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Are there any payroll problems in your office?

Apparently there are still some going on

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17 Responses to “Are there any payroll problems in your office?”

  1. insidescoop Says:

    No. Payroll is going smoothly. There is an occasional late D-308 turned in, but otherwise there aren’t any problems to speak of.

  2. MotleyCrewLeader Says:

    They messed up mine again last week. the golden rule is save all your 308 copies as proof. In our area the main problem is getting paid what your owed. My first paycheck they shorted me 8 hours, which included overtime. The problem was rectified and i was getting paid on time and in full.
    The present system they have is a joke.

  3. anonymouss Says:

    True. No one can verify your employment with the Census through the Dept. of Commerce email or by payroll software! Keep all of your paystubs and make copies.

  4. Bob Says:

    The payroll system runs well. 99.9% of the problems are from time sheeets (D-308) submitted late or incorrectly filled out.

  5. nerfoo Says:

    I haven’t had a problem or heard of anyone with a problem in my CLD

  6. pranita veeria Says:

    Many of the field workers in Brooklyn are still missing hours from several weeks ago (@ 20-30 per)

  7. Ena Umerator Says:

    Hello… is this thing on? Do you remember that payroll begins 11 days after the first Wednesday you start working for the Census? That would put your first check and every check after that two weeks behind. That’s standard operating procedure at any job. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, trying to get you to understand how payroll works.

  8. pranita veeria Says:

    Hmmmm. April 25 to June 18….what calendar are you looking at ???

  9. nerfoo Says:

    There do seem to be some inconsistencies or, perhaps, exaggerations in the article. The article states “One woman said her daughter started work on April 27 and didn’t get paid until well into June.” But, then later states that the mother’s letter was dated June 4, which doesn’t really qualify for ‘well into June’, if we’re being fair and honest. And, as June 4 was a Friday, the only actual June paydate for her daughter was Wed, June 2.

    I don’t think that anyone’s claiming that mistakes aren’t being made sometimes. It’s statistically ridiculous to think that of 549,000 employees flooding a system all at once, there won’t be some mistakes made.

  10. Insider Says:

    All of our issues are either the fault of the employee or someone else in field ops.

  11. monicadesi Says:

    The only problems we are having is employees filling out incorrect direct deposit information (which can delay payment by weeks while we try and straighten things out) or employees neglecting to fill out their 308s properly. Incorrect addition, suspect millage, transposed numbers and simply neglecting to fill out a line or check a box means we have to send the 308 back to the employee to be corrected and then re-authorized by their supervisor.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    No problems here. Everyone is happy in my office.

  13. joe blow Says:

    all my areas problems are resolved. the payroll people at my lco are so helpful. I LOVE YOU ROCKY HILL.

  14. watermelon Says:

    Payroll issues persist in my LCO.

  15. Stacey Says:

    I worked for two weeks at the end of April and still haven’t been paid. Someone changed my direct deposit information without my permission and no one can explain how it happened. I call the regional office a couple of times a week and every time they act like I’m bothering them. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  16. Admin Manager Says:

    Stacey – your AMA needs to correct your direct deposit information and then request a reissue of funds from the RCC. RCC Admin will verify the original direct deposits were returned to the Treasury Dept, and will then request a reissue. After the RCC submits the reissue request to Treasury, you should have the money in a week or so. I told the 15 or so of these cases I handled (out of 1,000+) to expect the whole process to take 3 to 4 week.. I have resolved all of the problem direct deposits for my office from NRFU.

    Bottom Line: You’re being hosed – you should have your money by now.

  17. Avacado Says:

    I’d like to get my mileage and phone bills paid. It’s an insult not getting appropriately paid for all the time we work or being expected to work +60 w/o compensation, but we’re also bullied & intimidated by the LCO mgr & his 1st flunkie who threatens workers with his size and anger, who fabricates stories, alters time sheets, retaliates against enumerators, CLs and FOSs.