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Groves to address the media

Let me know if you want me to ask any specific questions:

Census Bureau Director to Provide Update on
Status of 2010 Census Operations

What:             U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves will brief the media on the status of 2010 Census operations. Groves will discuss the status of quality assurance work being done in the field and the steps ahead in the data processing phase of the
census. The briefing will include a media question-and-answer session.

When:    Tuesday, Aug. 10, 10 to 11 a.m. (EDT)

Who:         Robert M. Groves, director, U.S. Census Bureau

Where:   National Press Club, 13th floor
First Amendment Lounge
529 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20045

Members of the media may also participate by telephone. (Please dial-in
early to allow time for the operator to place you in the call.)

Dial-in number:  888-603-8938
Passcode:  2010 CENSUS

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8 Responses to “Groves to address the media”

  1. george wilberg Says:

    The way a lot of disguntled Census 2010 workers feel it would not be a shocker to see an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) placed at the event! In this example no not a big boom but someone with an “explosive mouth” who will slam dunk the sham that this government of ours called an efficient government operation to count people. It has been a disaster to many like the war in Iraq and in the land of opium…..We know where that place is don’t we since it is on the border of Pakistan.

  2. anon Says:

    Please delete the post above.

  3. Anonymous2010 Says:

    1. the sacrifice of the accuracy and quality of the data collected because of the pressure to come in ahead of schedule and under budget and the race to finish first with the reward of bonuses – undermined the Census operation and data

    2. widespread violation of personnel practices – unjust, arbitrary firings

  4. Florida Fool Says:

    Mr. Morse,

    Please ask Mr. Groves if any Census managers, from CLs, FOS, LCO, etc. on up the chain of command received or were promised bonus payments for early completion of any operation.

    This could be a significant key to many of the enumerators’ complaints of being rushed to finish operations at the sacrifice of quality work.

  5. moving on without grace Says:

    …I would like to know about the bonuses given out during previous 2009/2010 operations.

  6. Anonymous2010 Says:

    Stephen – I don’t know if you know the management chain of command, as per FloridaFool’s email, so here it is, from bottom up:
    Crew Leader
    FOS (Field Operations Supervisor)
    (You also have OOS – Office Operations Supervisor, but don’t think they’d get bonus)
    AMFO (Assistant Manager for Field Operations)
    other assistant managers:
    AMQA (Assistant Manager for Quality Assurance)
    AMR (Assistant Manager for Recruiting)
    AMA (Assistant Manager for Administration)
    LCOM (Local Census Office Manager)
    That’s the top at the Local Census Offices (LCO’s)
    Then you have Regional:
    Area Manager, {City} Region – This is at the Regional Census Center (RCC)of that city
    Assistant Regional Manager,{City} RCC
    There’s one person above that
    Then the Regional Director of the City or Geographic Location – This person would be at the Regional Office, which is different from the Regional Census Center.

  7. remacts Says:

    Specific questions that need to be asked

    1. Prior to the PBOCS debacle in which the Handheld Computer (HHC) was replaced by PBOCS to the tune of a $750 Million Tax payer waste, the HHC was used during the Address Canvassing (ADCAN) operation.

    Since this is a FACT –
    Why weren’t the Maps Updated accordly using the GPS HHC Data during ADCAN?
    Why weren’t the NAMES of the Insitutions Accurately UPdated in PBOCS according the information gathered during ADCAN?
    Why does it appear the ADCAN never happen since none of the data collected was use to update the 2010 Decennial Census?

    2. Why was Vacation Ownership / Timeshares Units Categorized in the 2010 Census as Housing Units (HQ’s)?
    Why were countless millions of Enumeration Questionaires (EQ’s), at a staggering waste to taxpayers, sent to every timeshare in America (each timeshare can have up to 50 owners) during the mail out / mail back operation and then just disposed of?

    3. Why on the TASK CODES data sheet, which references all Census Operations and is used to charge a specific operation on an individual’s 308, have a Task Code Listing that states “Managerial Bonus”. Will this Task Code be used at the completion of operations if this Calamity…I mean Census, comes in underbudget as to spread the Budgeted Operational Savings amongst Census Leadership and at the cost of Taxpayers?

  8. movin'_on Says:

    I hope this was already on your list:
    Why the unscheduled NRFU RES?

    Actually it might be better to ask about the use of proxies in the 2010 census. Was it higher than expected and did they think it had compromised census data?

    Did the Paper Based Operations Control System (our beloved PBOCS) meet the standards set for it in the design specifications, if not, what actions were going to be taken?

    What plans does the Bureau have for the Hand Held Computers that were replaced by PBOCS?

    What does he see as the single biggest problem with the 2010 census?