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MyTwoCensus Investigation: Detroit Ponzi Schemer STILL employed by Census Bureau

Toine Murphy making a 2010 Census presentation. Photo courtesy of the Ann Arbor Chronicle

Despite being indicted in Michigan in June, 2010, Toine Murphy, a one-time basketball player turned US Census Bureau partnership specialist (and apparently a major Dwight Dean crony) is STILL employed by the Census Bureau. As reported back in June:

Michigan’s Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation today announced it has shut down a $1.9 million Ponzi scheme after records showed sales of securities products were used to fund shopping sprees and trips to strip clubs.

Investor Martin Royster, a partner in Royster, Carberry, Goldman & Associates, was accused of “promising outrageous returns” of up to 240 percent annually in a fraudulent oil investment company, according to OFIR

OFIR’s investigation showed that Royster’s wife, April Royster, Toine Murphy, Lloyd Banks III, Shannon Steel and Royster’s firm all were associated with the sale of unregistered securities products, a violation of the state’s Uniform Securities Act.

Mr. Murphy has not returned calls or e-mails, but it has been confirmed by a secretary at the Detroit Regional office that Murphy “works from home” but stops by the office “almost every day.” Mind you, Census Bureau “partnership” activities finished in early June, and in mid-August with Census forms all returned, who knows what this guy isdoing while remaining on the government’s payroll…

Burton Reist, the Census Bureau’s Associate Director for Communications,  denied any knowledge of this situation.

Stay tuned for more!

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13 Responses to “MyTwoCensus Investigation: Detroit Ponzi Schemer STILL employed by Census Bureau”

  1. Jake Says:

    It would be my guess Toine Murphy is walking a fine line between being indicted and convicted as are the folks that approved his employment.

  2. Florida Fool Says:

    Could someone please explain what a “partnership specialist” is? I have heard this phrase several times in these articles, yet I am clueless as to just what sort of job this is.

  3. Samantha Jackson Says:

    Partnership. Where to begin… Partnership specialists supervise Partnership Assistants. They all promote the Census throughout the community focusing on populations considered, “hard to count.” There are parent meetings at schools, booths set up at different community events. Things like that. They educate the community in order to promote the Census and gain a higher mail response rate. They are supposed to partner and work with Recruiting by sharing contact information advising of potential testing sites. That never happened.

    I personally didn’t experience problems with the targeted, “hard to count” population. The population I found reluctant was the angry, white, anti-government population. Perhaps in 2020, Partnership will focus on that population…. KIDDING! That will never happen.

  4. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Here’s a description of the “Partnership Specialist” position:

  5. anon Says:

    I think if SRM spent time on partnership, he would find lots and lots of dirt. Back scratching, people getting money (yes Census cash) for their pet organization, governments intervening in the census process via government specialist, absloutly no accountability of GG-9, 11, and 12 employees, RCCs with tons of GG-13s to run the corrupt program, a failed march-to-the-mailbox campaign.

    This is truly the sewer of the Census, some high-level Census (heard a name Tim in RCC rants) persons pet project. At RCC, heard area managers vocalize that they were given junk PBOCS, yet partnership had tons of cash and resources. Also, noticed that partnership received special treatment (I audit payrolls and saw lots of crap pass). Also, during the QAC/BC and homeless program, all I heard in the area manager cubes was that they were not accountable and failed to get even 10% of the QAC/BC. Also, apparently partnership complied that they are not to work with the homeless so I think that we did not count the homeless.

    SRM–what do you think Johst would say about this–given that I hear Tim is in a high place, nothing but how good a failed program was.

  6. Embarressed Says:

    Wonder if he took Detroit ex-mayor Kwame Kippatrick on any of these little outings? Just sayin…

  7. GS-X Says:

    I heard alot of the 2010 partnership specialists were also Census 2000 partnership specialists.

  8. Bob West Says:

    The census is over. Why is partnership staff still even employed?

  9. LCO-AM Says:

    Partnership should be audited

  10. Grant Stephens Says:

    Partnership will be audited. Also they are still employed due to the “Thank You” campaign that is currently going on. Everybody downs the specialist and assistants because they don’t sit at a desk in the offices, but they are just as if not busier than the other departments.

  11. monicadesi5 Says:

    No they aren’t “just as if not busier than the other departments”. The partnership department is a joke. People coming in late, taking hour lunches, leaving early and on the internet (Facebook, YouTube) constantly. There isn’t enough work to justify keeping that many people on board or even keeping the department as a whole. What very little they have left to do could be handled by other departments.

  12. S. Tayconn Says:

    Why are “any” Partnership Specialists or Assistants still employed? What are they doing? Keep pushing for answers on all of it. Don’t give up. An audit will surely show who is actually working and who is not. How long does it take to complete a Thank-You campaign. You may want to start with all Specialists and Assistants still working in the Region where Dwight Dean made decisions (MI, OH, W.VA).

  13. AJackson Says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this story in the news… then I found out some of my family were investors. It was crazy to hear the story. Turns out that the real architect was Royster – apparently he took almost ALL the money… and was living it up (lavish trips, clothes, strip clubs, etc). while the investors AND his partners were trying to figure out where the returns were. It looks like everyone lost but him…

    sad times.