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Census Bureau returns $$ to the Treasury…but how do we know this now when operations are ongoing?

Well, in anticipation of Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves’ press conference that starts in just over an hour (yes, for those people on the West Coast this is conveniently timed for 7AM – perhaps a move so nobody is actually on the call) the Commerce Department announced that the Census Bureau is under-budget and is returning more than $1.5 billion to the Treasury Department. Obviously, the timing of this statement is a Public Relations coup d’etat prior to the press conference, with the hopes of deflecting the rather tough questions that should be asked in regard to faulty operations.  But let’s get some things straight here: The Census Bureau received $1 billion in  extra cash from the stimulus package, so that means that its budget swelled to $14.7 billion after the initial budgeting was done. Additionally, the 2010 Census is NOT FINISHED. There are ongoing operations, including Census Coverage Measurement (CCM) and the recently added NRFU Residual Follow-Up. How much will these operations cost?

*Also, a note about the media: The mainstream media has been ALL OVER reporting this issue. I am upset by this for 2 reasons: 1. The media goes nuts whenever the Census Bureau does something good, but fails to criticize it when it is wrong. 2. I never received this press release even though I have informed the Census Bureau on numerous occasions that their time-sensitive releases don’t reach my inbox, and they have repeatedly assured me that they will correct the problem, but this hasn’t happened yet.

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9 Responses to “Census Bureau returns $$ to the Treasury…but how do we know this now when operations are ongoing?”

  1. Florida Fool Says:

    Stephen — I can’t wait to hear the answers to the questions you will ask! Good point about the Census not really coming in under budget after a big influx of extra cash from the stimulus, not to mention the snafu over the unusable hand-held enumeration devices, which poured $$$ down the drain. Please remember to ask Groves about the bonus payments to managers who completed their operations ahead of schedule — is it true? How much $$?

  2. Says:

    I’m not surprised. All of my LCO’s operations have finished early, even the unexpected ones. Training for NRFI Re started today while I’m finishing training for FV QC. The folks who did the first part of FV are now retraining for RE while we work on checking the FV work.

  3. JAG Says:

    I followed your post and listened to most of today,s briefing. If your asking about the cost of ccm and nrfu residual work then you missed the called because Groves commented on that. $800m was in contingency for natural disasters that didn’t occur beyond a few minor floods. The rest was based on funding for operations already completed that were well under budget and the high participation rates of the american public.

    It’s funny how you criticize the main stream media for reporting something good when your entire focus is on the relative few complainers on this site

  4. anonymous Says:

    Thank you Stephen and MyTwoCensus – great information!

    Dear U.S. Treasury Dept.: You have a responsibility to the American taxpayer – please confirm receipt of returned funds.

  5. Al Forteni Says:

    This may be why they pushed NRFU and the other operations to close weeks ahead of time. They overspent so severely in the first operation, AD CAN and the money they threw away with the HHC’s, they had to cut corners with the remaining operations.

    James Christy, Regional Director for the LA Region told all the LCOMs at an LCOM conference the region was severely overspent because they over hired and trained field staff for AD CAN. He also told the LCOMs the HHC’s were crushed, so they will never be used again. All of the operations that followed were cut drastically in staff and timelines. Census management are not the “good guys”.

  6. FIREFOXsaysNO Says:

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  7. YoungCL Says:

    You may want to check out why Firefox/Google is reporting your site as an attack site, and get that taken care of…

  8. Tellitlikeitis Says:

    How ironic that at the NY RCC we were told everything was over budget…During Ad Can, GQAV and even NRFU, we had overspent. Meanwhile LCOMS and LCO got this generic budget outline that was never consitent because our AM would tell us to decrease the # of staffing, hours and even change timelines to meet RCC deadlines. We even went for moths without paper because there was no money for general supplies…….anyone remembers calling other LCO’s to borrow paper? RIDICULOUS!!!!How about all the money spent on Partnership and Job Opportunity materials to then be told to shred it. For the Census Bureau to have money to give back is definetly a good thing for our economy and tax payers, but to infringe on employees from doing there job because of the stupidity’s and micro-managing, unfundamental tactics of bonus hungry and coniving son of a ******, is deplorable.

    ….did they send back the Totum Pole too?

  9. the truth Says: