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Update on Vangent

The other day,  I wrote about Vangent, the company that received an $86 million contract from the Census Bureau to staff call/processing centers for the 2010 Census. As it turns out, the company has a very shady history. Some readers of this site might not even realize that they have been working for Vangent, which sub-contracted 2010 Census hiring to other companies such as Quest Staffing Services, Synergy Staffing Partners and Remedy Intelligent Staffing. To get a more clear picture about how Vangent runs their operations (which seems more like how things are run in China than the US), check out’s page for Vangent. Here’s a sample quote from the site:

“Let’s start out with the basics: Vangent is a call center & information processing company. They work on U.S. federal government contracts. This means the management and leaders at Vangent will stoop to any level to satisfy the government agency who gave them the contract. You as an employee are a robot; performing the work that was outsourced by the government. You are not a person and you have no rights outside of the most basic rights that are afforded to government contract employees. Vangent is the most impersonal company you will ever encounter.”

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5 Responses to “Update on Vangent”

  1. Laney Says:

    Hmm, there’s some kind of expression that’s used in these types of situations…straw…grasping…something like that?

    You’re really filing this under “human rights” because a former employee complained that they had no “rights” outside of the “most basic rights”. What does that even mean?

    If you want to find complaints about any company in existence, you can. Google is consistently named one of the top 5 places to work in the country, yet there are complaints about them on Jobvent as well.

    You say Vangent has a shady past, but offer no explanation other than the fact that some employees don’t like working there.

  2. Kathy Davis Says:

    I know someone who was hired to work at one of these call centers after being an enumerator in a previous census operate. He quit after less than a week due to the pathetic way the operation was run, or more accurately, the way it was not run.

    He said there were several hundred people manning phones and very few of them had appropriate training. He stated he doubted the staff had the ability to complete the basic EQ themselves and certainly weren’t qualified to answer callers’ questions.

  3. Mary Says:

    lies. Does stephen have any evidence that this company has done something wrong?

  4. enumerator Says:

    Vangent Call Centers (gov’t division) and some of it’s former employees were involved in a lawsuit (found guilty) of accessing (many times) President Obama’s student loan information.

  5. Angry Employee Says:

    I am living proof. I work for REmedy. I was “signed” up on a health insurance plan, that I did not give my permission for and witheld over $500 from me and will not return. Frankly, working for this company for 2+ years, they give you no real benefits,no time off, and can fire you drop of the hat. If you have a choice stay away!. I have been trying to find a different job but i feel that Remedy is the reason I am not getting that job!