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The Census Bureau just launched its own official blog…

It’s called Random Samplings. Check it out HERE.

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5 Responses to “The Census Bureau just launched its own official blog…”

  1. jchapman Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen their blog, & these folks review any comments that you try to post on it, & if you try to post anything about the lawsuit, or anything critical about Robert Groves or any of the dickheads in the hiring process for the 2010 door-to-door campaign, it gets deleted. So, just like FoxNews, it’s fair & balanced, as well as totally & completely impartial.

  2. MyNameIs Says:

    deleting posts? where have i seen that before?

  3. GS-X Says:

    The new blog is a desperate effort to protect the Census Bureau from punishing budget cuts.

  4. j.r Says:

    I couldn’t even find a comment link. It seems to be a one way dialog: propaganda out.

  5. Mary Says:

    Look again.