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Census Countdown Brings Fear of Exclusion

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal continues to highlight concerns that the 2010 Census is not getting an accurate count of all US residents.

“HIDALGO, Texas—As census takers wrap up door-to-door counting, community organizers in hard-to-count areas are worried that some of their residents will be missed, again.

Interest in the 2010 population count—used to distribute federal funds and assign House seats during redistricting—has surged across the U.S., with some 250,000 community groups signing up to help in hopes of a more accurate count than in previous decades.

But even with their input, leaders in many communities remain doubtful about the census results.

“I’m just not confident that we’re going to have a 100% accurate count,” said Judge Rene Ramirez, Hidalgo county’s top administrator.”

These concerns are not trivial and an undercount will have very real financial consequences for rural areas that have already been hit hard by the recent recession.  Data from the 2010 census is used to allocate federal funding and Hidalgo county officials point to the results of an undercount in the 2000 census.

“Hidalgo has already lived through the consequences of an undercount. The 2000 Census underestimated its population by 1.8% or 13,902 inhabitants, resulting in a loss of $51.6 million in government funds including Medicaid, foster care and vocational education, according to a study commissioned by a board created by Congress.” has documented other instances where the 2010 Census has failed to get an accurate count of residents.  One case was in West Texas, the other instance was in New York City.  These concerns have not been addressed in a satisfactory manner by Census officials and we feel this is unacceptable.

8 Responses to “Census Countdown Brings Fear of Exclusion”

  1. Former CL Says:

    It`s almost over and they are whining they werent counted? Wow! Why were these people calling me and my enumerators and other CL`s and their crews everything but “God`s child” from Address Canvassing to NRFU? Oh well, I guess it will be our “fault” too they didnt want to participate and now its time to pass out the money and they screwed themselves out of getting on the list.

  2. Naive Census Says:

    Quit whining former cl!! If you were in address canvasing and NRFU then you know that the canvasing crews sucked. In ACDC I found streets that had been listed as underconstruction in the last census and pictured in google as under construction and when I went to the addresses that were there 5 years ago, quess what, houses that had been there for three years were not on the original can/addr list. They deserve to be counted even if YOUR people did not do their job.

  3. Naive Census Says:

    And I hope they burn all the dead beat falsifiers!

  4. Former CL Says:

    The Canvasing Crews sucked? Mine did just fine minus all the threats and road blocks from both the large masses of anti social/ anti government types compounded with threats from the office with termination if we didnt “hurry up and finish” all 5 counties by the end of the second week of AC. Maybe it was your crew that sucked and you feel that all of them must have?, Or maybe that`s how you justified keeping your job in the office by writing the “crews sucked” when hounded about low productivity coming from you? In AC it was the RCC`s and Census Bureau itself that sucked by forcing an 8 week operation to be completed in 3 weeks ( or less ) all the while threatening everyone from the AMFO`s at the ELCO`s on down to the listers in the field with termination if they didnt “hurry up and finish”. If you want to blame the proper person blame the head man at the Census and all of his henchmen at the RCC`s trying to be first.

  5. BTK census worker Says:

    IF people don’t speak up or avoid the enumeration or don’t send their forms in then there will be an undercount that may be chalanged and some will end up in a final count. House Holds were bombarded with ads, a post card a letter a reminder letter a mailing some had a second mailing then multiple personal visits a vacant delete check. There is only so much that can be done. Fear apathy the general dicontent all add to it but in the end there is an end and we all must live with it or as BTK might say……..perhaps not!

  6. Bob Says:

    Our LCO was responsible to set up several dozen “Be Counted” and “Questionnaire Assistance Centers” across our LCO. There were places you could go to pick up a blank Census form & mailing envelope if you didn’t get one or lost the one sent to you. Unlike the form that was mailed to your house, these forms had no bar code or preprinted address. You may have seen one in a library, mall, or community center.

    In addition there was at least one rural town where over 200 households didn’t get forms in the mail, so someone hand carried a stack of forms to deliver to these households.

    Back around May our LCO was informed that NONE OF THESE UN BAR CODED FORMS WOULD BE COUNTED!? What’s the point of distributing them and having people fill them out if you’re not even going to count them. How many people didn’t get counted because they filled out a blank form instead of one with a pre-printed bar code?

  7. anonymous Says:

    Yes, many cultural communities feel left out. However, there are many “poor” pcckets of America that were left out, too.

  8. Naive Census Says:

    Former CL I apologize for the rant. I was a FOS in NRFU and ACDC and was on a ride along with the CL working a problem binder. Because the maps had been lost (sorry missplaced) I prepaired for the trip using google satilite shots that were taked 5 years before and they did show houses being built. We drove to the street and found houses had been built that filled up the block. You could easily tell the house has been lived in for 2 to 3 years.The address canvassing cl or enumerator should have seen this IF they did a propper canvas by driving by and noticing that there were houses that had been there for them to be canvassed. You are right it was my LCO that sent them out. And now have been told that a CL was terminated for working from home with google mapping and getting milage. Again I am very sorry.