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Texas residents aren’t counted

Here’s an article that discusses some major counting problems in El Paso County, Texas. Hopefully this is an isolated incident of neglect.

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4 Responses to “Texas residents aren’t counted”

  1. MidwestCL Says:

    During NRFU VDC I worked as an enumerator. Most of the binders I received had 5 – 10 cases and several had only 1 or 2. But, one of the binders I was assigned contained 52 cases! I soon realized that this “block” had not been visited in NRFU (there were no NRFU pages in the back of the binder like the other VDC binders… I was the first to go to this remote area).

    When I started knocking on doors the residents were happy to see me glad to be counted. They had not been visited by 5 previous census workers!

    Very few of the houses had street numbers so the AA binder contained descriptions (blue house with deck on side closest to lake), many of which were quite similar, so it was very time consuming matching the EQs to the HUs.

    My point is, AD CAN missed some areas. I think some of these missed areas were uncovered when census address lists were finally compared with county 911 address lists.

    On a totally random note: maybe it would be cheaper and more efficient to use infrared scanning in 2020. A mass of small planes could all hover on April 1 and we’d get the count in 1 day. :)

  2. DontBHatinEnumeratin Says:

    There was a big block missed in my district in NRFU but caught in VDC. I guess that’s why there are multiple operations. To cover possible and probable human error. There’s no real story here about missing anything if it’s caught in time.

    On your random note, there are enough concerned citizens today ranting on about Big Brother intrusions … as difficult, costly and time consuming as going door to door can be … infrared scanning from the sky is diabolical. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    The Census isn’t about numbers, it’s about people. Let’s keep it that way.

  3. DMan Says:

    In addition to NRFU & VDC operations, Census Coverage Measurement (CCM) and Demographic Analysis (DA) will be used to determine how many people got missed or counted twice during Census 2010 (see SRM post here for CCM : or

  4. Pablo S. Says:

    IR scanning from the sky will be so “yesterday” in 2020! I’m expecting subdermal, active RFID chips! ;-)