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Dwight Dean, former head of the corrupt Detroit office, no longer with the Census Bureau

After a reader tipped us off earlier this week, it has been confirmed by Steve Jost that Dwight Dean, formerly the long-time head of the troubled Detroit Regional Census Center, is no longer with the Census Bureau as of September 1. Word on the street is that he “retired.” MyTwoCensus urges federal, state, and local agencies to continue their investigations into the improprieties of the Detroit office. (We will be providing a series of follow-ups on the Detroit corruption story coming this week!)

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11 Responses to “Dwight Dean, former head of the corrupt Detroit office, no longer with the Census Bureau”

  1. KeeperOfMaps Says:

    He retired. Get over it. Also, strongly encouraging law enforcement with a fringe blog, blog post is pure comedy. Why don’t you walk your story on down to a law enforcement office and talk to someone? Based on your empirical conclusions, you should have no problem convincing any DA or IG or AG to take up your cause wholeheartedly. Let us know how it works out.

  2. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @Keeper – Thanks for the encouragement. Will do all of the above. SRM

  3. GEORGE W Says:

    Hey, Hey, Hey KeeperOfMaps it seems like you don’t mind government corruption rolling right over top of you! For Census 2010 top management has been terminating employees illegally and putting incompetent people in high places. The only way anything is going to get done is to keep this subject in the public eye until there can be a high level investigation into this matter. At a local level have seen outraged citizens take matters to their local magistrate and have them dismissed since they are “federal matters.” Americans all over are now getting fed up with government waste and this website simply illustrates the “tip” of the iceberg of this problem. Maybe some folks out there can send you some “old maps” to take care of and “keep.” That should keep you busy……

  4. KeeperOfMaps Says:

    George – I agree with you ten thousand percent on government corruption and waste, but the problem is SRM isn’t really doing anything productive for the cause. Federal/state/local investigators won’t listen to him until facts are presented. Real facts. Not rhetoric. Not hyperbole. I encourage SRM to gather facts and report them to the authorities; Do some real investigation for once and maybe be a little less forthcoming on the site until some rumors are proven out. Until I see that happen, the only conclusion I can draw is that SRM is trying to make something out of nothing by being a mendacious demagogue. SRM sees tips of icebergs all the time, but he fails to look under the water for the rest of the iceberg to prove that it is there. Because I was involved in the census, I can tell you that much of what he reports is simply ice cubes and would be tossed out by anyone with two brain cells.

    BTW – Thanks for the maps but it was just a name I picked from the tweet feed on the right. I thought it was cute. Hey you aren’t the same George W guy who was fired from field work for taking pictures of people’s homes, are you? You’re famous! Everyone talked about you for a while, but don’t worry…the buzz wore off after a while. Keep up the good fight, GW. Remember this: Facts sell themselves in the court of law.

  5. the truth Says:

    Keepoffmaps is right on target!

  6. anon Says:

    Given Dean is a tenured federal employee, he has rights to merit systems protection. He could have easily retired once he saw the light of investigations and may face some type of prosecution. However, the government, believe it or not, has to weigh the evidence and deem if the cost is worth prosecution. My guess, there is some evidence but not enough. Enough to scare Dean out of the federal government, but not enough to go after him. He might of violated ethics, but retired before an ethics board could go after him. Also, I deem the penalty for what was posted on this website is suspension.

  7. ShoutItFromtheRooftops Says:


    You are on the right track, stick with it. SRM does have the facts and I think he is making some corrupt people in high places squirm. I know because I have watched it. KeeperOfMaps, what makes you think SRM doesn’t have the proof in his hands. If I were you I would stayed tuned and keep watching!!!!!

  8. JAG Says:

    Hey ShoutIt, those aren’t the same facts SRM had on Brian White that was all wrong, is it?

  9. AxionJaxion Says:

    How many more census workers will SRM slander in his desire to get more funding from right wing nut cases?

  10. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Yes, may my right-wing conspiracy live on! JK LOL!

  11. Mary Says:

    How much money have you made as a result of working for Republicans?

    What about Democrats?