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Life after Census: LA Region tries to help former employees get jobs

A reader sent us the following from the Los Angeles Census Office – Are other regions doing this too?

13 Responses to “Life after Census: LA Region tries to help former employees get jobs”

  1. Says:

    I’m in the LA area and I haven’t received it. They did send us a mailing with a series of one-stop job fairs they’re holding only for former census employees in the LA area. Maybe I will get this later or maybe I didn’t get it because I’m still working.

  2. Current Resident Says:

    I’ve seen nothing like it in southern New England and hope one just like this never surfaces.

    I would shy from taking career advice from what looks like a quick lashup of borrowed documents and search engine results in two dozen clashing typefaces and page layouts under the header “Resouce Guide”. [sic, page 02] What little original content I detect bears a dearth of legal or comprehensible English sentences, can’t decide whether the plural of “resume” needs an apostrophe or not, shows no grasp of what semicolons are for, and was evidently formatted in a great big hurry.

    I’m told “Resume‚Äôs are used both as word documents and paper copies or built in electronic
    employer websites.” Huh-whaaa?! No, resumes are used as a means of selling a job applicant and for candidate comparison. Oh, but they may be composed and delivered in different ways, is that what we meant? Not everyone uses Microsoft Word, with a capital ‘W’, and I would love for someone to show me a NON-electronic website.

    My favorite is the sample resume page suggesting one’s qualifications could read, “Twelve years of successfully Interviewer”, like something out of an Asian import tech product manual. I’ve thrown away better applicant documents than this supposed model when hiring for my own projects.

    Why do I feel this is less about noble intentions and more about reinforcing the party line? It almost looks like a loose self-help wrapper for the same dull job description boilerplate we’ve all seen in prior directives, which the Bureau would really, really prefer we use when revising that CV. Many reports from the ground troops in this forum suggest a disconnect between the ideal and real job activity. For some, the provided bullet points will not come close to describing one’s actual challenges. Others will scoff in memory of workplace abuses.

    Given that so very much of the 2010 Census workforce was composed of the simultaneously underemployed and overqualified, I should think those poor terminated souls have actually heard this advice before, though better articulated. They’ve also learned how to dress up resumes and deploy strategic job hunting measures. They don’t need their hands held when exiting yet another job loss. Those who do may be led by this crazy quilt document at their peril.

    I do not, mind you, denounce this effort in concept, but question its execution and motivation. The PDF file dates from mid-June. My brain fogs here, but I think it was around that time we received redundant stern reminders of Title 13 and not blabbing for pay to bloggers or reporters. Is this the Quick ‘n’ Dirty Guide to job searching or more damage control?

  3. movin'_on Says:

    I like it. Haven’t seen anything like it in my LCO.
    I suppose that technically it could be called a misuse of funds because it’s not the Census Bureau’s job to re-employ its temporary workers. However the same people screaming that its a misuse of funds would be screaming that the Census Bureau just drops people outside the door when they are finished with them…
    Not everyone starting or getting back into the job hunt is approaching at the same level, so starting “from the beginning” with resumes and cover letters is the only comprehensive way. There is a lot of info out there, I hope they used it instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.
    If this were to be handed out, I’d break it into two sections, since some of us have resumes and have written cover letters.

  4. Solong Census Says:

    LA Region needs to have some positive PR to cover all of the illegal terminations they carried out.

  5. Al Forteni Says:

    About 12 employee from the Fresno Office and some who came from Nevada to work in the LA Region were to hold a press conference today in Fresno to share their experiences. So don’t believe Dr. Groves’ statements that no wrong doing has been found and don’t let the LA Region “off the hook”. I bet what they are doing as outplacement services is mainly send out fliers. Mabe a few job fairs in the LA area but, the LA Region covers more than the LA area.

  6. Al Forteni Says:

    I just looked at the resource guide. This is information you can get at your local Workforce Resource Center, EDD. As with everything in LA, it is packaged to “look good”. Probably Christy’s way of trying to impress his higher ups as he has a lot of explaining and defending to do these days. Still looking for that big bonus or a promotion to Headquarters? Can you imagine having him in a higher level position? Might be a good fit, he can then continue to “hide his head in the sand without anyone knowing. He can then blame all the problems on the Regional Office.

  7. Former Enumerator Says:

    I have received a couple pieces in the mail listing job fairs locations throughout Southern California and Hawaii. But nowhere near San Benito or Monterey Counties. The closest “job fair” is in San Luis Obispo, which can be up to a 3 hour drive for some enumerators.

  8. cry babies Says:

    Stop whining… You knew it was going to be a temporary job, only lasting “up to several weeks.” If you were able to work longer – be thankful. Bottom line is that the Census Bureau’s jobs is NOT TO HELP former census workers find another job. Any effort they make to help former census workers in their pursuit of another job is above and beyond their call. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. It is Department of Labor’s mission to help you find work — not the Census Bureau’s.

  9. Employment Resources Says:

  10. Current Resident Says:

    Sorry, I don’t hear a whine from this thread. I think “Former E.” points out that spewing a list of job fairs, and without geographical regard, is an empty gesture, much like this train wreck of a “guide” document which can’t even spell “resource” correctly in its (embarassingly large type) contents table header.

    On page 08 is a list of “resume template resources”, erroneously stating the templates themselves were “downloaded from the Google website”. As tested today, the list is literally a pasted dump of the first five Google search results from the terms “resume” and “template”, the first two being Sponsored Links and the latter two pointing to Microsoft Office support pages. Not exactly a thoughtful listing, nor mindful of software platform independence.

    I think Al and Solong are closer to the truth of my suspicions. This is a document designed not around the needs of its users but the motives of its authors. See Vincent Flanders and his web site critiques for parallel discussion.

  11. Al Forteni Says:

    To Cry Babies,

    One thing you have to realize is the mangement staff at the LARCC has no regard for people other than their own RCC group. They view the Field Offices and staff with disdain and consider them “throw-aways”. They could care less if anyone in the field or field offices find a job. This resource guide is purely for show.

  12. Jim Bob Says:

    Lets get this straight. The LARCC is the only RCC to have these job fairs. They are having or have already had 12 of these fairs all throughout the region. And you are complaining because they don’t have one in your backyard? Why don’t you stop complaining and have your own job fair? The LARCC is going above and beyond what is required of them to try to help you get employment. If you don’t want to use it, don’t. But I fail to see the point in complaining about this, considering that no other region in the US is doing anything similar.

  13. Job Fair Joke Says:

    Hey Jimmie, don’t be fooled, pal … the LARCC is in major damage control at this point. They will do anything to put their finger in the dyke, in an attempt to improve their sorry image. The story of Barcelo’s hateful, devious treatment of the LCO’s in central CA is about to be shared with the country. Should be interesting… Enjoy!