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Check out some info on Brazil’s high-tech 2010 Census

Here’s an article.

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4 Responses to “Check out some info on Brazil’s high-tech 2010 Census”

  1. famosus libellus Says:

    Interesting. I wonder what kind of security and information protection requirements they have passed down to their people. How time sensitive is their operation? I also wonder what percentage of their population lives on the coast in densely populated areas that require little travel. What is Brazil’s record on conducting accurate counts?

  2. GS-X Says:

    Has the US government got anyone in Brazil watching their 2010 Census to see how right or wrong it is?

  3. famosus libellus Says:

    Had other thoughts on this today: The politics and the culture are vastly different in Brazil. How well is it received in Brazil or the rest of South America? How would a passive culture help or hurt a 100% door knock type campaign in the USA? If done in the US, what would be the costs of sending everyone an enumerator with a PDA in hand? How would this be received? How many homes are there in the US and how many required NRFU visits during 2010? How many NRFU visits were there total (initial+repeat) during 2010? Do they do repeat visits in Brazil? How many before they give up and call it a day (e.g. 1-3)? How is Brazil dealing with remote tribes? How many people are estimated to live in remote areas? What data is collected in their census? Is it more or less than other countries? Is there a Tea Party in Brazil? How many anti government types are down there? or do people generally trust the government when it comes to things like the census?

    Food for thought…

  4. GS-X Says:

    Time to send some our best Enumerators south to see what is going on.