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Let’s hear your stories from 2010 Census debriefing sessions…

Please post information in the comments section.

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58 Responses to “Let’s hear your stories from 2010 Census debriefing sessions…”

  1. Randy THomas Says:

    At LCO 3461, the debriefing session really left a bad taste in peoples’ mouths.

    Our LCOM was always weird, but for this event he got really drunk and actually “sacrificed” two lambs from his farm, as an “offering to the Census Gods.” All the FOS’s in our region were pretty drunk… one woman got topless, she’s about 60 years old so it was not a pretty site. The one FOS who didn’t get drunk seemed pretty offended for the whole debriefing session, barely said a word the whole time… but I’m pretty sure at the end I saw him stealing boxes and boxes of census bags and other materials.

    Ours was the 3nd LCO in our region to complete NRFU and its follow-up operations, so every employee was awarded a $2500 bonus check. We were each acknowledged by name, and we also received a gold-studded pin and collared US Census “We Did It!” shirt. It was a nice gesture for our hard work.

    There was coffee and donuts from Dunkin Donuts, but by the time I got to the table all the good donuts were gone and the coffee was cold.

    Oh also our LCOM announced that our location’s janitorial staff won some sort of national Census Recognition Award, and they were being flown to San Diego for a 4-day conference and ceremony.

    A very fun and interesting ending to a challenging, rewarding job experience as a Crew Leader.

  2. Florida Fool Says:

    Hoooo, hooo – Morse will have a field day with this report! It is really beyond what I could have imagined — truth really is stranger than fiction. AND, now there is some documentation on those bonuses we’ve been hearing about — $2,500 per person, that’s not chump change. Plus, a 4-day conference with plane tickets for the janitorial staff, you gotta love it! Thanks Randy. By the way, what in what region, city, etc. is your LCO?

  3. Census Guy Says:

    I think Randy is pulling SRM’s leg. If I know my census they would never give big bonuses to the underlings, and janitors getting a free flight to Vegas? I highly doubt it.

  4. Florida Fool Says:

    Randy, what would you estimate as the total number of people who got $2,500 bonus checks? If every CL in the LCO got a check, plus the LCO staff, that could be maybe 20 or 30 people? I wonder what kind of bonuses the 1st finishing LCO and the 2nd finishing LCO in your region received? A big check is a much nicer gift than an overnight to Vegas.

  5. kcebnroK Says:

    Florida Fool, are you really that dense?! LCO 3461? Just shows the kind of people that are on here complaining about the census screwing them over!

  6. Roberta Says:

    What debriefing? LCO 3054…San Antonio Central

  7. Jax Enumerator Says:

    Here at LCO 8666, we had a party in the office. We all brought lots of booze. Everyone was so drunk. One of the FOS brought his weed dealer, who gave us all discount prices, so myself, my CL, and a couple of other enumerators lit up in the office. We also had a live Nirvana cover band to entertain us. We were all rocking out. Our LCOM got up on a table and starting dancing. After the band was done playing, we played games. The clerks played a game where the first person to successfully log in to PBOCS won a prize. We played poker, and my CL won $50 because he was gambling. However, one of the other players was a radical feminist, so he got paid in Susan B. Anthony dollars. My favorite game was called “Leaky PII Holes” where we tortured each other into revealing confidential information. My CL from NRFU tickled me until I told her the names of a family I enumerated. The AMFO was a tough nut to crack. I ended up waterboarding him. He then confessed to all of his wrongful terminations and how he sold confidential address lists to the Russian spies who got deported last month. After that a CLA from another crew came in with a goat and sacrificed it to Satan. By this time it was 1 A.M. My CL and I then put the goat carcass in the trunk of my car. I was still drunk and high, and we went around painting pentagrams on the doors of all of our refusal cases in goat blood. As I was driving on the wrong side of the road, I got pulled over and arrested for DUI. I spent the night passed out in the drunk tank in jail, but the AMFO bailed me out with money he stole from the Census bank account.

  8. DamFO Says:

    huh. we got diamond studded pins at our LCO. but no donuts.

    I took all the diamond pins meant for the enumerators, sold them at a pawn shop and bought a new car.

  9. geo Says:

    Our LCO got a Dr Grove autographed picture along with a Big Mac gift certificate…..beat that!

  10. It's out there some place Says:

    Got a phone call.
    The bag, name tag and supplies assigned me, that I had placed in the hands of the CL the last day worked, can not be found.
    Makes ya wonder.

    Anybody know how many minutes it took to complete the average Questionarrie during NARFU?

  11. Census Guy Says:

    I actually hosted a census party, after we finished our last operation. It was out in the woods, and it was hot dogs, and weenies and BYOB, so no one got trashed (other then one ex-service guy who came with his own problems) The fun started when they had to drive out using an exit they hadn’t seen before. Yup two of our more talented census workers got lost in the woods when they temporarily failed land nav, missed the turn off, and one had to be helped out of the woods by a bemused local.

    Where are the handheld units when you need them?

  12. Census Guy Says:

    hot dogs and hamburgers, sorry. And to answer the favorite Morse question, we paid for it out of our own pockets.

  13. Solong Census Says:

    I bet Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were all at these parties.

  14. ATM Says:

    “Let’s here…” Are you serious? And we should trust you with this kind of information. Maybe “its” beyond “you’re” abilities of evaluation.

  15. Solong Census Says:

    The Census Operatives are at it again, practicing their creative writing skills. LCO 8666, Ha ha ha.

    They are trying to distract you away from the real abuses. Keep focused on exposing the real problems with the Census and report them to the OIG and/or the Congressional Committee for Government Oversight and Reform. Do it before these so called managers blend into the woodwork. They need to be held accountable for what they have done and how they short changed communities by treating the Census operations as a “race” and then rewarding themselves.

  16. Mary Says:

    Solong Census- srm has made the best use of his creative writing degree, so don’t pick on others if they want to play.

    You have to admit…the whole thing is pretty funny.

  17. Dude Says:

    LCOM, AMFO and AMQA were the only ones invited to the debriefing. Lasted a day. No bonuses unless you count leftover partnership promotional crap. Not very exciting.

  18. Florida Fool Says:

    @Kcebnrok — Uh, okay, I’m a gullible fool. But, I did say it was “really beyond what I could have imagined”. Sorry, but you’ve got to admit, it was a great story with a perfect deadpan delivery. Kudos to Randy Thomas! In my defense, you won’t find a single post by me complaining that I got screwed over. I did my work to the best of my ability, and I got paid for every hour that I worked. Period.

    I found this website because I was very uncomfortable with some of the procedures that went on during the various Census operations, and I wanted to share some suggestions for how it could be done better in the future. But, there were no “Exit Interviews” or “Follow Up Comments” or any website sponsored by the Census Bureau where I could share my concerns, and this was the only website out there where other people were expressing their own concerns. Sorry for being so dense, but after reading this website for 2 months, I no longer know what to believe. All I know is that there were irregularities and questionable methodology used for collecting census data, and other people seem to feel the same way. But, its driving me crazy — why is LCO 3461 an obviously bogus number?????

  19. Shirley Says:

    Our LCO had a picnic, held on a Friday at a park. We were told there would be food, games, and entertainment, and that it would last from 3 to 8PM. We were invited by phone 3 days before. I had to work my real job later than I expected, got to the picnic around 6pm. Most of the food was gone, the games and entertainment were finished, there was some kind of award ceremony going on, and there was one other person I knew. (My first CL). There was a display of some kind of contest-looked like scrapbook pages. Since we had driven an hour to get there, I stayed to talk to my CL for about a half hour and my husband and I went out to dinner.
    The party was pretty much over when we got there.

  20. joe Says:

    well i can tell u that our lco did have a party and it was at a bar and no i did not go really did care to be there with all the drunks and all the managers hitting on everyone. This was 2445 if you dont beleive me

  21. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Apologies for the grammatical error that resulted in the word “hear” being replaced by “here” in the original headline of this post. My Ivy League English degree failed me, and I am glad that the readers of this site can substitute for copy editors at The New Yorker should the need arise. SRM

  22. Mary Says:

    Don’t sweet it. We all make misstakes. :-D

  23. Jeremy Says:

    Our LCO just had a small BBQ…of course we never get anything interesting here in Maine, they like to pretend we don’t exist. Gotta love how I was a CREW LEADER making about half per hour what regular enumerators in other states make.

  24. pranita veeria Says:

    Is it true Aviles had a barbeque for all the 2225 employees and burned the remaining evidence??? Just asking….

  25. famosus libellus Says:

    Aren’t you an employee at 2225?

  26. the truth Says:

    @ Praneeta: do you have a life? Or did Aviles make the clerks sell it to this blog? You have no clue what harm you are doing to yourself slandering and ring leading the blatant defamation that only you and tellitlikeitis (or isn’t) continue to ponder on. You are a rat. Get a life and let people live theirs. You probably have huger skeletons than all those you fake to know. Are you in dire need of a bigger closet than the bedbug filled one in your overcrowded project apartment? Hmmm just a thought. Yes the secret is out everyone knows who you are. You can run. But you definitely can’t hide. You will be hearing from several attorneys. Too bad all the crap you have been posting did you NO good. They are probably tracking your IP address as we speak. Enough already: PUNK

  27. GS-X Says:

    After the nonsense they’ve been through, I realize field staff need to express themselves through creative writing.
    While I don’t take the 2010 Census seriously either, maybe SRM would start another thread for real posts about debriefing. On the other hand, debriefing is such a bullshit concep serious reports are impossible.
    I get the idea Census only debriefs staff they think will say something that makes the agency look good.
    Then headquarters edits the statements to make them even more favorable for the Census Bureau.
    If headquarters actually wanted to debrief everyone, they would set up a website to allow all field staff to report anonymously in writing.

  28. moving on without grace Says:

    Ms. Pranita, Uare definetly a hater of Mr. Aviles. The Census is over and u should go on with you life. If you dwellon, it may affect your heart. Whatever you experience working with him, its over. Everyone is paying there dues. There’s life after the Census….get on the “bandwagon”

  29. moving on without grace Says:

    What’s wrong with living in the P.J.’s? Aren’t they called Housing Development’s!

  30. the truth Says:

    @ moving on without grace: nicely put but we don’t think Praneeta is J.O.B. So don’t even advise on the effect of over-excitement on the heart. For the record nothing wrong with housing development. Praneeta is clueless about many things she needs true spiritual healing, counseling, a life, a job, a real friend to tellherlikeitis (or isn’t) probably could benefit from a nice reality check.

  31. Census Guy Says:

    Dear Mr. Truth. Please do not tell other people that they will be hearing from lawyers soon unless you are either 1) the victim of the alleged defamation or 2) their lawyer, because you lack an important qualification known as standing.

  32. Solong Census Says:

    All these threats are intended to stifle people who post on this blog. I bet those who make the threats such as “the Truth” would be the first to scream about “Freedom of Speech” if it was denied to them.

    Keep on Bogging. I know evidence was and is being destroyed.

  33. the truth Says:

    @ solong census if evidence is s being destroed, then I stand corrected.

  34. the truth Says:

    * destroyed

  35. AxionJaxion Says:

    @Jax Enumerator

    Did your Nirvana cover band pay all necessary fees to ASCAP and Nirvana personnel for usage? Particularly Courtney, she’s a real stickler for the law of property.

    If not, I smell a Drudge type screed coming on

  36. pranita veeria Says:

    Hey wait a sec….one bedbug doesn’t constitute an “infestation” LOL Sorry, never had the pleasure of 2225….Spiritual healing? I’m a hedonist so that won’t work…Unfortuneately poster boys like Aviles are the sad reality of what the decennial was; a long list of overpaid, unprofessional, “cut corners” managers who managed out of a paper bag…your government at work…Census was in their hands.SAD

  37. the truth Says:

    Just as suspected you aren’t even from 2225. You are probably either BO,DG,VM or MJ or are you writing for NT because we all know she is stuck on ghetto. Yes even more than you. Dead the Aviles story already don’t you think its getting old? you should stick to the truth? Maybe you should Tellitlikeitis (or isn’t) hehe

  38. pranita veeria Says:

    Are those more useless Census acronyms…BO, DG,VM ..oh keep defending losers like Aviles, you’ll be thrown in that investigation too,,then again, maybe you were the one filling out the questionnaires at a computer screen..pathetic. What a waste of salary

  39. the truth Says:

    I was actually part of the core group that had to do the rework or should I say the work. I just think its getting old. No desire or need to defend anyone. They were in the wrong. Just tired of the same thing only from two people. But if it means so much to you then I won’t get in your way. Carry on, carry on

  40. pranita veeria Says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzz Boring

  41. moving on without grace Says:

    Ms. Pranita…..what ever u and Mr. Aviles went through must’ve hit you good or hard, because u are so set on continuing to not live your life.
    Move on and since your experience at the LCO was not as favorable to you in the early stages, then close the chapter…..Since you were not as fortunate to leave on your own, I was going to suggest come back in 2020 and help create change so that what happen does not repeat itself….but, you can only begin to not be divisive and inflamatory when you close the chapter….Enjoy the rst of the summer and the year for that matter.

    Use your creativity for the positves…..maybe something better will come your way

  42. Tellitlikeis Says:

    thank you all for keeping me in the loop. However, I only Tellitlikeitis after being part of a dysfunctional operation supposely manage by a bunch of unprofessional govt people at the RCC. If you read my comments, they are intended at the RCC and its cronyism.

    As I have always commented…Partnership is a shamble full of politically hungry people. The debriefing they gave at the Chinese Catering Hall was a sham on paper. They highlighted all the wonders that the LCO’s completed, but they took the credit. ARCM are all competing and holding info from each other to win the grand bonus prize. They also are allowing the AM to be the bitches they are. DRD does nothing again and again and again! and the AM’S (well at least one of them) is a complete loser who instead of shutting her mouth and when open nothing but blood sucking bed bugs come out to bite ya. Wonder what she’s doing at the RCC now. Probably in another waste of position.

    Seriously, am I not Tellingitlikeitis?

  43. pranita veeria Says:

    I wanna be just like you “Moving on…” when I grow up LOL To Tellitlikeitis….absolutely. Interesting your favorite AM was demoted to RT and parking her butt at the RCC…no doubt waiting for the next “career opportunity” with Census…

  44. the truth Says:

    Clueless I tell you…clueless

  45. movin'_on Says:

    OK, The party’s over except for the stories…

    As I’ve read through this website, the posts generally fall into two catagories, those folks who need to vent, and those of us who want to help improve what they saw.

    And then there are these wild stories about debriefing sessions…

    What can I say, It’s been fun, and it’s been fustrating. Ying and Yang. And maybe a little Ginseng thrown in to make it go down smoother…

    With that I’ll be

  46. Tellitlikeitis Says:

    2020 Census will be a very interesting one…..lets hope that thye following issues chnages are made

    the RD and DRD must be removed
    no RO employee should be allowed to switch to the decennial
    Partnership should be established in the LCO under the LCOM
    Recruitment should oversee partnership
    Dont need RT when we have OOS’

    Just some of my thoughts…..anyone wants to add?

  47. Jake Says:

    One way to cut the work load significantly would be to change the Census Document that most people sent back in by April 1.
    In this case I refer to reducing the needless visits to gated pastures amd seasonal use homes.
    Modify the Census Document so responders are asked to list the address and purpose of use of all other land they own.

  48. Jack Says:

    Here is what we got: can you help us carry these books to our cars. Off the clock! See you later.

    Our former CL, who was a CLA for RES took the CLAs from all the operations out to lunch because he got overtime (and he was overworked) and we had work taken from us by the new CL because he wanted to take care of his crew. That’s it.

    And people, please don’t give the public anymore ammo to think we are a bunch of bumbling idiots by believing stories that are obvious meant to be a joke. I mean really?

    And lastly, it is NRFU not NARFU. I can’t, well actually I can, believe that there are people who still don’t even know the name of the operation. Non-Response Follow-up.

  49. Jack Says:

    Oh, and the expectation was 1.8 p/h for NRFU but was reduced as time went by to account for the people who were obviously dodging us.

  50. Jake Says:

    We were told 1.0 p/h from the start and that lasted through completion of the operation.
    I ran the numbers on mine. I was just over 50 minutes per questionairre.
    Considering the majority of cases were rural, though I was never told, nor did anyone else mention their production level, I don’t think mine was half bad.

  51. sg Says:

    “My Ivy League English degree failed me, and I am glad that the readers of this site can substitute for copy editors at The New Yorker should the need arise.”

    Getting a little touchy, Morse?

    I can see why, though…. By now, it’s a safe bet that a solid half of your readership looks in only to laugh at you.

  52. Al Forteni Says:

    Not true, sg. We are thankful he put all of this out there to show the Census is less trustworthy than everyone thought

  53. LCO-Doh! Says:

    “Dude Says:
    August 27th, 2010 at 5:08 pm
    LCOM, AMFO and AMQA were the only ones invited to the debriefing. Lasted a day. No bonuses unless you count leftover partnership promotional crap. Not very exciting.”

    Dude speaks the truth.

    It was enjoyable learning how many other LCO employees in our regiona were paid comp time for all the overtime they worked, yet our Area Manager allowed none of that.

    As mentioned, I needed a job and I will ALWAYS remember how MY GOVERNMENT treated me.

  54. throw22 Says:

    $2500? Is that all you got, we were given $5000 and free gas vouchers for a road trip to Cabo San Lucas.

  55. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    When did this Cabo San Lucas trip occur?

  56. All sensed out Says:

    @SRM they’re lying

  57. Robert Says:

    3054 LMAO, at our’s we had booze and beer, and the females got so wasted that all the guys took advantage of them. I took tons of pictures.

  58. George Out Says:

    2010 Census…..what a screwed up mess and the NFC employees we were treated like dogs. Forced to invite 1100 people to AC training in 3 1/2 days violating the 3 day call back rule on everyone including vets. I doubt the policy of comp time for travel overtime required while attending training is legal for NFC emoployees, but it was used in the Chicago region. One of the managers claimed leave under the family leave act and was denied three times by the ARCM. After appealing to headquarters, the Chicago brass were forced to approve it. I don’t know about the other regions but Chicago was run on “fear” that started at the Deputy Director’s office. It was simply put a horrible experience I wish to never repeat.