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Any updates on 2010 Census operations?

Let’s hear your stories in the comments section!

15 Responses to “Any updates on 2010 Census operations?”

  1. its over Says:

    Very few people are still working. Why don’t you know this?

  2. AMA Says:

    Updates? We’re done – our LCO is scheduled to close on Friday. Next phase of the operation? Ongoing job search…

  3. FL-RI Says:

    2934 is an empty building

  4. doctornobody Says:

    Our LCO is in shutdown phase, only a few working. On the up side, I earned enough pay and hours to file for unemployment! Thank you 2010 Census, it wasn’t always pretty, but I learned an awful lot about my community in the last 20 months.

  5. Billy Long Says:

    CBS News reported that copy machines keep an electronic copy of documents in memory. Census copiers may have several thousand pages of PII stored in them.

    What is being done with all of the copy machines the Census used? They are going back to the vendor where they will probably be sold and shipped overseas. There is no effort being made to clean the images off of the machines.

    What happened to the Title 13 requirements to protect PII?

  6. AMFO Says:

    last week field ops clerks were sitting around watching dvd movies because the lcom didn’t know what to do with them. They are watching movies on your dime.

  7. FOClerk Says:

    AMFO – Why didn’t you send them home, or hand them over to Admin? We’re down to two clerks in field ops in my LCO, and we’ve been packing boxes of recycling waiting for the AA binders to be picked up. (Not to mention sorting the white, yellow and pink copies of our D-225s by FOS, CL and date because *our* AMFO was so thick she believed they’d actually be kept in an archive somewhere with our EQ error sheets and D-201 Updates.)

  8. Dude Says:

    Billy, don’t start shit storms. You can’t verify that your particular copier has a hard drive can you? If you can prove that, you may have an issue that the IT dept. needs to solve prior to letting them leave the building.

  9. Jose Narof Says:

    Still working CCM-PI in Phoenix, Az. Looks like we will wrap up late next week.

    Looks like I win as longest serving Censuser!!

  10. Ann Says:

    Billy, all of the equipment is getting “sanitized”. Which means someone is gonna go in and wipe all the PII off of the machines.

  11. Dude Says:

    Sorry, I am still working and will be after September.

  12. Thizzlehat Junction Center Says:


  13. Senceless, Census Says:

    FOCLERK; haaaa! heee! I think I know you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. knocklouder! Says:

    The AMFO and her OOS have found the time to shop online here too. They were looking at something labeled ‘porn for women’.

  15. Jack Says:

    Although the operations are over, I just wanted to give a shout-out to John Lloyd who was a Crew Leader on the South Shore in MA. He is easily one of the sneakiest, ignorant, morons I have ever met. Completely useless. I just needed to write this. I think it is just so funny when we were told we may have permanent jobs, he told people he was adding their name to a list of as interested, qualified and recommended people, but was not. But he made sure that he got his wife on the list who quit after the 1st week of the 1st operation after the Census invested in her training etc…because it was “too much”. Total slime.