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Another 2010 Census employee attacked…

Though there haven’t been media reports of attacks on 2010 Census employees for a couple of months now, so let’s hope that this recent incident in Kentucky is an isolated one:

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4 Responses to “Another 2010 Census employee attacked…”

  1. clerk Says:

    Yes, the police and security have been called on enumerators.

    LCO 2622 – TOPEKA, KS: office clerks/others misplacing, losing, shredding EQs from NRFU FV AND NRFU RES – completed binders missing.

  2. anon Says:

    Transcript from Dr. Groves’ most recent press conference..and a funny story

    Yes, Stephen. It is all about you, isn’t it?

    I listened to the briefing and I think you are mad because you didn’t ask a good question.

    A) Stop using skype. You continue to use that pos service and the audio keeps breaking up. No one can understand you when you are talking. Get a clue. Stop using skype and pick up a phone next time. This has happened before and you blamed the Bureau. It is not their fault. Stop using skype.

    B) Pay attention. Mr Groves was paying attention. “Okay, let me go over that again.” Yes, you asked a question that was already addressed in the press conference. At the time, I remember thinking to myself that maybe the guy asking joined late, but now I’m thinking you just don’t pay attention. Page 11 “We’ve added, in another operation, some new checks, again for quality control procedures. You may have recalled that when we had a– we cut off the mail returns at a certain point in late April, and then began the non-response follow-up procedure. We continued to get some returns; we processed those returns. And if we got a late return, we attempted to avoid visiting that house. We did that. Then we processed those returns. And what we found was that some of them were actually blank returns. People mailed in a questionnaire, filled out nothing on the questionnaire. Or filled out just the population count.Post-processing, we have about 400,000 of those forms, 415,000 of those forms. We’re going back out to those houses right now. That’s going to start tomorrow. Just to make sure that we get the best population count we can out of those housing units. So that’s a late addition. And then we have about 300,000 houses we’re going out at the same time where the enumerator has information that the housing unit was occupied on April 1, but we don’t know how many people live there. We’re going to try one more time on those. These are all examples of something that we feel strongly about. We’re going to stay out in the field until we have a resolution on every address, and we understand the population characteristics of every address we can. The Census is not over. Even though we’ve made this announcement of cost savings, we’re still plugging away, trying to improve the count as best we can.”

    C) No one is out to get you from the Bureau. Be an upstanding citizen and stand by your name and affiliation next time. BTW – you look like a fool to your peers when you pull that John Smith/Oceanside Gazette crap.

    D) Follow the rules. Page 1 and Page 6. One question per reporter. You tried to ask a second question and you were cut off. Man, you suck as a journalist.

    E) To answer your question: 700K is not that large. Remember the original NRFU operation was around 48M households. 1.45833333333333% is not large and I’m guessing that the operation is complete now.

    F) I still don’t understand why you think this was a surprise operation. Residual operations were done during 2000 as well. Google it. Lots of examples out there.

  3. Laney Says:

    Well played, anon. It’s funny that Stephen claims that journalists from the Washington Post and Federal News Radio have no knowledge of Census operations. Right, you’re the ONLY person in the entire world who knows what’s really going on. Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. GS-X Says:

    You last two commenters just don’t get it.