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Note to potential whistleblowers in Detroit

To any whistleblowers in the Detroit region:

I am not sure why, but someone has told you to direct your complaints to Thomas Hugh Chodzko, the Detroit region’s Assistant Regional Census Manager. It has been verified from multiple sources that Mr. Chodzko is in cahoots with Dwight Dean, the corrupt long-time head of the Detroit office who is currently under investigation for his activities. (As we recently noted, Mr. Dean “retired” as of September 1.) It appears that if you contact Mr. Chodzko, your complaints will never reach the appropriate authorities in Washington. Instead, please contact the Commerce Department Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office. The letter below shows that Mr. Chodzko is writing (and signing letters — look at the signature closely) on Mr. Dean’s behalf:

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27 Responses to “Note to potential whistleblowers in Detroit”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have to be careful here, but I can speak to this topic personally and at great lengths, about the Detroit RCC, the Area Manager, and the specific LCO and LCOM Mr. Walker worked for. All I will say (for now) is that the Detroit RCC as well as the Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce have big and powerful brooms that they all sweep things under the rug with. Believe me, I know.

  2. admingeek Says:

    This is a termination compliant response. Standard for RCCs. Nothing to do with whistleblowing.

  3. call in the arty Says:

    That’s Tom’s signature over Mr Dean’s name. AMs sign by direction, but all correspondence must officially come from the RD.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    One problem: Mr. Dean was the RD in title only on July 1st; he had been removed as a functioning Regional Director before Memorial Day. No one that I know of ever saw or heard from him at all after the mysterious ouster. His name is on alot of SF-50′s, too. Many of them dated after he “retired”. His name on that letter doesn’t really mean much.

  5. JAG Says:

    Again, another fine example of SRM being totally clueless about what the hell he’s talking about. You show a letter to a specific individual concerning a specific topic and you somehow conclude that this letter somehow applies to anyone other than the person it’s addressed to and specifically to all “potential whistleblowers?”

    Nice post dumb @ss!!!!

  6. Clinger Says:

    I agree with JAG.

    SRM please provide evidence that Mr. Chodzko has done something wrong or that his duties are not in line with the letter.

    And while we are on that topic, please re-post the image with the name and address of the individual redacted. Leaving it up for everyone to see is just plain reckless.

  7. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    JAG – I am protecting the privacy of other individuals who still have cases pending by not revealing their documents. My sources tell me that Mr. Chodzko and Mr. Dean worked together. And there is no evidence to dispute this.



  8. Mary Says:

    That’s how you protect them? By showing their name and address?

  9. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @Mary, darling – I apologize if this blog is difficult for your to comprehend. Of course I am not publicly burning a source. I was clearly noting that there are people out there who still have cases being investigated who, in addition to the person who e-mailed me the above letter, need privacy.

    Your insightfully scathing and contradictory criticisms are lovely. May they continue forever!

  10. JAG Says:

    Mary makes a good point……are you going to protect their privacy the same way you protected Mr. David J. Walker’s privacy?

  11. Mary Says:

    “we always respect your privacy and grant complete anonymity”

    Your words not mine, darling. You might want to update your contact page.

  12. David Walker Says:

    If anyone is interested in reading the report I sent to Thomas Chodzko and the OIG I will email it to you. Write me at my GMAIL account: davidvoetganger. I will email you on Friday. People viewing the above letter will not realize how ridiculous it is without having read my previous correspondence with the treacherous Chodzko.

  13. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @Jag and Mary – See David’s post above. Mr. Walker is quite public with his fight against the Census Bureau’s practices.


  14. Mary Says:

    So David, why were you fired? Why not post the report here for all to see?

    And, just for clarification, you gave your consent to post your name and address BEFORE Stephen posted the letter above?

  15. nopictureavailable Says:


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  16. Something's Rotten in the State Denmark Says:

    To the fans of the Detroit RCC and Tom Chodzko – people please realize that he wants to be the big man in charge, point blank! Thank GOD for Robert Morse! Robert Morse has protected many people’s information and I find that he reports based on the information he has found and what has been given to them. This is free country and we all have the right to disagree, but for people to be rude and unseeingly is completely uncalled for. If you do not like what Mr. Morse has to write, then please do not come here and read it. This is a site dedicated to putting out information on the Census. If you feel that your experience with the Census has been exceptional, wonderful and delightful, I’m sure you could contact Mr. Morse and let him know that. But, unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, for a growing number of people that has not been case. For a growing number of people, working for the 2010 Census, especially in Detroit and at SOME of the LCOs has been a horrendous nightmare to put it mildly. It’s upsetting to know that an operation that has the power to make life better for people, or at the very least open up the door for some of the hardest recession hit communities within the state of Michigan to have the ability to get themselves back on their feet has been tainted by some who yielded their power in negative manners needs to be said. I personally know ALOT of things going on behind the scenes at the Detroit Regional Census Center and at some particular LCOs.
    First off, ANYONE who has an issue or a complaint and no one is listening to you, or even worse, you have been put off or given the run around, then please go to the Department of Commerce and file your complaints!!! One place to go is Unfortunately, my experience with Mr.Chodzko (along with several others) has not been the best. He seems to have a problem answering questions when people contact him, I mean think about, if he was on the up and up then he would have no problems answering people, following up on inquires presented to him and doing so in a timely manner? For the majority of us who have contacted him, most of the time he simply ignored us or should one of us be so privileged to get a semblance of a response, it was usually a mere vague utter or the response was some round about answer to a question that one did not even ask. In some cases, Mr. Chodzko took the question at hand and turned it around with a question as thought it was you who did something wrong. All of this, when all one wants is a simple answer to a simple question. I, myself have worked with some very prominent people in the US Government as well as in other business sectors prior to working for the 2010 Census and I have to state that I have NEVER in my life seen ANYTHING has corrupt, brazen, lazy, demeaning and nauseating as I have seen with my time with the Detroit 2010 Census. I have several complaints and cases submitted with various federal agencies. Everyone I have spoken with within the U.S. Government at the various agencies, are horrified, to say the least at what they have found. I won’t go into further detail than that because of the specifications of my case (once all is said and done, I will be allowed to fully disclose what the issues were to the public, but not until cleared by the Government), but let’s just say I do know of 6 other people who have filed complaints as well. Because of the volatility and grave seriousness of the issues, problems and dissention that has been brought forth, we all have been given special protection for there are now several criminal investigations as a result. So be careful of being cheerleaders (sorry for the lack of a better word) before you know the full facts at hand. Let’s just say that the 6 people who have filed complaints have each presented unequivocal evidence that solidifies their complaints/cases. I, for one would have never believed the events that have taken place or even the situations that I saw, nor the various other wrongdoings I saw until I was privy to it myself. I have been raised with morals, values and respect for ALL people. I was also raised to treat the people who were in the highest position the same as the people who are in the lower position, because at the end of the day, you never know when either one can help you out. I naively thought that the particular group I was working with was raised in the same manner, obviously they were not. So, everyone be fair, keep your ears and eyes open and really look at what is going on around you. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO QUESTION!!!! We are a country where we have the right to question ANY wrongdoing and to question inequities. How dare ANYONE use their position to attempt to silence, harass or at the very least, not make a full and adequate attempt at looking into inquires that may have been brought to them. How dare ANYONE abuse their position by eliminating those who seek the truth and when something is amiss, penalize the person for correcting those inequities. If you really think about it, you might be surprised at the answers you find, or at the very least may see. There are some good people who currently work for the DRCC and some LCOs who have been placed under duress and are just trying to make a living for their families, and at the same time there were some equally amazing people who worked for the DRCC and LCOs who were unjustly terminated and terrorized (sorry for the spelling!). Enough is enough people; this isn’t about you or me, this about the state of Michigan having equal and fair representation as well as monies owed to the state. It’s about having proper funding for daycare programs, roads, parks, after-school programs, schools and for having each township/village receive the appropriate amount of seats in Government, REPRESENTATION! This isn’t about Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members, Independents or Green Party members, the function of the census in Michigan is about getting us, one of the states that have been hit the HARDEST with the recession/economy its fair due. There should be no one hampering efforts to collect, provide and/or produce the necessary data so that Michigan has its fair count, and for the people who are hampering that process and those who are trying (or tried to complete the process truthfully), who are hampering (or who have hampered) the people who were trying (or who have tried to their hardest by going above and beyond) their hardest to make sure that process was done accurately, fairly and completely need to be held accounted for. Their positions were not given to them so that they may behave or do whatever they want to do, we all took an oath and those who are trying to hold back those who took the oath seriously have nothing to fear, for those in power who abused their positions, hampered, diswayed or eliminated those who did their jobs correctly are going to be held accounted for. Wrong is always found and those who have done wrong in our nations past have always been held accountable for their actions. It is sad, that while there are some fabulous people who have worked on the Detroit 2010 Census, their number was overshadowed by those who willingly and knowingly did wrong. I hate to use the phrase evil or even bad as that tends to lean towards the overdramatic, but, unfortunately, such people outweighed the innocents people this census, and thus make those who did the work asked of them and did it within the guidelines and protocols presented to them, be lumped in with the negative people, which is unfair. Nonetheless, while looking at the great history of our country and our great and vast world it is important to note that in the past, evil dictators and evil doers were eventually held accountable for their actions and brought down, and so too at some point those who participated in ill will, negative behaviors toward the workers of the 2010 Detroit Census and the great people of Michigan will have to fall and that time is coming, and it is coming fast. Perhaps it is time for the people of Michigan to respond “Et tu Brute?” to the Detroit Regional Census Centers and certain LCOs. Please accept my apologies for the length of this spiel. This is something I have needed to “say” for quite some time.
    Also, kudos to David Walker for continuing to forge ahead and fight!!

  17. Something's Rotten in the State Denmark Says:

    Sorry, I got carried away, I forgot to put Stephen Robert Morse. Please accept my apologies Mr. Morse, I meant no harm in not writing your full name. I just had so much to say!

  18. ThisNeedsToBeSaidOutLoud Says:

    I can personally tell you that SRM is a stand up guy. I am sure that David gave his persmission. I have been working with SRM and he has always protected my identity–for now! I am with you Rotten. There was so much corruption that I uncovered and continue to find, it is scary. I can tell you that Thomas.Hugh.Chodzko is involved in fraud and coverup. I know of at three LCO’s who falsified data. The proof is in the pudding and continue to read this website, the full truth will make the light of day, and in the end several Area Managers, Thomas Chodzko and Mario Matthews might just find themselves in the same umemployment office that they sent so many undeserving people to; only because there are still people out there with eithics. Unfortunately none of them seem to be in Charge at the Detroit Regional Census Office.

  19. Anon Says:

    I have seen no evidence that SRM is a stand up guy. Same goes for allegations of fraud and cover ups. You can’t just say something is true and have it become true. You need evidence. It needs to be independently verifiable. It needs to be tested. That’s how it works. Authority does not make truth.

    The poponderence of evidence so far has shown that the Census accomplished its goals under budget and with little fanfare. What SRM points out is his own opinion with little verifiable fact.

    Anonymous has challenged this obvious slant. Welcome to the internet.

  20. Solong Census Says:

    Anon, you must have been asleep. If what you say is true, then why so many Congressional inquiries of Census operations and managers? What you see posted on this blog is only a drop in the bucket. I know of one office where there were 100 complaints filed on falsifications and problems with management. What you don’t hear is that there are agencies and Congressional groups looking into all of this. I forsee some changes coming soon,to a theater near you.

  21. Anon Says:

    Yes, I loved the coverage of the Brooklyn congressional hearings too. Verifiable and testable, the facts were exposed and we now know truth.

    “..the Commerce Department’s Inspector General, credited the Census Bureau for its swift action to investigate and address the allegations against the two local census officials. He pointed out that the Census Bureau has developed a process to identify cases of fraud at the local office and are currently analyzing how it can be applied nationwide to detect similar instances. In other words, the system worked the way it was supposed to when a problem arose..”

    ps – preponderance*

  22. Solong Census Says:

    Anon, this was the same statement the Commerce Dept. gave to the Fresno Bee reporter when the Bee reported on all of the complaints filed in the Central Valley, CA against the Regional Office managers. The Census Bureau has now, after being caught,”in the process of developing a process to identify cases of fraud”, now that the decennial is over. Give me a break! This is the Census Bureau trying to “cover up”. Yes, blame the “local census officials”. The problem was not at the local level but, at the Regional Office level. Who is taking “swift action against Regional Office management”. After you weigh all the evidence, the preponderance of evidence shows the Census Bureau management “F Ued” in many areas. This underscores the arrogance of Census Bureau management that believes it is above reproach.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Guess what, boys and girls; I read David Walker’s emails today to and from Tom Chodzko. They’re legitimate.

  24. Anon Says:

    Solong – That statement came from Representative Towns.

    Anon – I can’t wait to read them. Why aren’t they being posted? We should start with David’s original complaint email.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I’d say there is too much PII in the emails to openly post on here. I know a lot of the people in the emails and I heard the same stories from other employees about that office several times in the past year. Different employees, different positions, all saying the same things about one person.

  26. Frederic Acoff Says:

    I confess, I have not been on this site in a long time. yet it absolutely was yet another pleasure to read your fantastic articles.

  27. JustAClerk Says:

    Huh. Office I worked was in the Detroit region. This sure explains a lot.

    Except, of course, who was actually running the Census Bureau and who is accountable for all those Federal employees –and their on-the-job behavior.