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Formerly the non-partisan watchdog of the 2010 US Census, and currently an opinion blog that covers all things political, media, foreign policy, globalization, and culture…but sometimes returning to its census/demographics roots.

Other 2010 Census bloggers

Check out some 2010 Census poetry from this crew leader.

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4 Responses to “Other 2010 Census bloggers”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Good site!! My favorite quote is this: There is the right way, the wrong way, and the Census way.

  2. Current Resident Says:

    Ah, a riff on Cap’n Queeg, the self-contradicting myopic paranoid who may be the patron saint of some of the Census admins described here. Quote from his initial meeting with officers:

    “I’m a book man. I believe everything in it was put in for a purpose. On this ship, we do things by the book. Deviate from the book and you’ll get an argument from me. I don’t lose arguments on my ship. That’s why it’s nice to be captain. ….

    There are four ways of doing things on board my ship: The right way, the wrong way, the Navy way, and my way. Do it my way and we’ll get along.”

  3. Says:

    I’ve been blogging about the ubiquitous meetings at fast food restaurants and how to avoid gaining a ton of weight.

  4. Former NRFU-RI Says:

    @fastfoodcensus: It’s simple, don’t eat so much.

    Seriously, why do people want to meet at fast food places? They are noisy, crowded, the seats are uncomfortable (by design, they don’t want you to stay long), and the food is lousy.

    My CL had us meet in the lobby of a hotel (with the hotel’s permission of course), it was quiet, comfortable, and clean. Be sure to be polite to the desk clerks, and tell them that you will steer friends and relatives to their hotel when possible. If you are in Phoenix, stop into the Courtyard by Marriott at Ray Road and I-10, tell them the census sent you. . .