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NRFU Res operation…

Last week, MyTwoCensus wrote about a 2010 Census operation called NRFU Residual Follow-Up (yes, that means a follow-up to a follow-up). Now, in the comments section, we hope to hear your stories about this operation, which has been dubbed NRFU RES.

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69 Responses to “NRFU Res operation…”

  1. anonymous Says:

    I am working this operation right now.

  2. Samantha Jackson Says:

    I hear it’s primarily following up on previous refusals. Sounds fun. Not.

  3. Mary Says:

    This will be over before you know it.

  4. ********** Says:

    I am a VDC Crew Leader…. I know NRFU-RES is going on here, because one of my VDC enumerators was selected for it.

    Only one enumerator was chosen from my CLD of two CLs, two CLAs, and 18 enumerators. The enumerator chosen is friends with an FOS. They were Crew Leaders together in NRFU. The enumerator told me that the employees chosen for NRFU-RES were handpicked, and they all had friends at the LCO.

    The enumerator was given a stack of binders yesterday with 7 cases. He completed all of them, and received another stack of binders today with 8 cases. A LCO employee told me this operation isn’t supposed to last longer than 2 weeks (unconfirmed.)

    Meanwhile us VDC people have had no work for the past 11 days, but we are stuck in limbo just like the end of NRFU, waiting for close-out.

  5. Mike Says:

    And people wonder why enumerators are being assaulted.

  6. Says:

    It’s mostly ex-crew leaders here on NRFU Res. It looks a lot less fun than FV.

  7. knowledgeable amfo Says:

    NRFU-RES facts:
    - The workload is composed of non-interviews from NRFU and mail-returned forms that are ‘incomplete’.
    - The workload for most LCOs is small, perhaps 1% of the size of NRFU
    - LCOs with high non-interview rates have correspondingly high RES workloads
    - Start dates may range from 8/10 to 8/12. End date is 8/24

  8. Tristate Says:

    The only person I know who was chosen for the Residual phase (and who called me) was my bilingual NRFU CLA. I was demoted to enumerator for VDC, and most of the CLs I knew were not interested in doing the next step–whether it was the Address Verification or this new Residual phase.

  9. anonymous Says:

    Stephen, MyTwoCensus, and posters: Please run your anti-virus software frequently. Trojan virus, password and ID viruses detected after visiting this site.

  10. ********** Says:

    anonymous: Can you please give more details? I’m not finding any malware and I’ve been on this site all day.

    SRM, can you offer any more info or reassurance that this site is safe?

  11. Southern CL Says:

    One hour of training this am which was mostly going around the room reading the job aid aloud. Meeting this pm to pick up AA and begin enumerating, all to be returned 21 Aug 2pm.

  12. anon Says:

    I agree with knowledgeable amfo. This operation is small.

  13. 10th Phase Says:

    This phase will last 10-12 days. Work consists of deletes, returns that were incomplete, and out and out refusals. I sense this phase will be the least fun, considering I have done every phase (except VDC) from the start last year (Address Canvass, GQV, Clerk, RA, CL NRFU, FV). This will be NO cake walk, especially when the AMFO is already stating to be prepared for the worst.

  14. YoungCL Says:

    NRFU RES will be interesting, to say the least.

    In my area, it’s being set up by the AMQA because the AMFO has been fired (AMQA doing a good job, no complaints, just saying). In the mean time, the AMQA is also in charge of another “residual” Field Verification operation that unexpectedly started last night. Unfortunately, VDC is still going on, which could be problematic if the 1000 or so VDC cases linger on into next week. So, add it all up, and there are THREE (yes, three) operations running simultaneously at my LCO. They are very good people and things seem to be running smoothly, but this is another example of Census deadline ridiculousness.

    Everyone is saying it will be the hardest operation. I’m not getting that sense from my LCO (and I’m a Crew Leader). But if it does happen to be the hardest, what’s going to happen if all the cases aren’t done by the end of next week? It’s a very real possibility if we do have some of the most difficult cases, and the August 24 deadline seems VERY strict according to the info coming down from HQ…

  15. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @those concerned with tech problems – they are now 100% all fixed. We are 100% sure of this and Google has confirmed this.

  16. anon Says:

    What was the name of the virus?

  17. John Says:

    Our NRFU RES training for the CL’s was today. After a week of busy work of making sure all 5500 binders had the correct maps ( after something was said to a regional person about printing lost maps) we spent the last few days preparing 5000 EQ’s for the field. 1000 AA’s 300 enumerators some needed overtime and a birthday cake for a seasoned office clerk were the highlight of this week. The CLs don’t seem very anxious to get out there they are just happy that they can prolong their unemployment. I am happy that this has added two more weeks to my employment. Workforce has gone from quality people to those seasoned gov emps that know how to turn an hours work into 8. But it is not about quality any more but just numbers. We need to make it appear as if we really did our job and that those who use our numbers are satisfied…. But I have the memo somewhere in this computer that gave the numbers before the Census even began.

  18. Field Enumerator... Says:

    Reply to John, I have my NRFU RES 2 hr training tomorrow, not sure how manys I’ll get assigned, but based on your numbers (5000 EQ’s assigned to 300 Enumerators) that’s 16.66 EQ’s to get done in ~13 days. Even thou this seems like a small assignment… they could be the hardest to get completed. Good luck to all on this operation. Go 2010 Census Team.

  19. EQ Guy Says:

    Had my training today for this operation. Even the crew leader is not sure of the nature of the cases, but we should expect the worst. At least in our crew, we will average about 25-30 assigned cases a piece.

    Getting assignments possibly tomorrow or maybe Friday.

  20. Office Worker Says:

    Like John said, it’s making work crawl at a snail’s pace for doing, redoing, double-checking, questioning and then doing it like you were in the first place.

    From the office perspective and a former VDC enum: 4 CLs, about 24 enumerators covering about three counties – a lot of driving it seems. Nearly 900 binders with just 1 EQ, a handful with 2-3, rarely 5+. And they expect this to get done in 2 weeks?

    At least they’re paying overtime..

  21. I & A LCO2514 Says:

    Excessive heat advisory in Chicago today, and rules for NRFU-RES from AMFO re: dress code are “Just one step short of a suit” to interview the recalcitrant. LCO running one shift now, two meetings a day with CL, no morning visits allowed, don’t write too many notes on EQ (LCO getting tired of erasing them) but must document 1st visit proxy in notes. Read race question verbatim. New day, new rules – no problem. Very used to it by now. Still, glad to have the work and if it helps to get Chicago enough money to keep from becoming another Detroit, it will be worth it.

  22. Jack Says:

    Got out of RES trainging at 1130 and have hit the field. Each Ennum got between 20-25 EQs. They are expecting 13% done by tomorrow. Hahahahhha! Seriously! Not going to happen. Be careful out there!

  23. I & A LCO2514 Says:

    And the Chicago heat warning is the first since 2006:

  24. Lynn Says:

    I was a crew leader in NRFU and NRFU VDC. I got a phone call from my LCO on Monday indicating I was chosen to be a part of the next phase. I arrived at training today to find out they were looking for enumerators to revisit “problem” cases/refusals in an operation they refer to as NRFU RES. I turned in my badge and said “no, thanks”. I’ve been beating that dead horse for months. I don’t expect that this phase will produce much in the results department although it will exhaust a bit more of that surplus buget, lol.

  25. not a cl Says:

    I am a former CL for NRFU and NRFU VDC.I started this “RES” operation today as an enumerator.I was given a certain number of cases.They are expecting 15% by tomorrow but honestly it will not happen.I went to the units but did not get anyone to open the doors.People are tired of us knocking on their doors.I will be giving my badge and bag very soon.

  26. DontBHatinEnumeratin Says:

    This is by far the hardest operation. I was given 25 EQs spread out over a ten miles radius in LA. Driving from one to another address and then expecting to be there at the time the respondents are there or even ready to respond (if they aren’t ready to kill you) … is nearly impossible. I was able to get 12 of the 25 done with two long days. My CL is looking for everything to be done within the next two days. He doesn’t know I read this blog and know that this could well go on for another week or two. In my group there were 12 enumerators given 244 cases.

  27. jeff Says:

    I have been on RES for the past three days and the EQ’s so far:

    -25% Glen Becks types “all you get is the head count” These people will give you that and shut the door.

    -25% People that sold property and moved in April/May or June

    -25% People with multiple homes in different states……even though they were gone from primary home …..FL/AZ etc will try to claim them

    -25% Computer error or receiving problem

    We started the 12th and were told it would be over by the 19th. I know now that 25% of the EQ’s I get will be real creeps so I park away from all houses in this operation and get proxy info at the first sign of nobody home ……if I have to use it later after a few visits…..I almost hope people aren’t home at first call so I can get a proxy if needed.

  28. John Says:

    The Eq’s are coming in and we have reviewed approx 45% of the 6000 that went out. When one looks at the EQ’s you will say that the enumerators are doing a great job. If one were to look closer you would find that over 65% of the EQ’s that were originally 99′s are now populated. Great job ???? How can one enumerator be on three different floors in an apartment building at the same time and talk to 35 different and not get one name. Well I guess the overall statagy is to eliminate the 99′s and populate them even if one has to do it from their car. So look at the difference in the number of eq’s that were originally 99′s and are now populated—then look at the eq’s that were 99′s and are now vacant. Ok you have these figures in your head and you will come up with a % change- To me this % change says something about the overall quality of the numbers in your LCO. If we did it right the first time then it would be a very low number. Ah better luck next time we have ten years to practice

  29. NothingCouldbeFiner Says:

    When I feel like I have had a BAD day while working on the 2010 Census, I like to visit this blog to see what horrors are being visited upon others… Either we have it easy or some of y’all are half wacked!

    NFRU RES began with enumerator training last Thursday… 3 FOS, 20 CLs, about 10 enumerators per CL including the CLA. Our cases are pop 99′s and insuffiencient answers to prior phases. This time around, each CL was assigned an area within the county that they DON”T live in.. ie, “fresh set of eyes”.. WOW. Before some of you get your panties in an uproar about the increased mileage costs, I can tell you that this was one of the best ideas our hardworking AMFO has come up with. The mistakes made during NRFU and VDC by other census workers in our LCO are mind-blowing.

    Pop 99s were given to HUs that don’t and never did exist, sloppy work and “guesstiments” seem to be the rule in some areas. I have found though that the WORST jobs seem to have been done in those areas were the CLs and Enumerators bitched and complained the most. The more they complained and griped, the worse their work is. Perhaps if they were out their doing their job as they should have, instead of reading and posting here about their very brand new sense of “civic opperturnity”, and being “victims”, we as taxpayers wouldn’t have to fun yet another phase of the 2010 Census. Though I appreciate the fact that I am still working, I wouldn’t be if they had even tried to do thier jobs!

  30. jeff Says:

    I just go the word this AM that all work goes back to the LCO…….nice 5 day operation………I think all but 2 or 3 from each team will be kept for incomplete EQ’s. Our LCO only had about 1,500 cases so I guess thats about right with 5 teams and about 12 per team.

    Appreciated the work even though most EQ’s were people who on purpose withheld information so we had to get a proxy.

    It’s been a nice ride since April and have met a lot of nice people and a better appreciation for my area!

  31. anonymous Says:

    Been too busy on NRFU RES to post comments.

    Many, many problems showing up from NRFU, NRFU VDC, NRFU FV. Apt. and condo managers have chased us out of offices – they state we are the 30th Census worker to show up at their doors! Police have been called to escort us out of offices! Falsified info in all operations ….

  32. Jerry Says:

    Started RES last Thurs. and finished today, Mon. Aug 16. Was assigned 21 cases and 6 more were added. The average per enumerator was 20. My mix was similar to what Jeff said above. Three very nasty, a few moderately nasty and the rest OK.

  33. Gail Says:

    I am now working NRFU-RES. I have heard these horror stories and just listened for some months now. I have taken notes and am ready to speak. In NRFU I felt really patriotic and encouraged to be a part of this historical process call 2010 Census. My attitude was right, I got completed EQ’s and felt good about what I was doing. About midway through the NRFU I started getting the feeling that things were not as warm and fuzzy in our LCO. My CL, who was a older professional white gentleman, was getting more frayed each day that we met. I knew then the honeymoon must be getting over. He never said anything negative but as a retired state government employee in the Behavioral Health field I knew things were crazy. Apparently from comments made by the CLA I knew that unreasonable expectations were being levied upon the CL and our LC group. We got one direction one day, the next day it changed, the next day it was another way. It was crazy. I really felt for the CL since I knew that he was a retired professional and knew that this was a crazy way to run any operation. He stuck it out. In NRFU-VD I was called to work again. This time my CL was a retired school teacher who probably should not have taken this charge since I could tell she was stressed to the nines but at the same time had a tremendous work ethic that was very evident. I knew from comments from the CLA that she took a lot of grief and pressure that she did not send trickling down to my level. She just thought it was all so unprofessional. She was asked to change processes sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. She was directed to drive 45 miles sometimes at midnight to get EQ’s into the LCO so that the LCO could be “ahead of the game”…”number one”. I could not believe this whole process. I just continued to take my mental notes and do my job. Now I am in the final stage of NRFU-RES. This is the most appalling thing I have ever had to do. I would quit now, but I am not a quitter, and I really want to see how this plays out. My CL is about 26 has been to only two of the meeting, constantly sends text messages that make me feel like I am 10 years old. They are all Rah Rah, good job team crap. I do not know what she makes for this crap but I am appalled. Our charge is to go back probably the third or fourth time to some of these folks who have told enumerators before us that they will not give more info. After I realized what was going on and that in one instance my life may have been in danger I refused to go back to one home. I am under the impression that these people are only required (by something) to only be counted so it is hard for me to badger these folks or their neighbors for more info. I have now realized based on one of the text messages that if you finish first you are guaranteed more employment with the census. Our CL who drives a new Mercedes is on her own campaign to make sure she continues to work more by pushing this process through regardless of rather the info is correct or not. Hell, if it is not correct then there will probably be another phase call NRFU-???? to go back to these same beaten down folks to recheck, recount them. I am out of here. I am tired of screwing taxpayers out of more of their money. By the way we get reimbursed 50 cent mile for transportation and just today when a discussion was being held about where to meet and a place was mentioned that was at the end of the county the CLA had the audacity to say..”yes let’s meet there, I get more mileage“.

  34. HappyToBeCounting Says:

    Three days into NRFU RES, and no horror stories to report. No one has complained about being contacted multiple times by Census workers — either they have forgotten (!) or were never contacted in the first place. Hopefully, the work will continue for a few more days (although I am down to just a few EQs). Glad I didn’t say no to NRFU RES — I had been bracing myself for the worst!

  35. wombat Says:

    I just finished my NRFU RES work of 28 EQ’s I started on Thursday. I can say I was not well received by people…but not much worse than during
    VDC…I have to say I really had fun…there was a real emphasis on rooting out the correct enumeration and being absolutely thorough in visiting homes before using a proxy. In the process I found that on my last visits I was finding people answering their doors and in general in conflict with proxy information I had gotten. Bizarre. I think I got a sense of satisfaction getting to the truth on these really difficult cases to sort out.

  36. SC Census taker Says:

    I finished NRFU-RES on Sunday by dropping off my final EQs to my CL. We started on the 12th finished on Sat afternoon. We were required to make 3 personal visits 1 day, 1 evening, and 1 weekend before we could get a proxy even if it was clear no one lived there.

    All of the ENUs,CLs and CLAs I worked with were great people mostly retired
    teachers , military, engineers and manufacturing QCs. Never had a problem, very hard working people.

    My FOS not much interaction – he just let us work.

    The people at the LCO level didn’t have any managerial experience (24 yr old HBC QB – talk about cronyism) but he has seemed to mature as time passed. It seemed they thought bitching at people was the way to get things done. They didn’t understand – tell us what you want the 1st time and you will get it. Also don’t create stupid rules that keep us from working like limiting some one to 8 hrs in a day (Apr-it progreessed to don’t work more than 40 in 7 days-the way it should have started)or lets drop off our paperwork between 6-8pm (prime time for catching people). if they treated people like responsible adults and said,”he who gets done first gets more work and those that doddle get let go,” these operations would have been completed much faster.

    Being an ENU isn’t rocket science – yes its dumbed down – but it is simple anyone can do it if they apply themselves.

    I have enjoyed doing this, especially VDC and RES, the hard ones were the fun ones.

  37. Jerry Says:

    I fully agree with Gail’s comment “We got one direction one day, the next day it changed, the next day it was another way. It was crazy.” I was a CL during NRFU and it did bother me, though eventually I decided to use common sense and simply ignore some of the irrational directives. For example, I was told I would be fired if I enumerated households myself as I had instructed my crew that if they had a particularly difficult situation, they could pass it on to me. I still did the enumerating, but then had the original enumerator sign the form. Eventually the rules changed and CL’s were encouraged to enumerate if appropriate.

  38. jeff Says:

    I went into the LCO today and got 5 cases…..3 in the suburbs and 2 in the city. The one city location was a block away from a 5:30 PM shooting last week where a guy was shot in the jaw…….needless to say that was first AM call! Get in and out fast and don’t do paperwork in your car!

    Our LCO is closing on Friday as it is the last day for office help… called in for some mop up EQ work tomorrow which should be my last day on the Obama pay wagon!

    Its been a good ride and I have enjoyed the work and the people!

  39. meehale Says:

    I got my 45 minutes training with eight others for NRFU RES. We were not all CLs and I am not a friend of anyone at the LCO. We were described as the highest rated enumerators. My own previous CL is not working RES, though the two of us worked FV to clean up a few details (she worked as an enumerator for that).
    RES is not all people who refused, although a few fit that category. Some are hard to count based on location, aggressive dogs, etc. Others are HUs which were vacant at one time and are occupied now or vice versa.

  40. Barbara in Nashville Says:

    My crew leader for NRFU-RES left town. As CLA, I’ve been running the crew on enumerator pay. The LCO won’t battlefield promote me. Is this legal?

    I was a crew leader in NRFU and NRFU-VDC.

  41. 10th Phase Says:

    I’m actually struggling on this phase. It’s all luck, as some enumerators are able to find residents and respondents on their first try. However, in my case, I’ve gone to more than several homes, with NV’s gone, without a response. I have heard that those with better numbers will be retrieved, although, the length could only be a week, at best. I’ve gotten 9 EQ’s done since Thurs, with two vehement refusals.

  42. Field Enumerator... Says:

    Well our crew was told today that tomorrow was the last day for NRFU REs Operation. I had 24 EQ’s assigned and as of today 23 have been completed, the last one might take a last night visit and none of the heighbors know much and don’t want to be a proxy. Might be called tonight to help other crew members wrap-up soem of the final EQ’s tomorrow. It’s been a great exerience with the 2010 Census….

  43. Yeah Right.. Says:

    I have to say this is a mess, I was a CL in Narfu, took over 2 crews. We did it by the book with things changing everyday..worked with the promise of pay and did not get it. Called back as a EMUE in VDC, friend of friends were picked to be CL and Fos. Called back to do the NRFU-RES as a EMUE and called again as the final phase. Yes they did have Cl’s that do not know what the *&^% to do.. because of friend in the office..Called back EMUEs that should never have been called back. You are always told you will be fired..I am not sure what to do with not being paid for hours worked, sometimes it was up to 65 hours and up a week. 7 days a week.

  44. jeff Says:

    My last day working for the US Census. I had 5 cases that had been worked before in the country……finished them then asked to clean up some apartment EQ’s in the hood that were given up on……the “lobby” was so thick in weed smoke I almost gaged! Got a proxy on pure luck……………….got back to the LCO and they gave me a standing O!

    Turned in my bag & badge……and look forward to our party next week……………yes on our dime!

  45. EQ Guy Says:

    Still working RES, getting down to a handful+ of EQ’s left. I’d say I had about half of my cases where the respondent told me that they wrote something on the Census form that they mailed in. For example, a house used as a one family getting Census forms for Apt 1 and Apt 2 because they had 2 doorbells in the front of the house or something like that. The owners would fill in one form with their information and explain on the other that there is no 2nd apt. So, most of those were never contacted before and were pleasant enough to do.

  46. JohnnyBSurfing Says:

    NARFU RES was just a plain out and out lesson in EVIL.
    I enjoyed the hard work and the persistence it takes to find someone in an empty complex or neighborhood to tell you that the owners are snowbirds and live elsewhere, Duh it’s Florida.. But we have to fit into the same model as the rest of the nations statistics so they seem hell bent on distorting our hard earned proxy info any way they can at the LCO.
    After getting to 77.7% of my EQ cases finished at the same time the LCO was to be at 36% I was called to the LCO with my Evil and lying Crew Leader who proceeded to smile and lie like a rug and tell the head of the operation that I had obviously falsified data and that she couldn’t reach any of the proxy’s at the phone number I gave. I swore on a stack of bibles that I had done the job and they just said if she said I didn’t it was a fact.
    I ask to see the EQ’s that they were talking about and they of course refused. I could have called each one of those people or taken them to the neighborhood and shown them my NV on the door and taken them right to the neighbor that gave me the proxy info to my face and there is no way they could have forgotten me.
    But this is now to be determined by a inquiry, by who ? Of course the CL that can’t tell the truth to save her life. And she prides herself of being a BULLDOG more like Bull shit dog faced liar!
    I have no problem walking away because I was done with my service and made some great friends and worked for some other Crew Leaders that were just the salt of the Earth good people.
    But to challenge a mans word, honor, and integrity for what??? I will appeal and fight and my attorney is ready to get the media on their door step every day until they get a fair resolution and they will go after these “managers” personally at no cost to me! I have nothing to loose and everything to gain so it is on !
    So much for trying to be a patriot and do something to serve our Constitution, working so hard in the hot sun for weeks, just to have them do me so wrong. And if they did it to me I am positive that they are doing it to other good people.
    There is no $avings to them because now they have to re-work all my cases again. There is no way that if they do an honest investigation they will not find the exact same data that I attested to and stand behind.
    God Bless America the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    We love our peace and we will fight damn hard to keep it!

  47. Jack Says:

    JohnnyBSurfing; I would have blown them out of the water (with words, got to be careful these days). I would have let them know that the very insinuation that I falsified data and the challenge to my character and ethics was plain and simple slander and that I would I would be taking serious legal action against them personally and the Census for not protecting you from a hostile environment. They may think that…oh, big deal, I am working for the Federal Govenment, what are they going to do”. Lots. You can sue them personally. I am not guessing, I know. They have no evidence and if they don’t seriously allow you to vindicate yourself, they are in big trouble. Let’s keep in mind an EQ or binder is CLASSIFIED as CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be used as evidence in court under Title 13. Get a list of witnesses now…even if they were not there, if you told them about it or they can back you up about this idiot, get their name, number, whatever. Tell and ask them about their experience before hand then ask them if they would testify. If they say no, oh well, here is the subpoena, try lying under oath. Document every detail. File a complaint with the US Department of Labor, the US Department of Commerce, the US Attorney General’s office and the same for your state. This is likely a Federal case so back yourself up and get representation. Do NOT divulge addresses, names etc…of the respondants…you will be violating the law and your oath and they could go after you, and it would not speak well to your character. Nothing makes me more angry when some blow-hard tries to tarnish someones name without a thought of the consequences. Remember, if you were part of RES, you are considered the best of the best of the best. Some people were given a disportionate amount of EQs and some Ennums were working in one town, city while others might be traveling to 10 cities becuase there is only 1 EQ for those areas. There are no true metrics here and I agree, my CL is panicking and acting like a freak. You just want to say chill buddy…and I have as the CLA for RES, but diplomatically. He sent me out with a ton of EQs and I completed mine 5 days early. Now he thinks that others are holding EQs or, I guess he could think I was falsifying. That is why I document everything. If the proxy gives a false number, which is probably true 75% of the time in some cases, demand the CL go with you and tell the proxy, “hey, this is my boss and she thinks I am falsifying data and I am in trouble, can you help me out”. Put the boss in a really bad light and the proxy will stick up for you. I would also bring a tape recorder and ask your boss and proxy if you can tape the conversation, then say it again on tape. They may say no, but it is worth a shot. You might want to type something up in advance that says you did visit the proxyduring the Census and it is OK to use the information publically and ask that they waive thier right to Title 13 and have them sign it. You need to speak to an attorney, which it sounds like you are.

  48. en_worker Says:

    We wrapped up Res yesterday and it wasnt as hectic as VDC

  49. Jack Says:

    I know I just commented on JohnnyBSurfing’s post, but I read some others and I wanted to share my opinion of NRFU-RES. I have consistently been a CLA; however, I have rarely sat in an office looking at EQs. I was always Enumerating; the CLA was just a nice title for my resume. I would meet people in the field if they were having some trouble, but that is about it. I have always had the same CL and we have got along great. She understands me and I understand her. We work really well together and we know what is going on and we coach people, we don’t berate them. We shield them from them from the nasty emails, memos and meetings where we are told we are all worthless and we “soften” the message so that we keep moral up. In the end, people have done a great job. They have said that they wanted to do a good job because we (CL and CLA) were putting a lot of faith in them and doing everything we could to help them. That being said; we did redistribute EQs from some of the weaker Enumerators to the stronger ones because we had a job to do. The team was ranked #1 in the region and I was ranked #1 personally for productivity in both NRFU and VDC. Now, we come to RES. I was essentially demanded from another CL to be on their team as CLA (in the field). I do not work with my other CL, but he is constantly throwing her under the bus for no good reason and I have stuck up for her. When he said to the FOS that she was way behind in a meeting, I grabbed the stats and I said, “what do you mean, she is dead even with us and she had more EQs.” I don’t think I have endeared myself to him; but he is a jerk. He doesn’t understand this operation is NOT like the others and there is a process we have been told to follow. I am not going to get into details, but it is hard to hear criticism from so old fart that has never knocked on a door and is one of those guys who just likes to bust people’s chops. I have read that people are frustrated because they have not got a lot of EQs done. These are the HARDEST and it is an AWEFUL time of the year when people are not around. I was able to breeze through mine, but it took time because of the way mine were set up and the way the project rules were established. It told the CL that he would most likely see EQs trickle in with lots of hours and then see hours decrease and productivity increase, almost like the classic learning curve. We have to visit each in order! That means you can’t just whack out an area in a day, you have to go through them all then start over from the first. Of course, any deviation from this is grounds for termination. And we all know unlike NRFU and VDC, we have large areas to cover, unless you are one of the few lucky ones. Mine are done, but I felt like he was eyeing me with some suspicion. Why would I want to hold them or do anything unethical, besides the fact it is not me, I still have hours I would like to work, but here I am at home writing on My point is, there are some people who get it and listen to when their people are saying. Just because one person breezes through theirs does not mean everyone else is screwing around. Maybe that one who breezed through theirs had all vacancies or deletes. Maybe some work in a different pace. I had a mixture of all. But one thing I do know, that while there are some people who should not be on this operation, the majority were selected because they are the best…so CHILL! We still have 6 days!

  50. 10th Phase Says:

    Jack, I understand your perspective 100%. I was given eq’s that stretch 60+ miles, end to end. I’ve completed 15 in a week, and yet, I get this distinct notion that I am not doing enough. Even the average NRFU Enum (I was a CL) couldn’t muster 15 in a week, and the cases WERE in the same area, without the prevalence of Constitutionalists and Tea-Partiers. It’s clear, that at least half the data collected in RES will be proxies. People are either 1) On vacation, 2)not answering their doors, 3)UHE. To this end, considering the Enums are handpicked, there shouldn’t be a question to the validity of all questionnaires. But, with the abruptness of this operation, and the understanding that you are indeed dealing with people who wish to be simply “enumerated”, RES, depending on the ENUMS luck of the draw, could be tough. The office continues to blather that they understand the difficulties of the field, as Jack has alluded to. Additionally, CL’s never really fully understand the difficulties in obtaining viable data.

  51. Chicagoland Enumerator Says:

    Been doing RES for a week now. Just trying to get through it. The LCO is pushing us hard. If we proxy a house that is vacant now, but occupied April 1, they want the proxy to know every thing. Sorry, but I don’t know my neighbors’ names. Most people don’t.

    The worse is the refusals. Orders came down that we need to revisit refusals. Even if they were threatening. Someone on my crew was threatened with dogs. Someone is expected to go back there.

    This is just to boost the LCO’s numbers so they look better to the RCC. On some of the shadier ones, my CL is giving us permission to do what we call a “paper visit.” Where we write down that we visited, but we don’t. It sucks that it has to be this way. I was all proud back in Nerfoo. I even volunteered for the bad areas because I believe everyone needed to be counted. Bad areas more than most. But this is getting ridiculous.

    I will take this job exactly as seriously as the higher-ups take our safety…

  52. office clerk Says:

    LCO 2622 TOPEKA, KS: Missing, misplaced, shredded completed EQs. Completed binders missing.

  53. 2514 Says:

    Finished up this week in Chicago without any problem. Great people to work with and pretty straightforward work.

  54. Field Enumerator... Says:

    Reply for office clerk: Sounds like LCO 2611 has some big-time problems!!!!

  55. Field Enumerator... Says:

    Opp’s, last reply should read “LCO 2622″

  56. Happy Camper Says:

    All done in Massachusetts! Generally, my experience as an emumerator was positive. I met some great people, both coworkers and in the field, and was delighted to be asked to continue with NRFU-RES.

    If The Director reads this website, I have a suggestion: pull together a small committee of great crew leaders and enumerators and ask them how The Census Bureau could save A LOT of money the next time around. Fly them to Washington, put them up for two nights, and pick their brains. I am sure that BILLIONS could be saved by taking a fresh look at some of the procedures used this time.

    One simple example: in the training it was made clear that the expectation was one EQ submission per hour of work submitted on the 308.
    To increase productivity by 100%, simply set this expectation higher.

    I have plenty more — just ask me!!

  57. DontBHatinEnumeratin Says:

    Is there another operation to come?

  58. Lynda Says:

    During VDC and RES it was not possible to do 1 EQ per hour claimed. The travel time was increased plus I spent alot of time just trying to catch people outside because they won’t respond to the NV, won’t answer the door, etc. people are not too happy to be speaking to another census worker. But all in all I think it went pretty well.

  59. Census Guy Says:

    I agree with Lynda. One EQ an hour is possible if the enumerator is working in a small geographical area. Say 3 by 5 miles. As a NRFU-RI, I and my co-workers had to drive 10 to 15 miles between cases. The census bureau should develop some metric for next time measuring the geographic dispersal of its cases in a particular binder before applying a 1 hour per EQ requirement.

  60. Field Enumerator... Says:

    Now that NRFU RES is over, has anyone heard if another operation might pop up?

  61. geo Says:

    Life after RES? I think it is called SF50 “Notification of Personnel Action”………like file for unemployment insurance if your state will let you. I live in New York State and don’t think we can file because working for the Census was considered temporary…….but then again we are all still on call? Many states won’t put anything in writing about Census workers.

  62. Lynda Says:

    I worked last year during address canvassing and did collect unemployment. Even though it was temporary, I was shocked. I am getting my seperation papers today. I was told that there was another operation coming up but that is all I know about it. We had a girl on our crew during RES that had gotten her seperation papers after VDC but was called back for RES. If you were on V

  63. Lynda Says:

    If you were on VDC you were eligible for RES. Don’t know if the need for people would be that great, that they would call anyone back? I have already applied for unemployment and looking for other employment, don’t see the need to wait. If something comes up great, if not at least I am covered.

  64. Field Enumerator... Says:

    Thanks Lynda, I’ll wait to see if if I get my seperation papers, i.e. SF-50, etc.

  65. geo Says:

    Called the Boston regional office on Friday and they said that the SF50′s are being mailed this week. Our LCO is having a “going away” party tonight .

    A good topic for future comment might be state by state unemployment insurance consideration. I still don’t know what the policy is in New York State. They have nothing in writing anywhere……I guess by design!

  66. Lynda Says:

    Here is some info for the state of New York

    In any state, as long as you were let go from employment due to no fault of your own, you can file a claim. Lack of work is covered, as long as it was a full time position not part-time. Even though the Census was a temp, it was full time job. You need to have earnings in two quarters within the base period. Quarters are broke up into 3-month periods, you don’t count the quarter that you are in when you file and skip the quarter before that and go back 4 quarters from that and this is your base period. It is to your advantage to file as soon as you are out of work.

  67. Lynda Says:

    If you got your DAPPS form you can take that to the unemployment office to file and you may not have to wait for your seperation papers to come in the mail. The DAPPS form lets them know that you were let go due to lack of work. Know how much you made from the Census because states do not have access to the Federal earnings, as they do with the other states.

  68. Lynda Says:

    DAPPS form is the D-291

  69. Georgia Enumerator Says:

    Okay, I am long finished with NRFU-RES. What a charlie foxtrot it was.

    I was a crew leader during the initial NRFU. Enumerator during VDC, and enumerator during this RES phase. The CLA (only one) was a CL in the first two phases. Same for the CL. Most of my work (and the same for most of us in the field) are apartments. What I have found is that the people living there in August (for my EQs) were not living there on April 1. None of the neighbors know anything about the census day status. The apartment managers will only tell if it was occupied or not, so I had a LOT of 99s for population.

    The FOS was an idiot in this phase. My good FOS was already gone, so we got the moron. EQs and AAs were given out on Thursday the 12th, and by Monday, he was calling the CL to gripe and suggest that she fire people for not getting the work done soon enough. Seriously. All the work was done in our group by Wednesday. I personally had 18 EQs, and some had less. Not sure if this was the CLA/CL being stupid, or this was stupidity fed downward by the idiot FOS, but if we had to use a proxy (which was 16 out of my 18 cases), we could do it no sooner than the third visit, and no LATER than the third visit. So…we had to show EXACTLY three visits to proxy cases. I was asked to erase my additional visits. How stupid is that? I expect the idiots at the LCO would have come back to suggest more visits, and I kept track of every single visit in a personal spreadsheet, in case they came back to me.

    Of my 18 EQs, two were houses and I was able to get the interview. Sixteen were apartments. I was able to confirm 3 as vacant (so they got the 00 on the population), and that left 13 with pop 99.

    This operation was an enormous waste of money, run by the least competent managers.