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To 2020 and beyond…

In my humble opinion, I think it is utter nonsense when journalists, other than those of the tech variety,  are already publishing pieces about the 2020 Census in their reportage. Their are so many stories about the 2010 Census that lack coverage. The implementation of technology for 2020 likely won’t even get to the drawing board stage for another 5 years as tech development is so rapid that we won’t know what is available yet.  Nonetheless, here’s some news on this topic from USA Today. Journalists are already trying to create a stir by focusing on issues like how to use the Internet in 2020 and the potential use of the controversial art of statistical sampling…

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3 Responses to “To 2020 and beyond…”

  1. 9 Says:

    most of your pieces about the 2010 census are utter nonsense, so it’s all good.

  2. Jo Says:

    Actually for an operation the size of the census, discussion, planning and testing needs to start now. I think it’s great that some journalists are looking at the future, instead of forgetting about things for ten years until they come back in 2020 and start complaining about the lack of planning all over again.

  3. Ex-IT Says:

    There is something of a misconception about the Supreme Court ruling on statistical sampling. It is my understanding that the Court did NOT rule that statistical sampling was un-Constitutional. Rather, it upheld the Republican passed ban on using statistical methods to correct undercounts. Basically, the Court ruled that Congress has the authority to decide how the Census is conducted.