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Formerly the non-partisan watchdog of the 2010 US Census, and currently an opinion blog that covers all things political, media, foreign policy, globalization, and culture…but sometimes returning to its census/demographics roots.

Help a reporter uncover the truth…

Send your stories of 2010 Census waste/abuse/fraud to the reporter below who is writing a story about the 2010 Census:

Annie Lowrey
Economy Reporter
The Washington Independent

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7 Responses to “Help a reporter uncover the truth…”

  1. Finally Says:

    …a real reporter.

    Annie – I’ve read your work and I like your style. Please report the whole story about how people needed jobs, we did our duty, we helped America and we did it better than Stephen says we did. He only wants you to report about totem poles, but there was so much more positive that he will understand because he never opened his eyes to it. Tell our story. Please.

  2. jim Says:

    annie lowrey is the most attractive journalist, male or female, working today. what are you doing with that ezra klein joker? read my hilarious comments on this sad excuse for a blog, and then date me!

  3. Mary Says:

    What the …?!?

  4. Solong Census Says:

    Jim, you are a pervert. Who would date someone who writes the way you do.

  5. NoSenseCensus Says:

    Annie, I feel like *Finally*, and know that a lot of the other FOS’s, CL’s, and Enumerators were good, honest hard working people. I don’t agree with the part that says SRM doesn’t put in about the good stuff. The people posting on this blog are the ones that put the Census down, whether they were for or against SRM. In the southwest Ohio area we had a horrific amount of bad managers and everyone below them that stayed for the complete project were relatives or frauds. We had one great manager and she was loaded down with bad people and back stabbers. She was also the only one trained for a management position. SRM is doing a job. It is his blog and he can slant it anyway he wants. We should keep it straight and we haven’t been doing our job! IMHO

  6. Jack Says:

    I love it when someone asks a question and people just write stuff to be idiots.

    NoSenseCensus: she is a reporter; your use of internal acronyms is distracting. You are so vague I have no idea what you are even writing about…were you drunk?

    And the title says to send it to the reporter, not write it here. I am essentially doing the same thing by even responding to you all…but your just annoying.

  7. NoSenseCensus Says:

    @ Jack I was just giving a hint to where the reporter might look for information. I was not drunk, but your last sentence makes me wonder if you are off your medications. Acronyms? You know that anyone that has been on this site knows what a FOS Field Operations Supervisor, and CL Crew Leader, are. Now you were probably both, but more the KA Kiss Ass type. Were you in the 2438 LCO? Maybe an office clerk? Do you feel guilty when the truth is mentioned?