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Is it BONUS season at the 2010 Census?

MyTwoCensus has been receiving many reports of 2010 Census workers getting bonuses. We have heard that favoritism and nepotism have determined in some instances who is getting these bonuses. And finally, multiple sources have told us that partnership specialists have received bonuses as well as those people who finished their jobs early (without quality of data being checked).

Please chime in on this issue in the comments section and let us know who did or didn’t get bonuses in your office,  so we can get a more clear picture of this most elusive policy.

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30 Responses to “Is it BONUS season at the 2010 Census?”

  1. Tellitlikeitis Says:

    Mr. Morse, I know that the NYRCC staff received bonuses after the completion of Address Canvassing. It had to be at least a minimum of a 2week patycheck. Staff included management on down to clerks. I heard this from a couple of people at the RCC talking. I am not aware of anyone at my home LCO receiveing any bonuses. Although, tnats were the dropping of the $’s should’ve started.

  2. ********** Says:

    This is one rumor I DON’T believe.

    In AD-CAN and NRFU, the first CLDs to finish all their work got INVESTIGATED, to make sure they weren’t cutting corners or falsifying work. They did not receive any bonus.

  3. anon Says:

    tag this as rumor

  4. NikkiTaMere Says:

    I’ve rec’d reports that this blog is run by a blithering idiot who’s mom is also his sister. Word is the blog owner can’t write a post w/o a thesauruas to find other words for ?#+** would someone do my work for me *and check it out?

  5. admingeek Says:

    Only NFC staff can get bonus money, not DAPPS (OOS and FOS on down). I also heard that th system limits to $500. I got $100, most in our area was $200 by and really good LCOM. The area manager ranked us, and gave most of us $100, a few $150, and than said LCOM $200. I took my staff to lunch with my money.

  6. Al Forteni Says:

    @NikkiTaMere AKA Nikki Your Mother, I think you are the blithering idiot.

    People may rant and rave on this blog but, in the end, what they say, after internal investigations for the most part, turns out to be true.

    What admingeek says is true only NFC employees get bonuses.

  7. Nadia Babayi Says:

    I received an e-mail from you regarding the news that Census Partnership Specialists getting a bonus in 2010. Well, I currently work in the position of Partnership Team Leader, participate all regional team meetings and did not hear anything about bonuses. Last week, the partnership department was given the news that terminations are coming and the reminder of my staff (and myself) will be terminated in September. Just sharing this information with you so that you know that we not only did not receive a bonus, but also were given notices of termination of our jobs. Please DO NOT spread false news around. Thank you.

  8. crimson Says:

    I received a direct deposit of $250 then the award letter a few days later in the mail. I don’t know if any other AMs in the office received a bonus…no one has said anything.

  9. Florida Fool Says:

    PLEASE –

    Let’s have some civility in this blog! For those of you who are new, there have been numerous posts by other census workers over the last 3 months, stating that certain people in their LCO and higher received– or were promised — bonuses for early completion of operations, such as NRFU. In the few comments received above, I think it is obvious that SOME census workers did, in fact, receive bonuses. Personally, I would like to know more about this phenomenon. I think it may explain some of the very rushed operations, including NRFU, where many enumerators reported being pushed to complete the operation much earlier than anticipated. Cetainly, my own NRFU operation suddenly was whipped into a frenzy for early completion, with the promise of more work if we finished early. The additional work never came….

  10. AMA Says:

    At our LCO, there have been plenty of rumors about bonuses, mostly fueled by speculation on this blog. I have not received a bonus, have not been told to expect a bonus, and as far as I know, no one in my LCO has received a bonus.

  11. Another AMA Says:

    I don’t know about all the skeptics here; bonuses are for real. I got one last year, after Address Canvassing. I got $200. One of our departed Assistant Managers got more than that after his big operations were over.

    They’re officially called, “Cash In Your Account Awards”.

  12. Show me the money Says:

    I am an AMFO of a very successful office (finishing first in our RCC in most operations) and I have not seen anything resembling a bonus. It sure would be nice, but see as how it is like pulling teeth just to get comp time that we earned, I see it very unrealistic that bonuses are heading our way.

  13. Samantha Jackson Says:

    $100 here, $250 there. These are the kinds of rewards some managers were after? Some cracked the whip, threatened, degraded, pushed subordinates to the brink and, IMO, risked falsification of data by some field employees who tried to accomplish the impossible.

  14. OOSs Rule Says:

    My AMFO, who worked her butt off, received an award from her area manger (a nice guy). So, my great AMFO took us out for lunch! This happened over 3 weeks ago when most of us were still around!

    So, hey a positive post!!!

  15. Tellitlikeitis Says:

    NFC staff received bonuses in 2000 after LCO office were shut down. This time around it appears that RCC NFP staff where getting rewarded after comletion of a certain operation. While the LCO staff were busting there butts and rolling up there sleeves to get the operations completed. I never ever heard of a DAPPS employee get a bonus.

  16. Nooney Says:

    I was wondering why my AMA announced to our department that she received “recognition” for her work and she wanted to do something for her staff to show her appreciation. She ordered lunch for all of us and paid for it. It was exactly what OOSs Rule said above — about two or three weeks ago.

  17. AxionJaxion Says:



  18. Gail Says:

    I am now working NRFU-RES. I have heard these horror stories and just listened for some months now. I have taken notes and am ready to speak. In NRFU I felt really patriotic and encouraged to be a part of this historical process call 2010 Census. My attitude was right, I got completed EQ’s and felt good about what I was doing. About midway through the NRFU I started getting the feeling that things were not as warm and fuzzy in our LCO. My CL, who was a older professional white gentleman, was getting more frayed each day that we met. I knew then the honeymoon must be getting over. He never said anything negative but as a retired state government employee in the Behavioral Health field I knew things were crazy. Apparently from comments made by the CLA I knew that unreasonable expectations were being levied upon the CL and our LC group. We got one direction one day, the next day it changed, the next day it was another way. It was crazy. I really felt for the CL since I knew that he was a retired professional and knew that this was a crazy way to run any operation. He stuck it out. In NRFU-VD I was called to work again. This time my CL was a retired school teacher who probably should not have taken this charge since I could tell she was stressed to the nines but at the same time had a tremendous work ethic that was very evident. I knew from comments from the CLA that she took a lot of grief and pressure that she did not send trickling down to my level. She just thought it was all so unprofessional. She was asked to change processes sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. She was directed to drive 45 miles sometimes at midnight to get EQ’s into the LCO so that the LCO could be “ahead of the game”…”number one”. I could not believe this whole process. I just continued to take my mental notes and do my job. Now I am in the final stage of NRFU-RES. This is the most appalling thing I have ever had to do. I would quit now, but I am not a quitter, and I really want to see how this plays out. My CL is about 26 has been to only two of the meeting, constantly sends text messages that make me feel like I am 10 years old. They are all Rah Rah, good job team crap. I do not know what she makes for this crap but I am appalled. Our charge is to go back probably the third or fourth time to some of these folks who have told enumerators before us that they will not give more info. After I realized what was going on and that in one instance my life may have been in danger I refused to go back to one home. I am under the impression that these people are only required (by something) to only be counted so it is hard for me to badger these folks or their neighbors for more info. I have now realized based on one of the text messages that if you finish first you are guaranteed more employment with the census. Our CL who drives a new Mercedes is on her own campaign to make sure she continues to work more by pushing this process through regardless of rather the info is correct or not. Hell, if it is not correct then there will probably be another phase call NRFU-???? to go back to these same beaten down folks to recheck, recount them. I am out of here. I am tired of screwing taxpayers out of more of their money. By the way we get reimbursed 50 cent mile for transportation and just today when a discussion was being held about where to meet and a place was mentioned that was at the end of the county the CLA had the audacity to say..”yes let’s meet there, I get more mileage“.

  19. AMFO Says:

    Yes, I Got my $100.00 bonus. I is a call a RECOMMENDATION FOR RECOGNITION on 07/23/2010. The letter thanked me for my efforts to ensure the successful completion of NonResponse Follow UP with the attention to accuracy and quality! Then I was terminated for my inability to manage my staff and other bullshit two weeks later as AMFO? I worked in Murfreesboro TN LCO 2848 wich has gone through five managers since March of 2010 three AMFO’s two LCOM’s a AMT and a AMA. Vivan D. Roscoe Area manager for the Charolete RCC for TN and KY. My useless RT Beatrice McKight have fired people for no reasons at all in some instances. Beatrice McKight who the RT for the Nashville and Murfreesboro Tn office’s has just cleaned how in both LCO’s. These two people have let there authority go to their head !!

  20. Jack Says:

    Yes, there are bonuses in the Census. Here is a breakdown: If you did a great job in NRFU and received positive evaluations from your superiors, you were asked to work on NRFU-VDC. If you did a great job on NRFU-VDC and received positive evaluations from your superiors, you were asked to work on NRFU-RES. If there are any further operations, then the same can be said about that “bonus”. So, your “bonus” is you get to keep working for the Census. How is that favoritism? The CLs (yes I was one for NRFU and VDC and a CLA for RES) do not make the decision, they make recommendations. I found it to be an honor to continue working for the Census because that meant that I was doing a good job. Trust me, if you were not doing a good job, it is unlikely that you would get “chummy “with your superiors. I personally turned in more EQs as a CL and a CLA than any Enumerator. I got all the ones that people felt they could not get and I got them. I just finished all my EQs for RES 5 days early. If there is a bonus, I hope it is more work.

  21. 10th Phase Says:

    Jack, that may be true for you, but it certainly isn’t true for my district.

  22. NONO Says:



  23. Jack Says:

    10th Phase, that is too bad. I am not a Census cheerleader…there is inefficiencies and things that make me just shake my head. I have enjoyed working for the Census and would like to continue to do so if anything comes up, but I have not got involved in the “politics” of the job.

    I don’t doubt what some poeple write about problems that they have experienced in their area. I have heard about them in meetings. I was just lucky to have a good group.

    I will say, however, I just do not like new CL who I have never met. He has trust issues and appears to be clueless about how the RES operation is being conducted. To hold me up in a meeting to ask me how I got an interview with someone and why they were not interviewed before in an accusatory tone ticked me off. I wanted to say…”hey, there is a phone number and an adress right infront of you, if you concerns, call them or get in your car and go to their house.” But that would mean he would have to leave his office and he has never done that.

  24. Jack Says:

    I meant to say never met before RES…

  25. LCO-AM Says:

    Our LCOM said that we would not be getting any bonus money. There is a regional meeting next week, maybe something will be announced there.
    It would be really nice to get something “extra” after everything we’ve ben put though.

  26. KC Says:

    Kansas City RCC paid bonuses -> $100 to $500.

  27. Raymond Says:

    Add Can Lister, CLA & CL; RA; NRFU CL & FOS; VDC FOS; FV CL – My parting gift was, “Thanks for all your hard work.” Didn’t expect any cash and was not disappointed.

  28. Al Forteni Says:

    LA Region – $300.00 each – LCOM, AMA, AMFO – The ones who hadn’t been unlawfully terminated and who hadn’t filed complaints against a specific area manager. This is the Area Manager named in the Fresno Bee article.

  29. FLAA Says:

    I was told directly by a regional RT for Admin. that she received a $500 bonus direct deposited to her account. I don’t thing our managers received one as my LCOM was complaining she didn’t get one. This is no different than all the managers receiving substantial raises in January and no one else in the office receiving any. We viewed a spreadsheet, originally showing all employees getting increases, that was posted on the portal and then pulled. When the raises came out it was only managers receiving them and was attempted to be kept from the rest of the employees. The LCO memo posted on the portal regarding raises confirmed it for me.

  30. Raymond Says:

    I was recruiting in January when those raises were promised but never materialized. Instead, we took a nickle decrease in mileage reimbursement.