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Waste in New York – Please take photos!!

If you want to see about one thousand boxes of materials that were printed and never used being thrown out, the waste hauler is coming to these offices after 2pm today. The boxes will be sealed with the word RECYCLE marked on it. 1361 Amsterdam Avenue between West 125th and West 126th Street, (the freight entrance is around the corner) and 423 West 127 Street (no freight entrance)
$250 for any photos of this waste!

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16 Responses to “Waste in New York – Please take photos!!”

  1. Mary Says:

    At the State Supply Equipment & Props company?

  2. FL-RI Says:

    So the box says recycle on it, and you take that to they are being thrown away? Someone needs a dictionary.

  3. Al Forteni Says:


    It probably costs to have this much stuff picked up to be recycled. Do you think the Census makes money form recycling this? No. This point is all of these never should have been printed to begin with. That is the waste. It all comes down to good planning and good management of resources. Census managers are inadequate in this area. For an organization full of the analytical types. The amount of resources need should be better thought through.

  4. anon Says:

    “No. This point is all of these never should have been printed to begin with. That is the waste.”

    All of what? I see no pictures.

  5. IHeartCensusWaste Says:

    Hey FL-RI:

    They are being thrown away. I was there….What else could you do with it? Use it for wrapping Christmas presents?

  6. anon Says:

    I heart… – I assume you are talking about paper waste. How about shredding and pulping? The pulp is then used to make new paper. We call it …wait for it… recycling! Look it up some time. There are companies in the NY area that do that kind of work. Maybe our fearless leader could be so bold as to ask a few questions about these companies, if they work on contract for the 2010 Census and what their contract says?

  7. just another clerk Says:

    After all of the waste of the last 2 years, you’re going to stick it to the government by taking pictures of them…recycling? There seems to be a misconception here that everything that was disgarded was brand-new in the box materials, and that’s just not true. Some of it was; but a lot of it was used. I’m all for open discussion about goverment mismanagement and waste, but this photo contest is childish and misguided.

  8. Dude Says:

    We recycled nearly everything. And it didn’t cost one red cent. Some offices even got paid to recycle the extra materials and it went back to the Census Bureau. All of the supplies were contracted years ago, we had no idea on the response. Enough was printed to cover all contingencies. Yes there was too much, but it was by design. Can you imagine if we needed 25,000 EQ’s per LCO and had to pay someone to stop what they were doing to take care of us?

  9. Al Forteni Says:


    Sorry to contradict you but, some offices in the LA Region had to pay to recycle the stuff. It also cost to transport it, whether in staff time and mileage or to have a contractor pick it up. So, not true that it didn’t cost a dime. When you factor the true costs, how much was really netted.

    Also, everything else was calculated on the 2000 Census response rate. The big brains statisticians at headquarters would certainly be able to factor in how much was going to be needed but, they couldn’t. Just like they couldn’t figure out what the staffing levels needed to be because, they, who develop economic data for our nation, couldn’t factor in the current economic conditions and the number of people who wanted to work. They couldn’t figure out that there was going to be a low “drop out rate” of hires, thus they front loaded the operations using the 2000 figures causing AD CAN to severly go over budget. They cut short the later operations such as the biggest and most important operation, NRFU, so they could make up for it and so that Groves could seem like a hero by returning money to the Treasury. Someone in one of these blogs said it perfectly: “smoke and mirrors”. I say incompetence at the very top. If this had been private industry they would all have been fired for all of this incompetence and waste of resources. Sad thing, though, our communities that badly need the funding were short chainged and are going to pay for this over the next 10 years.

  10. Dude Says:

    I meant our LCO, I can’t speak for the entire country. Yes, we had to transport materials to the recycling center, but it was very close and the cost was minimal.

    Materials were planned out and contracted long before we had “these economic conditions”. If you remember from the training, their biggest fear was H1N1 and natural disasters. Those were not an issue by the time we were under way. Planning was so far out, it had to be this way. They aren’t over printing because it’s fun.

  11. Ex AMA Says:

    I can’t speak for other LCOs, but I did my job like I was supposed to when the office was closing. I found a local recycler who provided containers for my use and made regular pickups when I needed them. I traded many tons of paper and cardboard waste with the recycler in exchange for a very healthy check. I sent it to my RCC on my next-to-last day.

  12. justaclerk Says:

    As a clerk in one of the Ny LCOs, I can tell you that a large portion of the content in those boxes was not new, but used and useless. Not that there wasn’t waste. But it’s pretty clear this site is not about fact finding. What a disappointment it has been.

  13. All sensed out Says:

    There was tons of waste in New york,
    starting with the management! My Lco
    Closed doWn but we were told the furniture
    Was leased and being resold, much of the
    Supplies go back to the RO as they go 10
    Years without extra budget and the paper
    Is being recycled. The waste was by far
    In the leadership! Poor planning,no planning
    cronyism and nepotism superseded the best person
    For the job and getting the work done accurately
    Timely, and efficiently.

  14. All sensed out Says:

    The leadership unfortunately operates and reacts off gossip and rumors rather than facts!

  15. the truth Says:

    At all sensed out: you make no sense yoU sound ungrateful, probably are still working. I think you are starting rumors as we speak. If you can’t be part of the solution: don’t be part of the problem.

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