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Is the 2010 Census road tour still happening?

Even though nearly all enumerations have been completed at this point, a reader submitted a photo to us from the Whiting, Indiana Pierogi Festival (yum!) that implies partnership/outreach efforts are ongoing. seeks to determine why money is still being spent on partnership/road tour activities. Take a look at your tax dollars, still at work:

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2 Responses to “Is the 2010 Census road tour still happening?”

  1. Brooklyn Enum Says:

    Obviously the purpose of ongoing outreach at this time is to prepare people for a possible second visit from VDC enumerators, at which point people are somewhat more reluctant to speak to an enumerator.

    You know exactly what the VDC workload is this year; it’s pretty big.

    If people feel better about opening their door for an enumerator, or calling the phone number left on Notices of Visit, it can save money by requiring fewer visits to an address.

  2. Jack Says:

    I worked at a stop of the road tour because it was in the town of my office. My LCOM gave me and this other guy a shirt for volunteering (to get paid) for the saturday afternoon. As we were leaving, higher ranking guy that doesnt work in our area came up to us and checked our bags that were full of free stuff. He pulled out the shirts and said “these shirts are for VIPs only” and then took them out and left. What a jerk!