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The Mysteries of CCM (Census Coverage Management)

There are many mysteries surrounding Census Coverage Management. (Some are discussed here in this Powerpoint presentation.) The Government Accountability Office (GAO) published some critiques/suggestions for CCM back in April, but it is unknown if these recommendations have been implemented. Today, out of the blue, I received some updates to my FOIA request from February that sought to examine correspondences between various officials. (Presumably, this sudden appearance of information had something to do with the fallout of Mr. Jost’s mention of this request the other day in the comments section of this blog.)  If you start at page 32, you will get to read quite a bit of information about Census Coverage Management, a most important 2010 Census operation. Here’s the document:

FOIA response on 8-5-10

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15 Responses to “The Mysteries of CCM (Census Coverage Management)”

  1. anon Says:

    So no treasure trove of foul language to sift over this weekend?

  2. GS-X Says:

    “most important 2010 Census operation”?
    CCM is arguably more government waste.

  3. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    GS-X, tell me more. Why do you feel this way?

  4. Anonymous2010 Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Extremely interesting.

  5. Jake Says:

    Good read.

  6. GS-X Says:

    Even Bob Groves admits that the CCM sample will have all the flaws of the 2010 Census design.
    CCM follows the same methods the census does.
    Some statisticians have said that the sample has greater error than the census itself.
    A very questionable effort, especially when we need a totally new approach to population enumeration.

  7. anonymous Says:

    Thank you for posting this article, Stephen.

    We are wrapping up FV this week. Management asked me if I was interested in “on-call”, follow-up problem interviews for the next 90 days. I told them: “I’ll think about it over the weekend”.

  8. SAS Says:

    That would be Census Coverage *Measurement*, Stephen.

  9. anon Says:

    The mysteries appear to be larger than we thought.

  10. ANON2 Says:

    The CCM Sample was cut in half so of course it would have problems!!

    After Independant Listing the DC people dictated that the sample would be cut to increase quality!! Meaning make it look better because statistical sampling dictates you would increase the sample not decrease to increase the quality.

  11. LCOmadness Says:

    CCM, most of those losers came from “Partnership”. Waste and Fraud = Partnership and CCM, one in the same.

  12. MissV Says:

    I worked a CCM operation in the spring. Original three days of training reduced to two, half the training class was let go at the end of training, the CLA I was assigned to hadn’t worked a Census operation until then and I got fewer than 8 hours of work (and that was stretching it) over about three weeks. Once you work CCM, you can’t work any other operation. Seemed very wasteful and poorly planned to me.

  13. CCM FOS Says:

    LCOmadness, not all CCM people are losers! Partnership definitely was a joke though. I was an OOS for most of 2009 but when the ELCOs split into LCOs I lost my job because I was the pawn that the LCOMs fought over and I was the one left jobless for a few months… anyway, CCM has tons of problems, but on the bright side at least we are using laptops to do our current operation. The biggest problems are: stupid outdated technology (dial-up transmissions,) the same disabled elderly veterans that get all the jobs and never seem to get terminated no matter how horrible their performance, micro-mismanagement from HQ down to the RCC, and dubious planning.

  14. CCM FOS Says:

    To elaborate: in the month since our FOS training started, I’ve had my area of responsibility changed at least three times. After our region trained QC crew leaders, a directive came from HQ last Friday to reduce the number by half this week and demote CLs. We knew in June or earlier that the QC would be a joke (ten hours a week tops including meetings) and yet we were totally overstaffed. Management resisted the logical suggestion to put the computer literate, typically younger staff on production instead of qc, but that would have required a simple conversion in DAPPS (there was unexplained need to keep people in their positions from previous operations.) The laptop is a $2500 overkill that runs a joke of an interview program, causes the display to mess up when connected to an external display and they locked down most of the settings adjustments but left the root directory unprotected so we were able to find a back door method to fix the display settings. The dial up transmission is a joke and would be laughed at if it were 1995. I could ramble on, but you get the idea.

    My basic complaint is that most of the issues we’ve had so far were blatantly predictable, yet totally ignored until they became big issues. The whole thing could be a really valuable operation, but like previous CCM operations will end up being implemented half-assed and rushed.

  15. Skip Tracer of CCM Says:

    I should have seen this coming when I found out we were using telephone modems to transmit data to Atlanta. I agree, the computer security is laughable. I was told one length of duration of assignment when asked to sign on, then heard another – half that long – after training.

    What disturbs me is the unbending applications of single policy to many different regions of the USA. We were told we couldn’t wear shorts in south Florida…in summer…because we might stick out. We have been met with skepticism when we report entire condo complexes vacant. The local brass know what we’re finding in the field; the regional people don’t seem to understand the snowbird phenomenon.

    Oh well, just my 2¢ worth.