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China counts 4 times as many people at 1/12 the cost…

Here’s an article about China’s 2010 Census, which will cost $1.18 billion.

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9 Responses to “China counts 4 times as many people at 1/12 the cost…”

  1. Mary Says:

    Human rights are a factor, don’t ya think?

  2. DontBHatinEnumeratin Says:

    Yeah, this is about as misleading as it gets. I’m sure no one slams the door 6 times in a row on a government worker in China like they do here. I had a respondent earlier this week rant on about how sick he was over the government intruding on his privacy. How about a satellite from space snapping photos and counting you and your family that way, instead of a concerned neighbor going door to door?

  3. SAS Says:

    Yes, and China’s cost of labor is much less than that in the USA. If American workers were willing to work for 1/12 as much as we now pay them, our economy would look rather different….

  4. Jake Says:

    Good idea. In fact it would be helpful for somebody to post the name of a site that recommendations for how the next census might be conducted could be sent to.

  5. Gimme a break Says:

    once again, the readers of this site have proven too smart for its creator. you all have hit the nail on teh head…the cost of labor in China is MUCH lower and the response to governemtn workers in China will undoubtedly be much more civil. These were two very large expenses for the census in the U.S. I am just waiting for the creator of this site to just GET A CLUE!!!

  6. Jack Says:

    The low wages paid in China are likely the reason for the low Census operation cost. China is also notorious for lying to the world about anything that makes China look more efficient and progressive. The Census workers will consist of police, teachers and “shadow workers.” As I am sure you know, shadow workers are workers that are paid but the cost or records of the pay are never made public. The police and the teachers will recieve no pay for their efforts. Rural areas will be estimated by satellite “crowd mapping”. How acurate is this? Attendance at Barack Obama’s inauguration was “estimated” at 2 million by Park Rangers. Later satellite analysts estimated it at 800,000. Who is right? And China will be counting toothbrushes and beds. Do you know how many people sleep in one bed in China? And lastly, many of the Census workers will be armed and will enter the residence on the 1st visit or the resident will likely be sent off to a labor camp. Here in the US, there is a fine for refussal, but the Director of the Census announced that it would not be enforced several times. That was helpful.

  7. Says:

    To be fair, China also doesn’t have the Census in the Constitution like we do. Or open and fair elections that depend on proper apportionment and representation in Congress, which is the primary reason for the Census.

  8. Jeremy Says:

    You really buy any government story that comes out of China? Seriously?

  9. Censinator Says:

    Like others have already pointed out, I really doubt that many Chinese citizens curse at or threaten Chinese census takers. I suspect that the penalty for doing so would be a bit more unpleasant than an imaginary fine.