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Census Director Robert M. Groves’ update on the 2012 Census (transcript not yet available)

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5 Responses to “Census Director Robert M. Groves’ update on the 2012 Census (transcript not yet available)”

  1. Tellitlikeitis Says:

    This is bullshit….The Census has had problems with IT performance since day one. The billions of dollars spent on creating a system that would fndamentally capture all the hard work of the field people has always been a mess. OCS, PBOCS and on again, off again MAARCS. When will we see Groves answering hard and very pointed questions? Like why are people being pushed by managements extreme unethical tactics to get the job done? Why do LCO staff have to endure working in a threraatening and un healthy hostile environment (in the office)? What are you doing to weed out despicable RCC staff and who’s is held accountable for the misdeeds of ARCM and AM.? Based on the high % of EEO cases presented, why is it that the majority are the same issues…abuse, power of authority, hostile environment, threat, intimidation, verbal abuse, and incompetence of Management is still being condone.

  2. NikkiTaMere Says:

    Since, according to u, EVERYTHING Groves says is a ‘lie’… Why r u posting lies on ur blog?

  3. Census Guy Says:

    Groves was well spoken, and identified some important areas for improvement. The question I would have asked him, was whether the Computer system problems erased any EQ data, and if so, how much?

  4. Mary Says:


  5. movin'_on Says:

    Census Guy, Groves was very well -and carefully- spoken. His answer to your question “whether the Computer system problems erased any EQ data, and if so, how much?” would probably have been what he said earlier; “We don’t have any evidence”.
    Well, what evidence would there be that the system crashed before it saved data that had been inputted? Did they look for any evidence? From what I got they were too busy developing the system to worry about that.
    What Groves should be questioned about is these systems -mostly PBOCS, I’d guess- that were being developed “Just in time” and “Being developed in real time”. What kind of nonsense is THAT? This should have been developed, tested FOR THE ANTICIPATED NUMBER OF USERS, and put in place MONTHS before.
    Who goofed? Was it the people who estimated how many users there would be? The people who wrote the software? Were the users making too many mistakes? It seems worthwhile to throw in here that I heard someone higher than my LCO say “We were sold a bill of goods.”
    Per Groves, the original software had to be re-written, and things improved when the developers sat down with the users. They should have done that from the start. This is not some newly discovered method!

    One last question… Is Groves’ saying “we need to talk about whether we can use existing records” signaling a fundamental change in the thinking of how we take the census?