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LCO encourages enumerators to falsify timesheets…

This came into the MyTwoCensus maibox and demonstrates some wasteful habits at the local census office level:

Subject: LCO is encouraging Crew Leaders to have enumerators falsify timesheets

Message Body:

Re:  U.S. Census – Collect $22.75+mileage tomorrow, if you want

Hi team,

Our job is over, but the Census nonsense continues!!!  NRFU is still not finished in other parts of ******** County… and for some reason (come up with your own theory) the LCO is still asking us to consider this past week a “working week.”

They want me to hold a “non-workers meeting” at which every enumerator can turn in a timesheet of at least 1 hour.  I won’t have any news to report at this meeting.  I know that it sounds silly and wasteful, and trust me, this was a subject of heated debate at my last crew leader meeting.  But the bottom line is that the LCO wants this.  So if you want to show up, fill out a timesheet, and get one last paycheck for this week, it will make the LCO happy.  If you’d prefer not to because of unemployment or any other reason, that’s fine too.

Attendance is completely optional.  You don’t need to stay at ******** for a full hour.  All you will need to do is fill out a timesheet, then you’re free to leave.  Of course if you want to stick around for breakfast, you’re more than welcome.

I’ll be back at ******** tomorrow morning (Friday 7/2) from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.  I will have blank D-308 forms.  Finally, if you do stop by… please bring your ID badge to turn in.  It may save you a trip next week if the LCO asks me to collect badges, which they hinted they might.


(***) ***-**** cell
(***) ***-**** home

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29 Responses to “LCO encourages enumerators to falsify timesheets…”

  1. anonymous Says:

    SRM – do you have an opportunity to ask these people questions before you post?

  2. ********** Says:

    What would you like to ask me?

  3. Crew Leader Says:

    The last week of NRFU was a big payroll “grabfest” for us (Palm Beach County, FL). The CLs were meeting daily with the FOS with no business to discuss. The FOS encouraged the CLs to meet daily with their enums just to get time in for everyone. On the last day, the entire LCO area (1300+ people) met to listen to a conference call from the AMFO thanking everybody for a job well done. After the call, which took 2 minutes, we sat around & played stupid games & then was asked to fill out a D-308 for 3 1/2 hours. Total wasted time for me was 19 3/4 hours.

    I’m not complaining…I’ll take as much as I can while I can.

  4. anonymous Says:

    UNPROFESSIONAL AND WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY! This behavior went on in my LCO, too (some individuals in different crews). I did not participate.

  5. Crew Leader Says:

    How about we start talking about the new operation (NRFU VDC)?

    We did training on Thursday. I’m an enum this time. It looks like Census hasn’t changed its stripes. They’re still trying to manage by keeping everyone in a state of anxiety. They told us they want a minimum of 10 cases done by Sunday. But, here it is Friday & they still don’t have binders to us. I’m supposed to pick up my AA tomorrow morning & work all day Saturday & Sunday.

    I see it this way. A delay on the LCOs part does not mean a rush on my part. I made myself available & was quite willing to work all day Thursday & Friday & only got 5 hours. I told my CL that I was not working this weekend because I have company coming for the holiday weekend. She said she would ask the FOS if that was ok. I said, “I,m not asking…I’m telling. If you or the FOS don’t like it fire me.”

    They can take their false anxiety & shove it. I’ll keep my serenity & enjoy the 4th of July with my family.

    Question: What does SNAFU & NRFU mean? What do they have in common?

  6. Jeffrey Says:

    I have been off since the June 20. They just called me to work the next phase that will last for 1 month.

  7. BTK census worker Says:

    First you bitch at government waisting money and then you say you will get yours. Is this the kind of integrity you teach your children? So you are a patriotic citizen who is tired of government waist. Or are you a greedy self centered no good rat bastard who is looking out only for number one. You know ethics and integrity are only good when applied when no one is looking. Sounds like hypocrocy in action to me

  8. BTK census worker Says:

    Crew Leader you would be dangerous if you knew what you were talking about. Vacant Delete Check VDC can only occur and the workload will only be known at the end of Non Response and those forms are processed and those data files are created and transmitted and ingested and the VDC files are created and transmitted and AA’s are split. So no one is keeping anyone in a state of anxiety. It’s called dependancy

  9. anonymous Says:

    I am working tomorrow, the 4th of July (Sunday), Monday, and every day next week. :)

  10. CLA Dave Says:

    Meetings after the job is finished? Our crew didn’t get any of that easy money. We finished NRFU on 6/26 and will begin VD on 7/12. They say it’s to last a month, but I’m sure that’s a maximum. NRFU took us only two months, so unless we have a much smaller crew I’m figuring 2-3 weeks tops.

  11. NarfooSnafoo Says:

    Got asked to do VDC. My area finished just a few days ago, and now awaiting the call to get training. Like CLA Dave reported, the crew leader told me that it’ll be up to 2 weeks.

    To all– hope your 4th is enjoyable, whether on the field or off!

  12. knock knock...hello sir is this......GO AWAY! Says:

    does the lco contact you guys for vacant/deletes? i talked to my cl 3 days ago and he said he hasnt heard a word from them. yet he was for sure selected and he recommended me and i believe 5 others.

  13. Crew Leader Says:

    @BTK: You wouldn’t be so dangerous if you knew what I was talking about. My anxiety reference was about a style of managing people not the census operation itself. It’s a matter of using fear to motivate & that is what small people with power tend to do. I have owned a business for the past 21 years (I sold it 2 years ago & now I’m semi-retired). When I started the business, I promised myself I would not be like all the bad bosses I had in the past. People worked for me because they wanted to not because they were afraid of what might happen if they didn’t. Most of my employees were with the company for 10+ years. I gave my best employee the chance of a lifetime by financing his purchase of the business. You give respect to your employees and, more importantly, you understand that their respect MUST BE EARNED. It doesn’t come automatically with a title.

    Yes, I do teach my children to take advantage of oppurtunities. I, also teach them to always question authority. And, finally, I teach them to give inflexible people who see things only as white or black a wide bearth.

    You go be the fanatical crusader you dream of. My dream is to lay in my hammock with an iced tea & watch my grandchildren play in the pool this weekend. Have a great 4th of July!

  14. anonymous Says:

    Knock Knock, call your LCO. Good luck!

  15. AMA Says:

    @knock knock: My LCO has just begun calling enumerators for VDC – we needed to get all our NRFU data closed out in PBOCS before we could get our VDC work load from the system. Once we had that, we could determine how many, and in what areas, we needed workers.

  16. CLA Dave Says:

    knock knock – yes, the offers to work came from the lco. The “official” dates for vdc are 7/24 to 8/25, so don’t worry if you haven’t been called yet. There’s plenty of time.

  17. AZNEnumerator Says:

    Wrong info CLA Dave. There are three waves of NRFU Vacant Delete Check. I received the list of the 100 LCOs that started NRFU VDC today. If your office started the FOS/CL training already then you may be called for the enumerator training. If enumerator training started already you didn’t get called.

  18. CLA Dave Says:

    AZN – At it says
    “QA 2: Vacant Delete Check (7/24/10 – 8/25/10)
    [it's under Quality Assurance Operations (4/11/10 - 9/3/10)]

    I agree, if someone has not been called by the time enumerator training starts, they didn’t get hired for it. But there’s plenty of time for that to happen. Our training starts on 7/12 and I’m sure a lot of LCOs have not even scheduled training yet.

  19. EQNV Says:

    Yet, a month ago every actual work hour I reported was treated as a lie by our CL. WTF!

  20. GS-X Says:

    BTK census worker,
    How much time do you spend surfin the net on government time?
    Ever watch streaming video at work?
    Print single-sided instead of double-sided?
    Bet you go along with every inefficient procedure your supervisor tells you to.
    If you haven’t been disciplined for protesting waste at Census Headquarters, you are part of the problem.
    You deserve the prize for hypocrisy.

  21. knock knock...hello sir is this......GO AWAY! Says:

    thanks for the feedback guys. i forgot to mention we were going to finish our nrfu late anyways because our area had so many cases. but some other district finished the rest of our cases due to poor work. so either way they finished late.

  22. Jo Says:

    At no time have I been encouraged (or have I encouraged my crew) to pad hours onto timesheets. Different RCC’s and LCO’s, different rules and procedures, I guess.

  23. Gail Says:

    This has not happened in our area. We have not participated in a single meeting where we were directed to pad time records. Those crew leaders and other supervisors need to lose their job.

  24. Tristate Says:

    When I collected badges and bags, I was told that the enumerators could get 1 hour for their time to meet me. We also had to talk about them keeping any PII and Title 13 info they may have, private and such. I mean, it was just another meeting as they had when they were working. I did collect all that stuff 2 weeks ago from 75% of my team. It was basically the last meeting I had with those who were not going onto VDC or helping out with the last tough refusals.
    I have to add, my team was really bad, there was a point when I was told to collect everything from them. I did tell them that we were one of the slowest/worst teams in the district, and that other teams were coming in to finish for us. Which was partially true. I was given about 10 top people from neighboring districts to finish up the binders. Some were hard refusals, but probably 30-40% were just unvisited addresses which were almost immediately completed within a day of handing them over to the top enumerators.

  25. Shirley Says:

    In our crew we were told to report time as accurately as possible. There were times (mostly weekends) when the CL wasn’t available and we were asked to estimate the time we expected to work and fill out those D-308s ahead of time. This could have been taken advantage of by a dishonest person. Filling out and turning in a daily time sheet certainly cost money-mileage and time to deliver it to the CLA daily even if no EQs were completed seems silly-what’s wrong with a weekly time sheet? Also a big cost to pay CLs to deliver said timesheets to the local census office; if the Census Bureau really wants to know how to make this operation more efficient it will ask the CLs and enumerators-we could give them an earful!!

  26. W Says:

    My crew leader (when I was working) sent me a text message that I was to bring my bag, forms, manuals and badge to the FAS… but the FAS said I would not be paid to do so. So I told him that he could call me to arrange to pick the stuff up at my home, but that he should be prepared to give me a receipt for it, which he did not do.

    I reported all of my time honestly and accurately on the D308. Most of the sites on my EQ had been visited at least 6 times, and on my last day working, I visited each site at least 3 times all of which were no response.

    In this day of identity theft, ACORN and SEIU, people I saw that could be viable proxies refused to provide any information.

    If the deck was stacked, it was against the enumerators and an honest count.

  27. W Says:

    Oh, and I still haven’t been paid for the hours I spent at CL meetings. The FAS changed the procedures daily that most of the time in the CL meetings was spent in total confusion

  28. Admin OOS Says:

    I would love to know where this highly suspect email came from.
    1. Only a handful (about 7 per LCO) of people have email
    2. Using Gmail like this obvious forgery would violate Title 13 and the CIRT team would be notified and said employeed not only terminated but also likely prosecuted.
    3. What purpose would it serve to have people work for one hour?

    You sure post a lot of obvious forgeries and or disinformation

  29. No Sense Census Says:

    Admin OOS: 90% of the problems we had in the field were caused by OOS’s that were stabbing each other in the back and playing office politics! If D CIRT had been called every time an OOS had misplaced a binder or changed a certified EQ the CIRT Team would have been completely bogged down from one LCO.