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Robert M. Groves on Fox News: You can trust 2010 Census data

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8 Responses to “Robert M. Groves on Fox News: You can trust 2010 Census data”

  1. anonymous Says:

    My count is accurate.

  2. Dave Says:

    Cavuto is *such* a jerk!

  3. anonymous Says:

    My count was accurate, too. I would bet that 95% of all enumerators will say the same & really mean it.

  4. george wilberg Says:

    An amazing tale of “Fiction.”

    But I personally am not surprised that the head of Census 2010 doesn’t have a clue that the whole machinery to complete this Census is just plain “broken.”

    I think that he must live in a fantasy world.

    Robert Groves will go down in history as perhaps the most gullible government individual in recorded history.

    The wording of the Census was “flawed” and so was the appointment of some of the worst managers I have ever had the misfortune to have to work with. I should know as before retirement I was a manager of up to 15 people over some 30 years.

    I will not hesitate to pass the word that no-one and I mean no-one should work the next Census until what is broken is fixed.

    One comment he made was interesting “And I think we have done that well.” Am not sure what was done well but a large number of enumerators, crew leaders, etc. would beg to differ with this comment………

  5. HermHollerith Says:

    How much time do you think Director Robert Groves spent preparing for his interview with Neil Cavuto?

  6. Solong Census Says:

    @george willberg: ditto to what you post. Anyone who has experience as a manager can tell right away how inexperienced, incompetent, clueless and just plain awful regional managers are. HQ and above, all the way to the Dr. Groves, are clueless as to how the decennial is actually carried out. They are clueless as to how Bureau and Department policies are misapplied by the Regional Offices. Given too much power and held to very little accountability, the Regional Directors run the show and hire people with no management skills but, rather, who can be overseers and crack the whip on LCO and field staff. It is the worst example of managment that wouldn’t hold up anywhere else. Yes, there is an urgency in getting the work done but, there is also decency in treating people, doing things right and doing the right thing. I, too, will spend the next years tell everyone the real story of the decennial and telling them not to work for the decennial in 2020. Hopefully, the 2020 decennial will be revamped with online census and all of these skilless overseer managers won’t be needed. It was unfortunate the economy was so bad and people needed work badly enough to work for the decennial. It was good, short term, for many who were unemployed but, even these returned to unemployment more quickly than anticipated because operations were completed too quickly. Many employees were treated badly. Census managers took advantage of the economic situation and used and abused office and field staff. They knew employees were dispensible and treated them as such. If each of us who was treated badly as an employee tells of our negative experience to just ten people, then the message will get out broadly about the true Census 2010 story. Thank you for providing a launching off forum for getting the true 2010 story out.

  7. Dave Says:

    By 2020 they’ll hand the census over to HomSec who won’t have to do a head count, they’ll already know where you are.

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