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Hiring opportunities for 2010 Census staff…

MyTwoCensus just learned that 2010 Census employees are being encouraged to apply for more long-term positions.


27 Responses to “Hiring opportunities for 2010 Census staff…”

  1. Jake Says:

    I heard about this position but could not get answer on whom would be interviewed. Would the employee select the target or would the interviews be targeted and preset? While the later makes more sense I still could not get an answer.

    If the interviews are set up in advance with aggreeing parties it might an interesting way to kills time, gain data and get paid.

    However, if it’s a door knock situation only folks with thick skin need apply for this position would be my recommendation.


  2. one enum Says:

    You can apply at your RCC (online and mail). Then, you’ll receive an email or letter stating the position is closed. Apply again, and you’ll receive email or letter that your application is under consideration.

  3. Anon Says:

    It would be a door knock situation only and their participation is voluntary while you have to meet quotas set for getting people to agree to do it. It’s what I’ve done since the 2000 census. I had checked a box that said I’d be interested when leaving the 2000 and the next January they called me in for an interview and test.

  4. ********** Says:

    “The number of hours you work each month may vary from 16 to 120 or more, depending on the workload in an assignment area.”

    Well THAT is a loaded statement. Anybody who worked on the 2010 Census previously should know that means this job will typically offer 16 hours of work, per month.

    Don’t take this job as your full-time job… unless you know you will have one of those Census bosses who encourages you to claim 120 hours/month regardless of how much you “really” work.

  5. Solong Census Says:

    These positions are with the American Community Survey that goes on all year round. They are “door knocker positions” as was stated above. The adminstrative level positions,administrators rather than managers since they aren’t really managers, are the few positions available in the Census Bureau and those will be given to the chosen few such as the Area Managers who were winners of the “finish first” decennial game.

  6. Jack Says:

    CLs made lists very early in the RES operation for people that they would recommendation; in fact the just the third day. Now here is a major problem for some: what if you were placed on a team with a CL who never worked with?” In my case, I was placed with a CL who I don’t even have works to describe. Not tough; just calculating and a back-stabber. Needed to be needed and I didn’t need her. I was a CLA for NRFU and VDC and personally delivered the most EQs than anyone else. She didn’t put me on the list. She put herself, her team members and her nephew that quit the first week of NRFU! Luckily the FOS noticed my name missing and added it. I finished WAY before anyone else assuming I would get more work, but instead she gave the other EQs to people who still had EQ’s as kind of a FU to me! I just rolled with it. But I do know the process. It is unlikely you will be “asked to apply” if you didn’t make it to RES. And even if you are, doesn’t mean you have the job. Same process; take a basic skills test (yes, the same one) and a dual mock interview. They want people who have a proven record and have already gone through security clearance level 1 (confidential), which all Census workers have. If you make the cut, you will attend a 5 day training course, a laptop, assignments etc… I think you will either be a GS-4 or a GS-5. It is government work and you may move up depending on your level of education and any special training you have. Best, you can get a “regular” job and still have plenty of time to earn an extra $300-400-a-week (tops). You will always have on your resume that you were a permanent employee of the United States Department of Commerce. I don’t know how much or if any preferential treatment you will receive; but my guess is some. I will let you all know if I get selected.

  7. Same Game Says:

    Favoritism and nepotism prevails on the ‘regular’ side of Census job. Meeting goals vs accuracy…….name of the game.

    Survey work is sporadic and its all about whether or not the SFR/LFR ‘likes’ you that you are assigned work….not based on job performance. Very part time and intermittent work.

    You can be sent to ANY address in your assigned work area.

    Even tougher job now….where many feel they were ‘harassed’ by decennial enumerators.

    The job takes a very thick skin, ability to relate to ANYONE and mad sales skills.

    If you work as regular employee…no longer available to do decennial work.

    Not a real job much less a career.

  8. Tellitlikeitis Says:

    to Solong Census……Are you suggesting that the Area Managers that “finish first” are considered for managerials/supervcisory position with the Decennial? Like at the RO?. If that holds any truth then,

    that explains why the NYC Bklyn Area Manager would be such so harsh and coniving unprofessional. That also explains why the ARCM would condone her behavior.

    WHat’s in it for the ARCM…….DRD or RD slot? Hhmmmn

    This has been the most vicious cycle of unrepented govt waste. Cronism and favortism, aply here

  9. Solong Census Says:


    Getting one of the few coveted permanent jobs with the Regional Office is the incentive for the Area Managers to finish first along with a monetary award. These are the spoils of these ruthless Area Managers. By now all of the adminstrative/supervisory positions have been preselected.

    The ARCMs will get a promotion when they return to the Regional Office. For these employees working a decennial is a stepping stone to move up in the Census Bureau. The RD will be in line for a position at HQ and the DRD will be in line for the RD position.

  10. Jax Enumerator Says:

    “security clearance level 1 (confidential), which all Census workers have.”

    I think that’s for national security stuff; I’m pretty sure the term for Census workers is different. Does anyone know for sure?

  11. the truth Says:

    @ tellitlikeitis you must have been fired and if not you should be! All your post are during work hours. Go practice what you preach and do or find some work. You are pathetic. Grow some balls and tell it like it really is. You wouldn’t survive in this office for one day. Sucker or better yet punk.

  12. Jack Says:

    “Only Census Bureau employees or individuals who have Special Sworn Status are permitted to work with the data. Everyone who has access to Title 13 data must have an official confidential security clearance based on a background check, including fingerprinting.”

    If you worked for the Census, you took an oath then signed that you had taken that oath, you have clearance. Any data is confidential under Title 13, U.S.C. It has noting national security, but the disclosure of such information could “damage” the integrity of US Confidential Information.

    •Every person with access to data is sworn by law to protect confidentiality.
    •It is against the law to publish or disclose any data that identifies an individual or company – no names…no addresses…no Social Security numbers…no telephone numbers…
    •A Federal law, Title 13 of the U.S. Code, provides strong confidentiality protections for all individual information collected by the Census Bureau. Violating this law is a Federal crime with serious penalties, including a prison sentence of up to five years and a $250,000 fine.
    •Under Title 13, the Census Bureau collects data solely to produce statistics.

    Don’t go crazy, janitors who work in federal buildings where confidential information is kept need clearance. It is the easiest clearance to get and the oath is for life, clearance can be reviewed anytime. The subgroup this falls under is “Controlled Unclassified Information”.

  13. Jax Enumerator Says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Jack. I was just confused with the terminology. We’re on the same page now. I applied for a FR position earlier this week. I faxed the application to the Regional Office in Atlanta. Have you applied yet?

  14. Jack Says:

    Waiting for an “invitation” incase it gives me a leg-up.

  15. Jack Says:

    It was total BS. The Decennial Census and the US Census Bureau do not communicate at all. In fact, the Bureau considers the Decennial the “black sheep” of the Census. I have talked to top people at both agencies. The Bureau said they never heard of such recruitment; in fact they have very, very few FR positions, and currently NONE availible. The were also shocked at the memo.

    I spoke to an Asst. Area Manager (on his way out the door) for the Decennial and he said the memo was misunderstood. There are in fact 300 FR positions in my area BUT they are all full. This is in case one becomes vacant. They thought it would be “nice” to send a list of people that did a good job on the Decennial. The Census does not care. You will have to apply like anyone and they are not aware of any “list” that may come there way and will not call people off it. There is already a backlist. They will probably take it and dump it. The Census and the Decennial does not maintain the same database.

    I also spoke to the one FR I know and she covers the entire state and works about 5 hours a month! Thanks for nothing a-holes! We all were told we were being condidered “permanent positions”!

  16. Shauna19 Says:


    I had just taken the Field Rep position test right here in New York. It was your 30 minutes test with 32 questions. We were told that everyone pass the test, it was only four of us in the testing room. They don’t provide scores and she said she could not tell us when or if we will be called.

  17. Pa. Enumerator Says:

    Shauna, Did you fill out an application, or were you referred by your cl? How much notice did you get before taking the test? My Cl referred 15 people from our CLD for VDC. Please keep me posted, I am hoping to get a call for testing.

  18. Shauna19 Says:

    Hi! PA,

    I was not referred. A former enumerator told me that her crew leader inform her that the census was hiring. She called the number and was scheduled to take the test.

    I had search the internet to see if I can find any information and I did. I called the toll free number than a 212 number right here in new York and was given an exam date. At the exam we did fill out an application, they also told us to bring a resume. The VDC – The Vacant Delete operation should be over by now.

  19. Shauna19 Says:

    This is not a referral base job. Call the local census office in your state to see if they are hiring for the Field Rep in your area.

  20. the truth Says:

    I think I know what PA is referring to. During NRFU we were asked to provide the RCC with the name and #s of any CL, FOS, Mgrs interested in taking the FR test for the RO. We all gave information in which was forwarded to RO staff. They are supposed to call us all to schedule an examination date. However, many have yet to be called. What some may not be aware of is that if enumerators and clerks were included on the LCO interest list, some MGRs did not include their names for consideration. I cannot factually state who gave that directive. I just know that this indeed did happen.

    The truth of the matter is that this is definitely not a referral based only test. I too suggest that you call the RO’s recruiting line and sign up just in case. The list was an interest list only: it would not constitute duplication of efforts if you call yourself. I guess it wouldn’t hurt for us to have the clerks and enumerators who have not been called yet give the RO a call directly for sign up. I hope its not too late. Good luck to US all.

  21. Shauna19 Says:

    You need to forget about some list and call the toll free number in your state to find out if they are hiring. You will have to take the 30 minutes test and fill out an application at the testing site.

  22. Pa. Enumerator Says:

    Thanks every one. Called RCC no testing right now, but I was but on the
    list be be called when they having testing in my county. I also sent in an application. The person at The RCC was very heplful.

  23. Chi_Chick Says:

    Shauna can you tell us about the exam…Did they say when the position will start, how much pay, and how long the position will last?

  24. Shauna19 Says:

    Sure. This is for New York. If you taken the enumerator exam it is similar. Reading comprehension, Vocabulary, some questions on reading a map. This is suppose to be a permanent part time job. And it pay $16.95.

  25. Chi_Chick Says:

    Sweet. I’m scheduled to take it towards the end of October in NYC.

  26. Shauna19 Says:

    Good Luck! I really thought they would have called us in for training by now. During the process they did state they needed workers now.

  27. shauna19 Says:

    Did you take the exam. HOw did it go?