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Has the Census Bureau paid all of its bills?

An alert reader noticed on the MyTwoCensus Twitter feed that Twitter user @Gretchin ( was bit by a dog during some 2010 Census operation and hasn’t been compensated for her Emergency Room visit. Is this an isolated case or has the Census Bureau failed to reimburse employees in other situations as well?

14 Responses to “Has the Census Bureau paid all of its bills?”

  1. ******** Says:

    I suspect it’s an isolated case. I had an enumerator who fell and injured his knee while enumerating. The Census Bureau transferred him to Dept. of Commerce Worker’s Comp, which paid for surgery on both his knees (not just the one he fell on), 6 days in the hospital, and 3 weeks in in-patient rehab. I spent a lot of time with him in the hospital/re-hab, and boy did those doctors’ eyes light up every time they heard he was a Workers Comp case. Anyway, if anything, the Census Bureau paid TOO much in this case. At times they were slow to respond to our questions, but eventually they really did take care of their employee.

  2. Census Guy Says:

    It is also possible, depending of the circumstances, for any employer to dispute their responsibility for a claim. For example if she was not injured on the job. Any such defense would result in a non-payment of any claim, until the appropriate judicial authority rendered its decision.

  3. Jake Says:

    Census Guy

    You are spot on. These type bills are not normally paid until all other options are considered, proof is proved and the like.


  4. Census Guy Says:

    Thank you Jake. in my future book on the 2010 Census, (which the Bureau may unfortunately and reflexively decide to oppose) I will demonstrate how easy it is, to briefly and fairly consider the management prospective, before blaming them for every possible or arguable mistake. This is a lesson SRM would do well to learn.

  5. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Census Guy – I am raising questions and looking for answers. SRM

  6. Census Guy Says:

    Did you ever contact the woman who twittered and simply ask her why there was a holdup on paying her bills, and if so whether this had become a worker’s compensation claim, or were you only depending on the tweet?

    Incidently if there was a worker’s compensation claim you would be probably able to access the court filings, since these are generally considered public record.

  7. JAG Says:

    Aren’t worker’s comp claims handle out of the Dept of Labor?

  8. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Yes I contacted her. No response…yet.

  9. admingeek Says:

    JAG: yes, DOL out of KY handles.

  10. ******** Says:

    Dept of Labor is correct, sorry my mistake.

  11. famosus libellus Says:

    I find it interesting that this frequent twitter-er only wrote ONE entry about a dog attack that sent her to the ER. If I were bit by a dog, I would write about it more. Possibly daily.

    I don’t see any other ‘census’ or ‘er’ or ‘hospital’ or ‘stitches’ or ‘rabbies’ posts either. A search of her other blog yields nothing as well. Can someone check her FB page?

    Maybe it is a fake post. I hope Mr. Morse finds out more on this case soon. It sounds interesting.

  12. JAG Says:

    If Dept of Labor is responsible for workers comp claims, it can’t be an issue of census not paying their bills…’s not their bills to pay.

  13. AMA Says:

    I see you deleted my earlier post critical of your “investigative efforts”. If that is the way you deal with criticism, good luck in the world of real journalism.

  14. famosus libellus Says:

    AMA – Mr. Morse has done the same with me as well. He will not explain why either. My posts weren’t even close to being argumentative or even critical of the site. All deleted. Some guidelines would help.