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MyTwoCensus Photo Challenge: Best photo of 2010 Census waste gets a cash prize

MyTwoCensus is running our first photo challenge. After receiving many reports from readers that Local Census Offices around the country are now  recycling and throwing out hundreds to thousands of boxes worth of 2010 Census materials (including,  as one source says, “A truck completely filled with rubber bands, erasers, and pens…”), MyTwoCensus wants to document this waste.

The Census Bureau is trying to do all of these activities on the down-low (ever  since MyTwoCensus posted a photo of boxes on the sidewalks of New York).  So to further expose the Census Bureau’s practices, use your camera phones to take photos of Census Bureau waste at your local census office.

Please send your photo with a caption to mytwocensus [AT] I will post the top entries before Labor Day Weekend and let readers vote on the outcome (with a cash prize for the winner if the person chooses to be identified). All photos will be posted anonymously unless the photographer says otherwise.

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46 Responses to “MyTwoCensus Photo Challenge: Best photo of 2010 Census waste gets a cash prize”

  1. Just the Facts Says:

    Hey Stephen,

    You are asking Census employees to break the law. This is just another example of your complete lack of journalistic integrity.

  2. Kate Pesich Says:

    Actually, that’s not breaking journalistic integrity at all. Breaking journalistic integrity would be failing to deliver the story. What you describe is more akin to a “gag-order.”

  3. Anonymous2010 Says:

    Stephen – great idea – Boy, do I love those rubber bands! All of these type of supplies should be donated to schools. Of course, no photos of anything PII.

  4. Jake Says:

    We were told to inventory all turn back materials ( including rubber bands) so they would know how much to plan to ship, what to ship and that it all would go to deserving organizations.

  5. Samantha Jackson Says:

    The Census Bureau has the best rubber bands evah!

  6. Mary Says:

    No cameras allowed, moron.

    Thanks for encouraging people to get fired.

  7. rere Says:

    The Census is hardcore about taking photos in the workplace. At the least your phone/camera is confiscated, at the most you get a fine and prison time.

  8. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    1. Do it outside of the workplace if need be (like a PUBLIC STREET where it is being loaded).
    2. Don’t violate Title 13. As long as there’s no sensitive data (pens, rubber bands, and blank forms are not sensitive) you are okay.

  9. statistician Says:

    What’s the reward for best picture of Census workers doing a great job?

  10. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    A pat on the back.

  11. Mary Says:

    What a joke.

  12. YoungCL Says:

    At the risk of hyperbole, I feel like the Census Bureau is second in secrecy only to the “national security” agencies. It keeps all of its own information. It threatens to fire anyone who talks to the media. It’s overly careful about so-called protected information (virtually all of which is available to anyone just by doing a little digging). It lies to make itself look good while fed-up grunts tell it like it is on sites like this. Management goes ape trying to find people who take pictures like the NYC garbage pic when, one would think, they have much more important things to do. Picks and chooses which FOI requests it responds to (SRM).

    The Census Bureau just seems overly concerned about its public image and goes to extreme lengths to cover up anything potentially negative. My LCO was far behind goals which led to Boston RCC firing most of the LCO’s senior management team. When I tipped off a friend in the local media, the Census Bureau’s response to reporter inquiries was, “Four people all left but weren’t necessary fired [because] this area is doing fine!” Complete bullshit. Three were fired for productivity and one resigned because of illegal behavior.

    So here’s the question of the day. Is the Census Bureau better or worse than other government agencies in this respect?

  13. kj Says:

    As someone who relies on Census Data for my work, I do understand some need for rules that impact their public image. The Census is only able to collect reliable data if people trust the organization. While there are a number of problems (including the massive waste), they are all small in comparison to not being able to collect the data we all depend on. For all its faults, the Census Bureau does have the most accurate data available to determine what kinds of services are needed and where. Its an incredible balancing act. I was involved in Complete Count activities and there is a lot that I would do differently….but I was personally amazed and how well the swag worked. I thought it was a silly way to engage people, but man – folks really like free stuff.

  14. kayla jones Says:

    I worked for the census and today was my last day and i have to say they are throwing away paper pencils pens rubberbands paperclips and so much more what a waste this is. I know of people that have not been counted and they do not care i though the whole idea was to count people. Just dont get it.

  15. Jake Says:

    kayla jones,
    “I know of people that have not been counted”….if these people were in your assigned area why did you not do Address Adds? If they were friends did you tell them what number to call?

  16. kayla jones Says:

    it has not been long since we found this out and then we were told not to do no add and no more enumeration either..and yes i gave them a number but these people were right on the main road and should have never been missed to start with…there are all kinds of stories i could tell of the mess up in our area..

  17. Jake Says:

    kayla jones,
    Sounds like you did all you could.
    We could do Adds until this last operation started – NRFURES.
    If you come across a site or address for us to send suggestions on how the Census can improve please come back and let us know.

  18. Florida Fool Says:

    To Jake,

    Just like Kayla Jones, we were not allowed to do Adds during NRFU-VDC. I didn’t work NRFU RES, so I don’t know about that.

    Several times, I had respondents call me a few weeks after I had already turned in my EQs for NRFU or NRFU VDC. I called the LCO with the information, but I doubt that it ever made it onto the proper EQs, since those had already been shipped out for scanning. I wish you could think of a way for enumerators to provide late information. One person I kept contacting during VDC finally called me 2 weeks after the operation was over. She said that she had responded to an enumerator during NRFU — but again, she admitted it was several weeks after getting the Notice of Visit, since she travels for her job. So, that is twice that information on that household was probably missed.

  19. YoungCL Says:

    @Florida Fool, Jake, Kayla:
    I faced similar problems, especially with all the duplicates in VDC. According to the local AMFO and data processing guys, there’s a way for LCOs to submit what’s called a “Version 2″ of an EQ just by re-printing a new address label for the EQ — so if you discover you incorrectly submitted an EQ, it can be fixed, and it doesn’t even take much work. My LCO reprinted hundreds of duplicate EQ’s just to mark them all as duplicate deletes and reprocess them.

    The issue is how many LCOs have staff willing and able to reprint those labels, as well as willing to tell lower staff member (CL’s and enumerators) that it’s even an option, since it creates more work for office staff.

    The Bureau accepted adds until July 31, which means adds were doable through at least part of VDC. If your LCO told you differently, they were probably incorrect or, again, perhaps they didn’t want the extra work. Even now, in theory, offices could still submit adds by shipping the new case to the processing center with the expectation that the processing centers have a mechanism by which to process last minute adds (they should, although may not). But there is certainly a way to resubmit incorrect EQ’s already in the system.

  20. NikkiTaMere Says:

    Yes, follow the request of this blogger, violate PII directions, get fired and/or arrested by using a camera in ur LCO. Thisguy is bound and determined to get y’all in trouble so he can dump more on gov’t

  21. mustang Says:

    Don’t blame those that were trying to count everyone (the enumerators). If you weren’t counted, it’s probably your fault. You had plenty of time and opportunity to get counted. Lord knows you have heard about the 2010 Census, unless you are deaf and blind and live a hermit and even then you still should have known about the census. All of those that DIDN’T want to be counted usually made the most noise about it.

  22. Patrick Says:


    “All of those that DIDN’T want to be counted usually made the most noise about it.”

    I’m a CLA, just finished NRFU RES today. Most times people who don’t want to be involved sent the form in by mail trying to “opt out,” and of course someone gets sent back to enumerate. The enumerator leaves a notice, and typically those who don’t want to be counted just ignore it and make an enumerator come back, at which point they let the enumerator have it. We cynically call these ones potential “shotgun cases.”

    I had left a notice yesterday at my last house. Part of me wasn’t really surprised when the resident chose to call me at 12:15am last night on my cell phone. I was asleep until the voicemail alarm went off on my phone, as service is so bad in my house that the call went straight to voicemail. Caller mumbles at first, but then says angrily, “You left a notice on my door saying I had to call you. Well I tried to, and I sent in my form, I did what I had to do. Leave me alone, and don’t leave any more garbage in my door.” Thanks for the call, boss.

    Most people don’t go to the effort to call in the middle of the night just to bitch you out via voicemail.

  23. Jake Says:

    I had some late call backs but not that late.
    A few early ones though.
    A few angry folks but most I could calm down and get what I needed.
    It became a game.
    Had some fun.
    Met some nice folks.
    If I summed it up I would have to say that the more pleasent folks did not live in the large, more expensive homes with land. Most of those folks were plain nasty.

  24. LCO-AM Says:

    All of the usable items are sent back to the NPC(National Processing Center). Used pencils, erasers, paper clips and the like are disposed of.
    Or donated……. If you’re LCOM gives the blessing.

  25. Jim Bob Says:

    Does recycling and sending the money back to the Bureau count as waste?

  26. Bethany Says:

    Thanks for starting the contest. Our cellphones with cameras…yeah…grounds for termination due to conduct…

  27. LCO-QUACK Says:

    Waste, the real waste can not be photographed, anyone involved knows that.

  28. Solong Census Says:

    Jim Bob,

    The recycling program the Census Bureau has is a joke. They get minimal back in money. The waste in printing thousands of errata sheets for incorrect manuals and documents and the labor costs alone were astounding.

    What about all those HHC’s they crushed after Ad Can? Wake up Jim Bob.

  29. jeremy Says:

    soo lets see. most of the replies i read well actaully all of them are from field staff. didnt see any from office staff.

    first lets start with PII. even having ur phone out WILLLLLLL and i said WILLLL get u fired imdiedtlly. no questions asked. NO phones are allowed in the office. u get a call and u MUST be outside the door before u even answer it. Although i noticed RCC can have phones out. hum…..

    BTW im an office employee. im the one who did the ohone calls to the RI cases and the MARCS cases. Fun fun fun… not.

    PII is strictlly controlled in the office. nothing with a name or number is allowed out of sight from the person who wrote it. it must be recycled. Screens locked at all times when ur not around the computer and when the cleaning ladys came in, everything had to be turned over so they couldnt read it.

    so taking a pic is def gonna get u in trouble, they dont care what it is. Heck at my office they would fire u if u took a pic of the building its self and they flipped when the news media tried to take one. which brings up media. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TALK TO THEM! says so right in the rules. u say anything, even if its just that ull be at the librarry to help pepople for BC and youll be fired on the spot. i know cause it happened at my office.

    as for the field staff, uve got to be kidding me. they did their job horrabley. granted people hated being bugged, but as MARCS investigator i cant tell u how many times i ran into enumerators who fugged info and slaped the eq’s together just to get them done. most of them where the ones who reigned before they could be caught, but its still ridiculous. NO one had correct letters, heck most enum. handwritting was illegable. do u know how hard it is to call a number u cant even make out? i do. I loed how they were told their work wuld be checked (marcs) and still they did it completly wrong. Do field employess not think they ment when they told them that? cause they did and im the one who dealt with enum. mistakes. how hard is it? ask where u there on 4-1. yes, continue, no ask where they where cause most likely they live and and took the enum. literly. cant tell u how many enum. took “no” as the answer and slaped the eqs as done, just to have me call the respondent and hear”i wasnt here on the first but i do live here.” “did u tell the worker that?” “yes.”

    then u have them telling us we have to call again for NRFU-VDC. “where u interviewed about —?” “yes” “thanks that all i need” r u kidding me? and u wouldnt belave how many said no, which cased us to have to fill out that “VER 2 EQ”, again and put it with the reg EQ. they were all saposed to be VAC or DEL yet almost half came up as OCC. can u say really bad enum.? so i dont knwo about u guys or others areas, but for mine, the prob. wasnt the office or RCC, it was the enum. not getting correct info, or heck, all out falsifying it. then u wounder why the have QC checks. dont know……

    as for adding. once VDC started the office no longer accepted adds. why should they? the census doesnt want to wait 2 years for people to still add their info. the census took long enough as it is. the ones adding stuff now should have mailed in their forums in the beggining or they should have been added during the origanl interviwes. the binders had 5 add pages. so why is there still adds being sent in? once again faulty enumerators. dont blame the office for ur mistakes, u were saposed to add those people in the beggining or they where saposeed to get a questionare at the BC sites (yes they exhisted cause once again i was the one who set them up, i did a lot of jobs, so i know they had access to them) yet they didnt. ohh and start even blaming the census for not advertising then BC sites cause the places we had them at, wouldnt allow us to hang anything up to tell people where to go. so most didnt know the sites exhisted, but thats the places fault not ours. they 2 opperations. i belave one was a late add operation or something like that too. so the census gave plenty of time to add people. i agree with the office. once VDC started, no adds should have been accpeted, if so, when would the adds stop? they wouldnt and people would always complain someone wasnt added. they had to stop sometime.

    as for waste. the census wastes a lott!!! but heres the good news. they recycle it. its not like they throw it on the curb or trash, at least not in my office. a truck picks up the box and puts it in a truck to be shreded by a prof. shred company.

    why they got pink trucker hats and never used them i have no idea. so yea, the census wastes a ton.

    i love how everyone complains about the money the census wastes, but people never think “hey, the census gave me a job.” why is that? why complain about the money when its being spent on ur employement? sounds kinda hypacritical to me.

    as for the office for those who didnt work in one, lets break it down shall we.
    1. theres a way to print those lables i read about earlier. alomst anyone in the office can and belie me we did. but why waste time printing unessecary lables this late in the opperation? it be even more… wait for it….. WASTEFULL! the very thing ur all compaining about. not to mention the office has other thing s to do and not enough employess to do it as fast as the RCC demands it be done.

    2. the office has unessacerry IT staff. they sit all day and wait for something to go wrong just so they have something to do. heck they were pulled to do other jobs cause they werent doing anything. thats wastefull.

    3. the “office” is not this big bad bully people make it out to be. ur requestes for adds were heard and not just pushed aside. i know because the manager talked about it all the time. the requests were denied due to time. i dont care if u belave it because i know its true. the census cant go on forever.

    3. if u think u had a lott of EQ’s then dont ever enter the office as a clerk cause the calls we had to make were outrageous, and most got 3 calls (NRFU calls, VDC calls and of curse MARCS calls). The piles were huge and we had 7 people making calls non stop and still had piles to make at the end of the paint a picture we had a top shelf of the file cabnet full of EQs to be called and only 3 days to get them done (each EQ had to have at least 3calles before we gave up on them as no responce). not to metion having to deal with irate people who called the cops on us (then we had to deal with the police).

    which i think is another waste to make sooo many calls when if the field staff did their jobs correctlly, we wouldnt need QC checks on every little step taken.

    4. the filed always expected their stuff right away. Do u know how many binders we had to put together (yes i had to do that too)? do u know how long each one takes? ill tell u. 10 to 20 min per binder. multiply that by the number of binders and u get a ton of time. we had a room filled non stop to get those done. we had to lable every single eq, count them, put them in an envolope, count the maps which had to be put in an envelope, count this shett count that sheet, write the info in them put them a cirtin way…. and dont forget QC them before they ever got to be checked out, whcih the office had to do for EVERY EQ AND BINDER. and all we heard from field is, when do we get them?? i want them now, my people dont have work. im coming to get them, why arnt they done? u filed people are afull demanding. then as soon as we got those done DC started and the binders again had to be reasembled. what did we here? u guess it. “my people dont have work. i want my binders now.”

    u filed people have no idea how the office rushed to make u happy. all i hear is how the office is and that. maybe if u were patient the office would have had ur stuff, but no. all u did was demand demand demand. then u didnt even do ur jobs right anyways so we had to redo it again.

    5. those rubber bands were awsome. we had fun with them guys.

    6. we had 6 printers and 2 copiers. they ran all the time. we printed soooo much it wasnt funny. those dang lables were the worst. sooo many to print.

    i think thats about it. the census did waste a lott. time, money (on stuff not needed, not workers), and people. espically whenthe RCC demanded to recount, redo and undo stuff. id love to know how it is for an RCC worker cause with all the stuff they did, i just dont know how they do their jobs.

    The census does not throw stuff to the curb, or at least not my office. they have strict rules against that. heck we had to cut up anything thick or big (banners for exm.) and then shred it. people had plenty of time to be added, so dont balme the office for that, blame the people who where to lazy to get a form.

    dont worry about my spelling. i type fast and never spell check on stuff like this.

  30. Tellitlikeitis Says:

    Picture taking of PII IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION…we were told to have everything disposed of or shredded through an OPS LOG. when we tried to get clasrification the ARCM was again very vague and said dispose of without compromising PII. The millions of dollars that were thrown away in literature, forms, and Partnership was by far the most waste of taxpayers dollars in U.S. history. I truly wish President Obama would get to read this information and hiopefully implement some laws that would hold Managem,ent at the RCC level (hq) ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE ADDITION TO OUR COUNTY’S DEFICIT.

    Every LCO has a shred-it company who comes at least twice per month (at least in the NYC Region) and the LCO Manager/Supply Clerk…..lets them cart away 20 boxes per visit. Unless your LCO literaly throws things in garbage bags and they are ripped up in the street, then can someone take a picture……

    The real question has always been, why do the LCO have more of one thing and not the other. It has always been evident that projections at the NPC/Wahington level are mis calculating the needs. Also, they are not looking at the geographic areas for which the projected amount of supplies are need….

    Finally, we never had a problem with being over supplied on paper…LOL

  31. Ed (Staten Island) Says:

    Hey Jeremy (or should I call you: Sittin in the air conditioneed office, primadonna jeremy). You ofice people are hardly the ones to complain. Afterall, it was my Enumerators who were asked to walk several miles a day, in 100+ degree temperatures, trying (and in the case of my Enumerators), succeeding in getting usable EQ information from very rude and nasty “participants”. How can you spew that nonsense about field workers not completing their work “neat enough” or without an entire EQ completed. If the people in the office would understand that pop count, gender and race IS sufficient, then you clerks wouldn’t have had to send them back, with your oh so special little notes attached to them. My crew NEVER complained about the work, the weather or the people. I’m just trying to make you, jeremy, understand that the field work is the toughest of all and not the clerks who are sitting in a comfortable chair for 8 hours in an air conditioned room. Jeremy, may I suggest you NOT become an enumerator for 2020, you wouldn’t last an hour!

  32. MakingCensus Says:

    @Jeremy…your comment “i love how everyone complains about the money the census wastes, but people never think “hey, the census gave me a job.” why is that? why complain about the money when its being spent on ur employement? sounds kinda hypacritical to me”

    is extremely myopic. I am angered by the waste BECAUSE the Census gave me a job and I don’t appreciate seeing my employer exploited or “played”.

    Time abuse is mainly what I witnessed, so not easy to convey that in a photograph, but I’m sure there are many, many stories.

  33. george j. wilberg Says:

    Let’s see taking pictures of trash trucks carrying taxpayer supplies (pencils,pens, paper clips, rubber bands, etc) is a violation of PII? Sorry folks thought that the KGB is from Russia and the Gestapo was from Hitler era Germany. It seems lately that America is turning out to be a police state run country! For myself got terminated for using my camera to take pictures of locked gates out in the field to show access was not possible. Those few were only shown to the crew leader when he as others kept asking time after time “why can’t you get this information?” Those pictures were taken from public streets with not a foot even stepped on the property. And for those folks who are exposing this government waste my hat goes off to you. For those others like Mary-using the word “jerk” for no cameras allowed-get a “grip!” Simply spoken the Census organization wants no information or proof that they are doing a poor job on managing hard earned taxpayer money. Enough said!

  34. george j. wilberg Says:

    Actually Mary used the word “moron?”Hmm needs some anger management…

  35. Ed (Staten Island) Says:

    hey wilberg. lets see – you got terminated for being a fool and now you’re angry at the group who terminated you? hmmm. take a good look in the mirror, fool. When you sign a piece of paper that indicates that you CANNOT use a camera, while executing your census job, THDN you use a camera while on census time, then get fired. AND YOU’RE SURPRISED AND ANGRY???? L-O-L what a fool!

  36. Tellitlikeitis Says:

    pencils, pens, paper, rubber bands….not even serial # on these thin gs are PII…

    We are discussing waste of materials…..The only trash I wanna see out on the sidewalk is incompetent Area Managers and Regional Tech’s

  37. Patrick Says:

    @George, Ed:
    That’s absurd. I was a CL and had enumerators actively take cameras with them to document examples of uninhabitable residences. I still have some of them on my computer even (which probably need to be deleted, fair enough). I would never have fired someone for that, and people in the office even knew about the pictures and never said a word.

    By the way, I don’t recall ever signing a document that says you cannot use a camera at all while working for the census. Could be wrong, but doesn’t stick out in my mind… If you know what document it was (presumably one from the first day of training), let me know.

  38. Evelyn Says:

    Idiot, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

  39. mustang Says:

    Evelyn, calm down girl. What do you think Patrick was talking about. I used my cell to take pictures alot, I just didn’t take any of completed EQs, etc. where PII could be captured. Everything else is fair game. Let me ask you, do you know what YOU are talking about?

  40. Evelyn Says:

    Mustang, I wasn’t calling patrick the idiot. It was the moron that started this blog. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

  41. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Evelyn – Please don’t come back to the blog if you will take that tone. We don’t need your business here. SRM

  42. All sensed out Says:

    The biggest example of waste would be
    a picture of the NYRCC managers from
    ARCMs up to Director! Calculate the
    salaries and send my 5 big ones! By
    far the worst examples of how to
    Manage anything.

    I’ve been laid off so I can’t go take
    a pic. However, I received my last
    check with a note stating we can’t visit your site
    or blog.

    Despite what your critics say your blog
    Is informative, thought provoking, and
    way more interesting than any Census
    Job. Thanks for calling out the extreme
    Waste. It could only happen in the

  43. All sensed out Says:

    PS there are at least 6 managers in NY making
    Over 90K that are completely INCOMPETENT. How did they get those jobs?

    Extreme Cronyism and Nepotism, comprende!

  44. All sensed out Says:

    PS that’s well over 600k in salaries. Gs14s and 15s

  45. Florida Fool Says:

    Exactly WHAT document or training material specified that cameras could not be used? I don’t remember seeing or signing anything like that. I only found out about the ban on cameras when I offered to help my CLA verify uninhabitable structures during VDC. I offered to take photos, but the CLA said that photos were expressly forbidden.

    @Jeremy – It would be interesting to get the perspective of an office worker vs. a field enumerator — if I could decipher your writing! You complain about illegible EQs, but then you submit a whole page of garbled spelling and grammar for this blog! I can’t understand half of your sentences. Please use that spell-check and grammar check next time.

  46. jeremy Says:

    read the end of my previous letter. i do belaive it states i type fast and never spell check, which would explain the errors.


    u have no valid complaint. ur job descrition clearly asks questions determining if ur able to do the job before ur field staff was ever hired. they knew what they would be doing. they choose to accept. They also did not walk around 8 hours a day. thats against the rules (at least for my lco) 5 hours is the max for a day with 15 the max for the week of an enumerator. no one was schedualed over that (again at my lco) so theres no need to complain about that. in fact, the field enum. were begging for more hours, not less. so where uget ur complaint from i dont know, but its not valid for my lco.

    and as for the EQ’s get real!! they were horrable and the cl’s didnt do their job in checking them. the job aid clearly has an entire page with the “correct” way to write on the eq’s. in black and white it outlined how to make ur letters and clearly stated that was how it was to be done.

    did the field do that? no! instead the wrote letters that couldnt be made out. in fact ou “air conditioned 8 hour chair sitters in the office” had to correct ur field erros and re-write the info the field failed to write correctly. so us “office” people had to do ur job and ours and still keep up with the higher guys’s demands.

    a for pop count and race, im sorry but no one in the office will agree with u on that being enough. if it was, why would they have the other questions on the form? they wouldnt. field only had to try 2 times with the origanl person, then go to 1 proxy to get the info. thats it. if they couldnt find anyone (no neighbors for ex.) the simply had to write that in the notes and put REF at the bottom for each thing REF. hows that hard? yet field couldnt do it.

    there were tons that came in with only 1 try and marked as REF and some had 1 try with stupid stuff like “no one home”"pop unkown, no one answered”. and u say field tried hard. how? how is only 1 try, trying at all? then u blame the office when we make field actually DO their job. get real! if they did it in the first place, we wouldnt send it back with those “little notes.”

    this is all of course for my lco, no one elses. just cause your lco did good (yes some actually did) doesnt mean mine did and it doesnt mean my lco had good field staff. im simple reporting on what MY lco did. so if ur gonna attack me about ur lco being good (ed!) then dont bother, cause u clearly didnt read this part.

    my lco field staff sucked, plain and simple. the book clearly showed how letters where to be written and clearly spelled out the procedures on how to get the info. enough said. dont blame the office for u not doing ur job. thats like the office blaming u for not getting the calls out fast enough. wold u like that? didnt think so, cause its not ur fault what the office doesnt do, just like its not the offices fault for what u dont do (or do in some cases).

    as for the pics in the field, ive never heard of that being an issue. all we were told is, “no pics in the office or on office grounds. no matter what!”

    and heads up ed, i would last in the field cause id do my job correctly ( i can write in the boxes!), u however most likely wouldnt last an hour on the phone with the calls we had to make. (notice i said most likely, not “u wouldnt” before u bash me for this post)

    that is all. and befor eu bash me, again, this is all containg to MY office (lco) no one elses.