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ABC affiliate says Fresno Census Bureau faces discrimination complaints

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Federal investigators are looking at the Fresno offices of the U.S. Census Bureau after receiving a number of employee complaints.

Investigators with the Commerce Department have been examining Fresno-area operations for the past several months. The complaints range from discrimination and bad management.

Investigators say two Caucasian workers who were let go say Hispanic employees were routinely favored for assignments over older, white workers.

The woman who oversees the Fresno Census offices says the census has been managed professionally and according to agency policies.

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76 Responses to “ABC affiliate says Fresno Census Bureau faces discrimination complaints”

  1. Says:

    It might be different in Los Angeles, where a high number of our respondents speak Spanish, and sometimes only Spanish, but I can see why those who do not speak Spanish might be at a disadvantage when it comes to enumerating Spanish-speaking areas. I don’t know anything about this discrimination, but I can see how something innocent might be mistaken for discrimination.

  2. Anon Says:

    can anyone spot the distortion in this post?

  3. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    what is the distortion? i am very interested, considering the post comes from an ABC affiliate, not

  4. anonymous Says:

    I’m guessing that the distortion comes in the headline that says that the office is facing discrimination charges (i.e. has been charged, legally, with discrimination & is facing those charges in a court of law), when the article actually says that some complaints are being investigated.

  5. Solong Census Says:

    All of the LCO’s that are under the management of this “woman” who manages the Fresno office have filed complaints about discrimination, bad management and fruad. Thes offices include: Fresno, Bakersfield, Visalia, North Fresno, Santa Maria and Salinas. The federal investigation needs to be expanded. Refer to a previous post about Santa Maria.

  6. Solong Census Says:

    Another point, the Congressional Office, Farr, was made aware of these problems but, the Regional Director, Christy put pressure on the Congressional office not to do anything.

  7. Still Working Says:

    I have no comment about this particular situation, but, as the army of field workers shrinks as the major NRFU operations end, it makes sense that those who speak Spanish (or other languages) will be at an advantage when the decisions are made as to which employees to retain.

  8. Tammy Meyer Says:

    I worked for the Fresno ELCO (Early Local Census Office) as an AMA (Assistant Manager of Administration) from October 2008 to September 2009. I have an impeccable work history. I received a bonus for my work at the census and was even asked to train new managers for some of the new census offices that would soon be opening (in late 2009). Not once was I ever reprimanded for my work at the census or any job, only commendations. Here is my story:

    In late 2009 we were preparing to open up additional census offices. One in particular was the North Fresno office located ~5 miles from the one I worked in. My boss, LCOM (Local Census Office Manager) had worked the census before for North Fresno and wanted to move to that office once it opened. He made it clear in numerous meetings both in our office and over the phone with the LARCC (LA Regional Census Center) that he’d like to take a few of the experienced office employees (namely one worker from admin) from our office over to the new office with him.

    We were initially told that managers could move from office to office but non-management could only work in the office of the area they lived in even if this new office was just “down the street”.

    About 2 weeks had gone by and my boss happily came out of his office one day and told me that on the conference call with our Area Manager he was encouraged to move experienced employees if they could produce an address for the area, but that we had to do it while we still had access to the LCO’s files. See, Fresno was an ELCO so for a year we maintained the files to Bakersfield, Visalia and North Fresno until they opened their own offices.

    I was gone for this particular conference call but heard it later because my boss (Fresno LCOM) recorded it. He was big on recording things we were told to do because oftentimes the LARCC would go back on what they had said and he always wanted proof of things. Policy and operations changed very frequently.

    So on this tape, which later ended up being “gone”, I heard our Area Manager say that we could move people but we had to follow the rules and do it right, via address change, and we had to do it while we could still access the other office’s files. Time was limited. The comment was directed to Fresno, which the Area Manager also stated on the tape, because we were the only office that had a new office opening just a few miles away. In other places like Santa Maria, new offices were hours away so this wasn’t even an issue.

    I interpreted it just like my boss had in that they were for us moving our employee(s) if the employee(s) wanted to move and if they could submit an address change. This would be beneficial for the new office and the Area Manager in that it would start an office off running with experienced employees. AM’s are graded on how offices in their charge perform.

    I shared this information with the woman he wanted to take with him to the new office. I told her she didn’t have to go, but to think about it and let me know later. She came in the next day and said she had decided to make the move. She submitted an address change form to me and I processed it. I thought nothing of it especially since it was clear to me that my boss and the AM would like to see this employee help to open the new office. She is a great worker.

    About a week goes by and a Regional Tech (who worked out of the LARCC) and lined up for the new Area Manager position for Fresno, came to visit. In casual conversation with me she asked who from our office was moving over to the North Fresno office. I shared the information with her and was surprised by her reaction which was along the lines of, “What! Why and how is this person moving?” I told her of the events that had taken place. She left our conversation and proceeded to pull this woman aside and conducted her own line of questioning.

    Later, the woman who I had worked with and built a friendship with told me that she felt very intimidated and scared, like she was being interrogated by this RT. She told me that she told the truth about everything and that the address she submitted was her sister’s address. She, like me and my boss were under the impression that this was what everyone wanted to happen and that it was okay. Afterall, everything we did was per our AM.

    At this point I was very confused as to what the issue was. I told this RT that if there was a problem it wasn’t the employee who submitted the address change’s fault, nor mine or my bosses and that we were given the direction for this a week ago by the AM.

    A few days later the woman making the address change was let go. I was called into the office next. The RT and AM were both there. They gave me a letter explaining why I was to be let go. It stated that I had violated a policy and processed a false address change. I can’t help but to speculate that this RT and AM were feeling the heat from above and that in order to preserve their jobs they needed to fire the “unruly” employees who “weren’t following procedure.”

    Completely surprised I explained to them that I was told not only by the LCOM, but by the AM (the one there) to do this; that they wanted us to do it in order to help the new office open efficiently. I could go on about the sheepish look the AM had on his face during this entire meeting but you’d have to have been there.

    I proceeded to say that if it was ever going to come to this and be an issue then why did he even mention it in the conference call? Why not just tell us not to move any employees over period? But it was mentioned. Making changes while we still had access to the North Fresno files is what was discussed, as well as getting the office opened quickly and efficiently. This was clearly an incentive for the AM and RT and it made sense, so why suddenly is this a problem and why is my job on the line?

    I couldn’t believe it. That thought ran through my head over and over as I sat there. They wouldn’t budge even though I had never done a thing wrong or had any kind of reprimand. Undoubtedly it was because their jobs would be on the line if I stayed. I asked if I could at least be written up instead of losing my job, they said no. I asked if I could resign. They said I could. I didn’t want a federal termination on my record so that was the option I chose. Two days later the LCOM “resigned”.

    I submitted a formal complaint to the OCS but without concrete proof of things and the fact that these census jobs are “temporary and intermittent” it’s very difficult to fight.

    When filing an EEO complaint you’re limited in your time to respond and it took awhile to process all that had happened. In retrospect I realize that what happened to me wasn’t discrimination but I was bullied into leaving my position. I was given no choice.

    It’s obvious to me that somewhere along the lines the RT and AM were questioned as to why an office under their charge was changing addresses and moving employees. They’re not going to say, “Well sir/ma’am, we wanted an office to hit the ground running so that our numbers would look good, so we told them to do it and encouraged them to do so.” Instead they terminate us for violating a policy…which isn’t written anywhere that I could find in the numerous manuals the census puts out.

    This RT did become an AM and went on to terminate 15-20 managers. Ask yourself this: When someone has a problem with 1 or 2 people it makes sense that those 1 or 2 people could really be doing something wrong…but…15-20 managers (~40% of the managers that are/have been in her control) not performing well? Seems very high and seems to me that the AM is where the problem lies.

    I have one last item to add to this story and it’s about the RT who became the AM. This AM went on to hire someone for a non-management office position (the same exact position in question in Fresno) in the Salinas office. They used the same address change action they forced me to resign for. The AM, with permission from her boss, hired an individual for the position. This person lived and still lives in Santa Maria but works in an office (Salinas) outside of where he actually resides. A false address was used because their plan was to eventually make this person the LCOM in Salinas, a management position. My co-worker, boss and I had to resign…they still have their jobs.

  9. anonymous Says:

    Tammy file a complaint with the or OIG,OSC. Do not let your time to complain to run out.The only thing that can happen is….
    I like you take my work history very serious and what if you want to apply for other gov jobs, what will your SF50 say?

  10. PoP Census Says:

    What is an SF-8?

  11. Araceli is a Joke Says:

    “The woman who oversees the Fresno Census offices says the census has been managed professionally and according to agency policies.”

    The woman named in this article is Araceli Barcelo, and she doesn’t know the meaning of the word “professional.” Maybe they should ask some of the people who worked for her if they think it was managed professionally and according to agency policies rather than asking Araceli to comment on her own horrid abilities.

    The Los Angeles Regional Census Center made a HUGE mistake when they hired her as an RT, and even bigger mistake when they promoted her to an Area Manager position. What did they expect when her only previous job experience was as a secretary for a plastic surgeon… The fact that she’s kept her job for this long is beyond me. At some point you think Christy would figure out that SHE is the problem.

  12. Samantha Jackson Says:

    Tammy, the person who lived in Santa Maria who was initially hired as an OOS in Salinas, quickly became an RT in a matter of 1 or 2 weeks. He then became a Co-AMFO another week or so after that. It was clear he was being positioned to be the LCOM and he did, sharing it with a highly unqualified individual for a short time. His initial arrival as an OOS was an obvious sham. He’d been an AMFO elsewhere. Supposedly he was an LCOM in 2000. His brief stint as OOS was an elaborate plot to ease him in to the AMFO or LCOM position in Salinas. It wasn’t a very graceful plot. It was weird. It was creepy. It was embarrassingly obvious what was going on.

    Things unraveled when Santa Maria learned of his presence in Salinas during a conference call where his promotion to RT was announced. He’d been AMFO in Santa Maria and left under scandalous circumstances involving numerous sexual harrassment claims from women there…. allegedly. How was it that he’d been fired from the Santa Maria ELCO and now he’d shown up in Salinas under the ruse of being an OOS? Let’s just say that when Santa Maria got wind of his employment in Salinas, he quickly vanished from the Salinas LCO. Poof!

    I have to wonder who paid this OOS’s hotel bill in Salinas? Did he receive Per Diem? Mileage back and forth from Salinas to Santa Maria?

    Yes, there is a rule that employees of an ELCO or an LCO must live within the boundaries of that office.

  13. Barcelo Observer Says:

    Everything posted here re Araceli Barcelo is true. She and her hatchet man Salvador Ramirez are the common denominator in the mass firings throughut her area. He is the antithesis of an RT — as his main goal is to follow her instructions: dig up dirt on her latest target, and if none can be found, invent something … ANYTHING that will speed up the process of getting that person terminated. Her boss Enos is nothing but a puppet who shies away from controversy, and follows HER every instruction.

    And the story of the OOS — uh, I mean RT — sorry, I mean co-LCOM?

    HE was nothing more than a spy sent to monitor the employees at the Salinas office and further her sorry agenda. Earlier his behavior in spring 2009 in Santa Maria led to this ultimatum: resign or be fired. YET … he is REHIRED by Barcelo for this “mission” one year later? And then her comment to the protests from the Santa Maria office? … “Don’t worry, he won’t come there”.

    THIS is the administrative style of an “Area Manager” ????

    Christy has avoided the subject like the Black Plague. Is there NOTHING that can be done for the honest, hard-working,capable people that Barcelo has shown the street?

  14. anonymous Says:

    Yes, I believe this article. Middle-school type bullying has been rampant throughout all regions of the U.S. and individual LCOs. Different faces, different groups of people. Fresno is not alone. Thank you Stephen and MyTwoCensus for having the courage to run this informative Blog.

  15. Tammy Meyer Says:

    I need to add something to my original post because I believe the problem lies more with the AM position more than an individual person. I think that as an RT Araceli was fine, and I don’t think she is solely the problem, not even close. And although I do believe she should have to take some responsibility for her actions, I ultimately think the problem is a LACK OF TRAINING.

    As a matter of fact, the biggest problem I have is the lack of overall training for the people who are managing the work, mainly at the RCC and LCO office levels. Many of them are doing a job that is way over their heads or they were put into a job after a hasty 2-week training session.

    One thing I can say first hand is that the AMA position is not easy. I’m a multi-tasker to the hilt and felt very overwhelmed in this position. I definitely could work on my skills as a manager, among other things, but delegation wasn’t the problem.

    The problem with many census management jobs is that you’re given a lot to do, with very little training, a ton of manuals but no time (unless you do it at home) to look through them to figure out how to do things exactly the way they’re supposed to be done. Also, providing manuals is making a huge assumption that somebody is going to be able to interpret and put those written words into motion, the way they were intended to be put into motion by those who wrote them.

    If this is my experience I think it’s fairly safe to assume that the RTs and namely the AMs feel similarly. They’re pushed for numbers. If the numbers aren’t looking right they do the only thing they were taught to do…fire someone so at the very least they look like an AM that is taking action. Nice. Way to properly treat and train your management team.

    The census should consider putting seasoned and experienced employees into more positions, especially AM positions. Each ELCO should have 2 full-time permanent staff members from the Department of Commerce to assist in opening each ELCO. They should stay through the first major operation which is Address Canvassing. I think that is the idea of the RT but it doesn’t end up working because the RTs hired are not full-time permanent staff and many, probably most, have little or no census experience. Additionally, they end up getting tasked for things other than what they were originally intended for.

    RTs, but mainly the AMs are improperly trained and empowered to a fault. They’re trained to have a black and white mentality and if there is a problem with someone, fire them and rehire. This dispensable attitude used in managing is ineffective and wasteful. Unfortunately this is the attitude that was passed onto them so if you happen to get inexperienced AMs and RTs (which no doubt has happened) they’re not going to have the ability to properly discern the best course of action and fight for it. You’re going to get terminations that shouldn’t be, discrimination, inaccurate data, etc.

    As much as I would love to blame Araceli and maybe some others, the truth is I believe in the inherent good nature of these people as individuals. There is a problem with their work and actions but it’s because there is a problem with the training aspect of the operation, the information they’re armed with and their lack of experience for the position.

  16. ELCO AMA Says:

    Tammy –

    I feel ALL of your pain – we’ll talk in 2 months when my sentence with the bureau is commuted.

  17. Tammy Meyer Says:

    Pop Census: An SF-8 is a form you get when you get laid off, fired, etc from the census. It has the contact information that you need to file for unemployment. If you look at your final SF-50 it will say that it was issued to you.

  18. Tammy Meyer Says:

    Anonymous: My SF-50 says “Resigned”

  19. Barcelo Observer Says:

    While it’s commendable of Tammy to give Barcelo the benefit of the doubt, sorry… it just doesn’t fly. Enos and Christy continue to turn their heads, making this despicable woman feel that she can get away with anything. This is not just “boorish behavior”; she has directed and approved illegal acts by her stable of cutthroats to terminate the best of employees — just because somewhere along the line, they have “displeasured” her.

    It has been said that when she visits the various LCO’s under her wing, her favorite question to the LCOM is (gleefully): “So… how many people have you FIRED since I was here… ?” What a POWER TRIP.

  20. Araceli is a Joke Says:


    I believe you said in your original post that you resigned in late 2009? If so you were not around for Araceli’s imperial rule and reign of terror as an Area Manger. She was and is an absolute nightmare to work for. I understand that you “believe in the inherent good nature of these people as individuals,” but she is pure evil and had many people fooled for some time. You can’t “train” people to have compassion or integrity, and trust me, Araceli has neither. She’s as cold-hearted and deceitful as they come. She’ll stomp on anyone who’s in her way, and then sleep like a baby at night.

  21. Barcelo Observer Says:

    As you may have already figured out, an “Araceli Barcelo termination” touched my family… in this ever-developing expose on her management style, the previous “poster” (A..Is a Joke) has described her to a ” T ” .

    Barcelo likes to visit the various LCO’s for 2-3 days, then “call” for group dinners at night. She has the LCOM issue invites to the rest of the management staff (often, as they are headed home for the day), then have one of her cutthroat entourage BROWBEAT those who can’t or don’t choose to attend, before they get to their cars, over the phone minutes later, or next day as they arrive for work. It’s common to hear “BUT, WHAT HAPPENED? ARACELI WAS EXPECTING YOU …” as one arrives at the office the next morning. Then those that didn’t change their evening schedules to pay tribute her are dissed. This is HARRASSMENT, is it not?

    And the above items are just the TIP OF HER ICEBERG.

  22. Amused Says:

    It’s true that as humans we only see what we choose to see…

    Tammy Meyer –. Be truthful. Let’s talk about your impeccable work ethics. Do you always make it a habit to sleep with your subordinates? Isn’t this the only reason you wanted to illegally change this person’s address? You wanted to have your girlfriend close. Isn’t that cute?

    Maria Dupras – You’re just bitter…period. Just continue taking your meds to help control your delusions. Keep telling yourself that you were a great manager. You failed your staff completely by acting like a 5 year old in front of them. Who is unprofessional now?

    Jocelyn Fuller – Go buy more batteries to help console your loneliness. Maybe Maria can lick the loneliness away when your husband is deployed.

    James Braun – You were a receptionist. Your only tasks were to answer the phones and greet guests. How do you manage to mess that up? You got fired because you’re old and senile. You had no censorship and were completely inappropriate.

    Robin Walker – How’s unemployment treating your homophobic self? That was so mature of you of you. Are you like senile like James too?

    This goes for all of you:
    1. Stop portraying yourself as victims.
    2. Stop blaming others for your mistakes.
    3. Accept that the census is a temporary position; This isn’t a career
    4. Don’t be mad because someone else could do a better job than you
    5. You all have something in common…you’re all a bunch of whiners.
    6. You’re quick to pull the race card when in reality it has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with your failures and deficiencies.
    7. You got fired so find another job and fail at it too!
    8. Life goes on
    9. Let it go
    10. Let it go

  23. Barcelo Observer Says:

    Now hear this, AMUSED … first, get some English lessons. Second, you seem to have a wealth of inside knowledge. Yet, your “top ten” list is very skewed. By all means, keep in touch here. Your “expertise” may come in handy, should some of the above individuals NOT choose to follow your commands in #9 & #10.

  24. reply to amuse Says:

    Is it not the truth.
    Here are a little more:

    Tammy: I heard that tape too and if I recall when the AM said to move experience people. He laughed at the end. When Barcelo asked me if I ws moving I knew it was illegal and played no part in the managements priority game. Is it not our jobs to hire based on controls, of which were not followed under your supervision: Having clerks from other departments train on the hiring process.

    Robin: When you were dismissed didn’t you call an employee a fagott and wish him to die from AIDS??? What type of discrimination do you call that?
    What about the stuff you would talk to me about Jackie being a bitch? Aaron being a closet case and how sorry you felt for his fiance??

    For the others I have no comment I never met you. But I do belive that no one talkes baout our policies they so balntly dismiss. But here are some for those that dont see.

    Three day rule:
    Day one: address the problem with the employee
    Day two: see the improvement with the employee or let them know their can be disiplianry actions; up to terminations
    Day three: is they have not improved then let them go.

    I have learned that to “survive” this job you really must want to do it. This is not a job for the soft hearted. We have deadlines that must be met. We have goals that must be met. We have a job to do to in a two year span for only the southern part of Cal. Only HALF a STATE.
    I would like to see how many EEO complaints really are out there for what all the RCC encompasses.

    One last thing:
    If you know its wrong how do you justify still doing it. I have told no to Barcelo and I’m still here. Maybe its more than meets the eye and let the investigation go on. I want the depths of all involved to come out. Including their backgrounds. Its obvious this has gone to a personal level.

  25. reply Barcelo Observer Says:

    Wow I thought this was blog. Talk about someone getting their hairs ruffled.
    I have to laugh at some level.
    It seems you have a lot of insight too. Are you sure your not an RT? lol…

  26. reply Barcelo Observer Says:

    You must be, based on the post above, to be the one that wrote the article about the Santa Maria Office. I work at the Fresno Office. Im white and in my 50′s. I have to speak about the one sided post(s) that you seem to leading. You all must be angry at some level to feel that this job is something that you must hold onto. I dont blame you. I have two kids and morgage to pay and i fear everyday that its my time to be let go, because like many, and even you I depend on this job.
    Here is how I see it.
    If you pay to me to sweap the street: your gonna have the cleanest street you have ever seen.
    If you pay me to look at a door; I will stare that mother until I have ex-ray vision.
    If you pay me to manage a department. I will do my best or speak up when I dont have an answer.

    All my questions, all my concerns have been addressed. Not only from my boss, but by Sal and Araceli and Rachell and Sandra and Robert (i miss him).
    Move on or not, but it seems we have to much time on all our hands.

  27. reply Barcelo Observer Says:

    By the way… please somment on my spelling also.. GOD knows how perfect you must be.

  28. Tammy Meyer Says:


    Although I already know you’re young, your writing makes that abundantly clear which is why it’s very easy to wave off.

    One idea about life is that when there are issues, it’s a good idea to try to solve them and not get mixed up in pettiness. This is very similar to an argument with a partner where many petty items are brought into it instead of trying to find a solution to the actual problem.

    I felt some anger when I wrote my first post, which is why I posted again. I want to propose a solution to a problem, not add to it.

    Granted, the census is a huge operation and there are going to be plenty of problems, but it isn’t coincidental that there were many problems in our area. There isn’t an individual to blame, as I stated, but there is a problem in the process. My contention is that the problem is in a lack of proper training and/or hiring unqualified people.

    If you want to be specific to my story the facts were as stated in my OP, and although the story of an ulterior motive is interesting, it has nothing to do with my resignation nor does it affect the words an AM used during a conference call. Fact is an address change was processed because an AM told an LCOM (who wanted to take an employee with him) that it was okay, an AMA relayed the message, and an OOS acted upon it. The issue on hand is the verbiage of the AM. An AM who wasn’t experienced enough and/or properly trained and delivered a message that shouldn’t have been delivered. Nothing should have been mentioned during that conference call unless it was, “DO NOT process address changes.” Is it the AM’s fault entirely? No. So what we want to do is get to the root of the issue in an attempt to solve the problem which by my best ability is to take a look at training…certainly not name and take parochial stabs at individuals.

    It seems as though some words in the above posts affected how you feel about you and your job performance so you decided to lash out with petty comments, none of which are productive in problem-solving.

    I believe your post to be an attempt to belittle others. Just about everything in the field of psychology will explain that the need to do that comes from a feeling of low self-esteem in the person doing the belittling. Fortunately, the people you named don’t have a delicate ego and will be just fine.

    It’s unfortunate that you felt upset, but as writing all of this has been kind of fun and therapeutic for me…hopefully it has been for you as well.

    P.S. I’m sorry that you don’t feel comfortable enough to operate under your real name instead of an internet handle.

  29. Reply to Sal Says:

    Hey Salvador Ramirez, aka “Amused”:

    Could you be any more bigoted? Your post is absolutely pathetic, just like you. Thanks for showing the world your true colors.

  30. Barcelo Observer Says:

    Well now, the plot thickens … if only we could take the comments of “Reply to Sal” and confirm as positive the true ID of “Amused”. I know a number of people who take exception to his agenda. Pretty Please !

  31. Al Forteni Says:

    @Amused AKA, Sal Ramirez,It must be you who wrote this. I’m surprised you are smart enough to write this. Your actions don’t show it, though. You are dumb enough to go out with co-workers, get drunk and then tell them that Araceli Barcelo gave you the authority to find things on people so she can fire them. You also told them you can go into any office anytime and dig up things even if Araceli doesn’t ask you to do it. Talk about dumb.

    Araceli didn’t write this because she can’t write or speak well enough to make sense. If it wasnl’t dummy Sal, it must have been one of Jeff Enos or James Christy’s other “excellent” managers.

    Anyway, none of the people on your list are being investigated for discrimination, bad management or fruad. You guys are.

    While I don’t agree that someone should call you a “fag” and wish you would die, you are a “little man”.

  32. Solong Census Says:

    Keep fighting each other. Sal Ramirez, like most of these players, including Araceli Barcelo will soon vanish into the woodwork. They will become nothings. They will have to live with all the bad deeds they did. I hope they look back and wonder: “what was all for, anyway”. You believed you had power for a moment. James Christy, will continue to be long haired fool that he is, surfer boy, covering up for everyone, lying to congressional reps about the problems in the field office. He may even get a merit raise for the decennial. Jeff Enos will go back to the regional office and probably get promoted. He will continue his inept weak management, hiding behind others to do his dirty work.

    The focus needs to be on the serious problems with the decennial and how it is run and managed. Our efforts need to be on pressuring the congressional office to change the way the decennial is handled.

    One thing, Ramirez, Barcelo, Enos and Christy will live with these negative posts for a long time. Google them and you will see this, Ramirez and Barcelo, potential employers look at these things. They also look at your Facebook pictures. Barcelo having her picture with a beer bottle really makes her look professional. Good luck with that.

  33. Aristotle Says:

    Anybody who has had a conversation with Sal Ramirez will recognize his childish, over emotional, judgmental thought processes. He butchered the role of RT for over a year and a half and the only reason he wasn’t fired was that his boss, Araceli was as corrupt as he was.

    Sal – you really should proofread your emails before sending them, or have somebody more intelligent check them for you. We had some serious laughs in the office at some of your correspondence. Your writing skills are as severely deficient as your leadership skills.

    Since you seem to like numbered lists here’s one for you:

    1. You suck figuratively and literally.

    As far as any future job applications you may fill out, under job responsibilities for your time with the census, you can keep it short – one word as a matter of fact. Tattletale. Or Snitch…take your pick. You and Araceli were an embarrassment to the Census and to American labor law.

  34. Wow Says:

    It is really interesting and sad at the same time to read the monotonous chatter that has been posted. In this modern age, you would assume that people would just go to work and if they didn’t excel in their jobs they would either leave or get asked to leave. This has taken on a life of it’s own. Someone at work told me about it. Shame on me for reading any of it. If we are too believe the written attacks on all the above mentioned people this would be a sad, sad world. I believe a strong imagination and self-hatred has caused some people to lash out at their supervisors. I am not here to be a judge nor jury but, I can clearly see that the blog is a haven for those whom believe that their superior intellect or knowledge of how to do things should be adhered to. They know best. It is also very clear that the intention of this blog is to bring to “light” the absurd nature in which the US Government is conducting the census count. So, how would you conduct the census count? How would you hire people within the timeframe of the census year? How can we provide true and accurate numbers to the President? Furthermore, how can we truly believe people on this blog whom write for therapeutic purposes?

    I believe the blame rests on what a blogger has already said, “lack of training, clear direction and experienced employees”. Pointing fingers and playing the adolescent game of having to blame someone, further illustrates the nature of having a workforce that is temporary. You have all made this a sad day for all employees whom are happy to have a job within the US Census Bureau. Look within thyself before tending thy judgment.

    Anhelo Sapientia Non Pro Laus

  35. Barcelo Observer Says:

    OK, “WOW” … I have “looked within myself”, so now it’s time to get back to what you magnanimously call this “adolescent game”. Barcelo and her thug Ramirez are the individuals who have toyed and played games with good managers lives — and who have sanctimoniously put excellent LCO administrators out of a job and into the streets WITHOUT CAUSE. They have bent, broken, and shattered rules, to further their agenda — so they can enjoy their POWER TRIP.

    Sure, “lack of training, clear direction and experienced employees” have hurt the 2010 Census … but that is NO EXCUSE for the despicable, unconscionable, and (as is known to many) CRIMINAL acts of these two, under the sheepish absentee mentoring of Enos and Christy. THEY have made this a sad day for many who HAD a job withing the US Census Bureau. There is my judgment, based not on opinion, but on FACT.

  36. Hey Says:

    Why don’t all you people, just get over yourselves!!!
    I am pretty sure you all got terminated, because
    you’re incompetent in some way, and you coldn’t succeed the task.
    I mean look at “ARISTOTLE” punctuation and grammer,
    for example, hes one to speak for calling someone
    illiterate, don’t you think?

  37. Hey Says:

    Why don’t all you people, just get over yourselves!!!
    I am pretty sure you all got terminated, because
    you’re incompetent in some way, and you couldn’t succeed the task.
    I mean look at “ARISTOTLE” punctuation and grammer,
    for example, hes one to speak for calling someone
    illiterate, don’t you think?

  38. Hey Says:

    Hey Barcelo Observer,

    You really got your pannies in a bunch don’t
    you? Someone pissed you off didn’t they?
    Well get over yourself!!!

  39. Hey Says:

    Hello “Al Forteni”

    You are such a mean person, I can’t believe you would stoop down to that
    level, and say that about somebody. How shallow are you? I am pretty sure you have a flaws also. For example, look at your punctuation, and grammer; I believe you should proof read,and correct your emails, before you send them out!!

  40. 9 Says:

    Sal, it’s spelled “grammar.”

  41. Sunny Day Says:

    Hello, Tammy Meyer

    I have one thing to say, get over it!!!
    You’re such a drama queen, dude seriously
    you are! You don’t work there anymore, so
    why do you even care, to respond to this stupid
    blog anyways? Your just going to get pissed off
    again, at these people. Insted of you being pissed
    off towards the system. The systems is whats the problem!!
    not the people. Therefore, just be happy, and take it as an experience, and move on with your life.

  42. Tammy Meyer Says:

    Sunny Day Says:
    July 27th, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    Hello, Tammy Meyer

    I have one thing to say, get over it!!! (FWIW, responding doesn’t = “not over it.”)

    why do you even care, to respond to this stupid
    blog anyways? (It’s entertaining and challenging to problem-solve)

    Your just going to get pissed off
    again, at these people. (Not at all, I rarely get pissed off, it’s not who I ultimately am.)

    Insted of you being pissed
    off towards the system. The systems is whats the problem!!
    not the people. Therefore, just be happy, and take it as an experience, and move on with your life. (LOL – I have certainly moved on with my life. But did you read my second post? It delves into what I feel the real problem is…which is NOT individual people persay.)

  43. Carol Bradley Says:

    Could we return to the Fresno matter, since I worked at a LCO which was included in this territory, and would like to follow the so-called investigation.

  44. Solong Census Says:


    Sal and Araceli pissed off a lot of people. What you read here is a fraction of what is said (and alleged) about them, Jeff Enos and James Christy. Jeff Enos and James Christy knew all about it, condoned it and covered it up. To some extent they also participated in the mess. When the investigations are completed, you will see the amout of stuff against them. Although, they will try to cover it up. There are ways to get it, though.

    It is not true those who write here are incompetent. Sal and Araceli were vindictive in their decisions to terminate people. People were terminated because they objected to what Araceli was doing, which is their right. It is easy for someone(s) to say “get over it”. Until it happens to you, you don’t understand. If you stayed under the radar all of this time, with knowledge of what was going on, you remained. That has nothing to do with your competence. That has to do with your being a coward and protecting your behind.

    No matter how many times you say it, people are not going to get over it because it is an injustice and an embarassment to all involved.

    There is more to what happened in Fresno, there was fraud that is not coming to light but was reported to the OIG. The fraud resulted in an undercount of one ethnic group. Carol Bradley go to your congressional rep and have them launch an investigation. The same needs to be done for Salinas and the other offices under Araceli’s management. Don’t let the Regional Director lie to the congressional office and blame those who were terminated. NRFU is over now and the congressional offices don’t have to worry about not getting a complete count.

  45. Barcelo Observer Says:

    Thank you “Solong Census” … your description of the Barcelo/Ramirez HIT TEAM is on target. The investigation goes on, and we can only hope these two are made to answer for their deeds (as well as their crack administrative team of Enos & Christy).

    And is it my imagination (and at least 3 others who have noticed), or do the writing style and words of “Hey” and “Amused” look strangely identical — you know, with the continual suggestions (pleadings, maybe?) to “get over it” … ? Maybe it’s just a small world ….. however …

    If this is YOU, SALVADOR RODRIGUEZ, your begging will not be heard, as you are now OUR TARGET. Doesn’t feel so good, does it ?

  46. Barcelo Observer Says:

    Whoops, make my laster read: YOU, SALVADOR RAMIREZ. Hope not to have upset his MANY fans. Never met the guy, but thru those who have, he comes across as a real piece of work. The perfect pigeon for BARCELO.

  47. Hey Says:

    Hello, Barcelo Observer

    Oh wow, you’re such a joke, you mean
    you’ve never met SALVADOR RAMIREZ, and
    your ridiculing this guy?

  48. Barcelo Observer Says:

    You need to do your homework, “Hey” … as I said earlier in this column, the work of RAMIREZ (or YOU, as the case may be) led to a family member being railroaded out of a job … causing great financial problems for that young family. What is a JOKE to you, is not a joke to THEM.

    I’ll use a little Shakespeare on you, JERK: “me thinks you doth protest too much” I’ll translate for you: the more you say, the more you make the case that your initials are S.R. …

  49. Solong Census Says:

    @Hey – Don’t get your “pannies in a bunch” as you posted but, do learn to spell. You spell the way Araceli does. Did she teach you?

  50. Carol Bradley Says:

    Our local rep is a big joke. Even better, my husband’s cousin is one of ten Congressional members on the Census subcommittee, and my husband has already requested him to look carefully at the sum total of the census procedures and methodology, including senior-level staffing. My hub was a government statistician, as well as a budget officer, so he knows what passes the test and what doesn’t. But no one hold their collective breath — Congress is the land of the lotus-eaters, and my cousin-in-law isn’t as sparky as he was when a freshman rep. But thanks for the heads-up re my local rep — she is a total joke, and I am definitely not one of her favorite constituents (LOL).

  51. Hey Says:

    You people really don’t have lives do you, and
    for your information, this is not SALVADOR RODRIGUEZ,
    or whatever his name is. You people are so off, on guessing
    who this is, you wouldn’t even know who this is, even if I
    passed by you each and every single day.

  52. puka Says:

    hey Barcelo Observer A.K.A Maria

    O.M.W so Sals your target huh? how is he your
    target? are u following him after work, and egging his car?
    are you sending him threatening letters? have you poped his
    tires? have you drove by, and chucked rocks at his windows?
    god you really need to get a life

  53. movin'_on Says:

    Oops, this must be the ranting page.

  54. Barcelo Observer Says:

    Special to “puka” (is it pronounced ” puke-uh ” ?)

    Just stay tuned …

    (also, it’s just not nice to use the name of the Lord,
    without properly capitalizing the first letter … so
    we can only figure you’re way off in more ways than one)

  55. Barcelo Observer Says:

    Hmmm … it appears that PUKA has highly similar grammar and spelling skills to HEY and AMUSED. Are you sure you are NOT all one-in-the-same person (perhaps SALVADOR RAMIREZ), pal ??

    And by the way, I have a very full life — but I do save a little time to joust with morons like YOU ! HAAAA !

  56. Tammy Meyer Says:

    Rotflmao. This thread is great! We need our own forum.

    Wonder if img tags work here…gonna try it out:


  57. Tammy Meyer Says:


  58. Al Forteni Says:

    Hey, are you still trying to write? If you are not Sal, you must be the illiterate clerk Araceli Barcelo hired. She used to spell minutes as “minuetes”. What, a French Dance? We used to laugh so much at her spelling and lack of grammar. It gave us our daily laugh. They were almost as funny as reading Araceli’s e-mails. These are the people Araceli relied on, the dumb and the illiterate, they were a reflection of her. Who ever you are, Hey, you have way too much time on your hands and you should stop posting because you are an embarrassment to the literate world.

    Puke A, AKA PUKA or hole in Hawaiian,

    Whatever, you say about Maria, she doesn’t need to stoop to the level of even caring about Sal and Araceli.They are dirt,that get stuck to your shoe, annoying but, easily brushed off. Maria will have her day in court and the truth will come out then, so Barcelo Observer is not Maria. She will use all of these nasty posts about her in her lawsuit as proof of how offensive and nasty Araceli Barcelo and her “team” are and how Araceli condoned the behavior. Whoever is posting the nasty things is part of Araceli Barcelo’s “team”.

    What I posted earlier about Sal getting drunk and boasting his false bravado was heard first hand by one of the people he was out with. These folks are already named in one of the investigations and will be called as witnesses.

  59. Tammy Meyer Says:

    Can we all write something positive? We all are good and bad at things but shaming people because they’re not good at something doesn’t accomplish much at all. As a matter of fact shame is just about the worst feeling a person can experience and I don’t want to be a part of making someone feel that way. If I already have then hopefully I’ve learned something. I’m not sure who’s been writing/reading this thread but I’m sure we’ve all spent plenty of time within ourselves thinking through all of this, our mistakes, our triumphs. People do a pretty good job at feeling bad all on their own. We don’t need others to remind us of our shortcomings so here is a list of positives.


    Sal: You’re ultimately a very spirited person and I really think you could do something great with that catering idea. I hope you get back to it when this census is done.

    Araceli: I’ve spent personal time with you and have heard you voice your feelings on your own deficiencies…work through them and this…I know you have the courage to fight back, but I also think you have what it takes to submit when that is the right thing to do. You have a lot of courage and that is admirable.

    Maria: I feel a tremendous amount of positive energy and perseverance when I’m around you. I see you as a very inspirational person and someone I imagine who would be a great public speaker on that very topic.

    Jocelyn: Dude, I love how professional and seemingly stoic you can be. You’re definitely and old soul and so very confident…but you know that ;)

    Jeff: You’re an easy person to be around and you have a great laugh. Keep that ease about you as you move forward. I think you will ultimately keep your nose to the grindstone and come out ahead considering how much you’ve already accomplished at a young age.

    Robin: Talk about walking the walk…You don’t give up! What a great quality to model for your daughter and for those of us who have been involved in your life. I don’t care if you had a moment of weakness because of anger, who hasn’t? It’s so great to actually know someone who won’t quit despite all of the hurdles and landmines. My hypothesis is that this career change, the one that you’re working towards, is going to prove to be immensely satisfying to you.

    I’m not sure who else is in this thread but there you go. Although I can only type these words, I can’t make you believe them despite how very genuine they are. Hopefully you just do.

  60. Al Forteni Says:

    Respect is given to those who earn it. Sal Ramirez, Araceli Barcelo, Jeff Enos and James Christy have not earned respect and are not worthy of it. They are a disappointment to say the least. Tammy, I know you are trying to smooth things over and you are worthy of respect. These charcters shamed many, many people in their power hungry escapades and justice needs to be served. Amuzed decided to get nasty and brought this down to a very raw and personal level. We all beleive it was Sal Ramirez because little men need to do that kind of thing to feel powerful. We were all duped, once, by these characters, we won’t be, again.

  61. Al Forteni Says:

    Why can’t we get along, and
    Take all the funky tones,
    and make up a funky song,
    That be bangin on and on.

  62. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Barcelo Observer is Maira Dupeross

  63. Al Forteni Says:

    SRM Who is Maira Dupeross? That is a made up name. It is not the Maria referred to above. Read the blog written by Barcelo Observer, as far as I know, Maria has no relatives who worked or work and, in the future will never work for the Census and were fired or “railroaded out” by Araceli Barcelo. She has a very small family that doesn’t live in the LA Area. Also, Barcelo Observer claims to not know who Sal Ramirez is. I personally know that Maria knows Sal very well. They have socialized together in the past when Sal wasn’t the nasty spy and patsy for Araceli Barcelo.

    SRM – Since you gave this false name. Give up the names of all who posted here. They will also be false.

  64. Al Forteni Says:

    Also, I did not post the poem written above. Someone else is using this name. I’ll just pick another name and then another and “keep banging on”.

  65. Aguilera on the inside Says:

    As an insider, I know that Araceli Barcelo “railroaded” a number of people.

  66. Solong Census Says:

    I don’t believe Steven Robert Morse posted the above. I will contact him to see. I think it is someone in James Christy’s office who is trying to demean a certain person. Typical, this crew has no ethics.

  67. Solong Census Says:

    I checked with Stephen Robert Morse and he did not post the above. If you will notice, when he posts his picture is shown. His picture does not appear in the above post. Nice try James Christy and company.

  68. Solong Census Says:

    Aside from everything that has been posted here, some of it stinky garbage, the focus needs to go back on the many allegations and complaints of bad management, discrimination, retaliation and fraud against Araceli Barcelo and Jeff Enos and with full knowledge and cover up of James Christy,Julie Lam-Ly, Celeste Jimenez and all the other accomplices. That is the real story and the only important story. All of these other players are inconsequential.

  69. Barcelo Observer Says:

    Good points, Solong Census, but regretfully must disagree with the final sentence your last post. Whatever the “investigation” reveals (not holding my breath), it must include all of the above, INCLUDING RAMIREZ, who apparently “delights” in carrying out the mission of BARCELO. If she goes down, HE MUST go down, God willing.

  70. Solong Census Says:

    He will go down of his own doing. Remember his drinking and false bravado. He isn’t strong enough to make it through the whole process. He will turn against them to save his own behind.He doesn’t like Araceli Barcelo either but, he needs to work and will kiss her you know what. There will be others who appear loyal to Araceli Barcelo but, will also turn against her. Sal, Sandra, Rachel are instruments of the bad things Araceli Barcelo and Jeff Enos wanted carried out. You will see.

    Keep reminding people of the all the allegations of bad management, discrimination, retaliation and fraud made against Araceli Barcelo and Jeff Enos and those who knew of all these complaints and allegations and did nothing, covered up, made excuses and lied: James Christy, Julie Lam-Ly, Celeste Jimenez, Stacy Ramos,Geoff Rolat, Sandra Aguilera,Rachell McDonald etc, etc, etc, all of James Christy’s team.

  71. Al Forteni Says:

    Right On, Solong!

  72. Tammy Meyer Says:

    I just read some very informative inside info. Not to leave people hanging on the edge of their seat but I am curious as to what will transpire…good ole’ curiosity, keeps me coming back here to check out what you all write. Just wish everyone would post under their actual names. To quote Sharon Stone, “I have nothing to hide.” ;)

  73. Al Forteni Says:

    New Article in the Fresno Bee regarding the OIG investigation continuing and the doings of Araceli Barcelo. Hopefully, it will go national and will cover all of the other offices Araceli Barcelo, Jeff Enos, James Christy, Julie Lam-Ly and Celeste Jimenez mismananged with the help of Sal Ramirez, Sandra Iraheta Aguilera and Rachell McDonald.

  74. Samantha Jackson Says:

    The Fresno Bee article mentioned above:

  75. Ashley Says:

    Well I was thinking
    of buying a new dog
    this week.

  76. I'mJustSaying Says:

    We experienced something similiar in the Detroit Region, however, it was when we were hiring for the QAC’s. No one was terminated, however, the policy was changed 3 or 4 times. On our first bi-weekly conference call we were told to do a “Change of Address” if the person affiliated with the QAC site lived out of LCO (since we were supposed to hire people affiliated with the QAC location (Questionnaire Assistance Center). The mailing address was to be the person’s actual address so that they would get their tax form. After several Changes, we ended up using the D-291 and there is a box on that form that allows for individuals to work out of LCO. Having 37 LCO’s in one region is was kind of interesting shuttling time sheets back and forth and applicant folders. I know we worked with 5 LCO’s and one poor LCO I heard of worked with 7. We were in Ohio (managed by the Detroit Office) so sometimes a Church in the City who donated space had a worker who lived in the suburbs