June 9 to collect Census information. The victim alleged Brewer was aggressive toward him and took the identification badge from his neck, tore up his census documents and took the keys from his truck, according to an incident report.

The report states Brewer then took Ryder to an outbuilding on his property, melted a Coca-Cola can with a blow torch and asked the census worker if he knew what physical injury the blow torch would do to his hand.

Ryder told authorities throughout the ordeal Brewer acted as if he had a weapon in his pocket and told him that no more census workers should come to his home or “they might not leave.”

Brewer later told authorities he was only trying to scare the worker, saying four others had already been to his home and “he was tired of it.”

He was released from Marshall County Jail after posting $8,500 bond.

Census workers have increasingly been the target of violence.

Since late April, there have been 252 incidents nationwide in which Census workers were threatened or harmed — 86 of which involved weapons such as guns, axes and crossbows — according to The Washington Post.

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8 Responses to “Strange news of the day…Census worker “abused” in Tennessee”

  1. whatthe... Says:

    Holy crapoli. What makes these people believe they have a right to treat another human being this way?

    ” Brewer later told authorities he was only trying to scare the worker, saying four others had already been to his home and “he was tired of it.” ”

    That is no excuse.

  2. nerfoo Says:

    I’m not sure why the word ‘abused’ is in quotation marks in the headline. How is aggravated assault not abuse?

  3. home stretch Says:

    John/Jane Q. Public is very tired of the Census’ lack of organization, leadership, and common sense.

  4. beanie Says:

    nerfoo- my thoughts exactly

  5. end the census Says:

    Insane census bureaucracy results in insane citizen response!

  6. beanie Says:

    end the census- why should an individual suffer for the actions of a bureaucracy?

  7. Jeremy Says:

    What’s sad is I’m sure right after this guy’s CL filed the incident report they got a call from their LCO saying “we’re not processing Refusals, someone needs to follow up with that respondent.”

  8. Glori Says:

    You just don’t know the half of it. I personally think prospective Census employees need to be further screened. A background check is not enough. The basic skills test is not enough. People need to be interviewed then observed by a Crew Leader before being set loose to go represent the US government. A friend of mine was kicked by a fellow census worker who from my experience has no control over herself and exhibits signs of mental/emotional issues. There is definitely a malfunction. The assault was during a meeting at her condo association. Because she was embarrassing the Census, as a crew leader assistant my friend saw it necessary to end the meeting. The association kept saying over and over that they would get back to us the following week. This person would not stop insisting they give the Census access to the building ASAP and would not allow my friend to interrupt her. To get her attention my friend simply whispered “it’s time to go, let them get back to us” because she did not want to embarrass her but she was acting belligerent and the people in that office really just wanted to get back to work after her 25 minute ranting and raving. She kicked my friend to shut her up and kept right on talking as if it was all good. My friend almost fell and sprained her knee in the process of regaining my balance. Get this: my “crew leader” questioned my friend for reporting the incident! The crew leader also failed to go to that location to find out what happened, she just heard the other person’s side of the story. To add insult to injury, this woman left my friend a crazy voice mail message and my friend asked the crew leader to hear it – she refused and seemed to not want to get involved. My friend had to call the police so they could hear this voice mail message crazy had left where she mentioned shooting someone! It has been a month and although she did not do anything to deserve getting kicked in the middle of a work meeting, my friend is being questioned and I am now wondering if they are trying to find a reason to not pay the medical bills – although there is a statement from the security company (though that has errors in it, at least they acknowledged Ms. Crazy kicked me). This woman even went to the local census office to complain about my friend and submitted a grievance form against her. I just can’t believe what happened to my friend -this all because a disrespectful out of control woman decided to kick her instead of simply communicating whatever her problem was like a normal human being.