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2010 Census oversight team wins award

The Commerce Department Inspector General has been recognized for an award by the professional organization that unites the Inspector Generals of all government agencies…Here’s the brief from Ed O’Keefe:

The Commerce Department’s 2010 Census Oversight Team will be honored for “exemplary service” for a recurring series of reports on the planning, coordination, and execution of the largest decennial census in American history. (Example: Census workers who did no work were paid.)

Both the Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office both did some excellent work in the past few years by shedding light on major inefficiencies related to the 2010 Census and doing their best to correct many debacles.

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2 Responses to “2010 Census oversight team wins award”

  1. Anon Says:

    I enjoyed reading the IG reports. Fact based and laden with actual recommendations for addressing problems, the IG exposed what this site was unable to provide.

  2. Maiasaura Says:

    Did I miss something? I was reimbursed 50 cents a mile.

    From the article by Ed O’Keefe:

    Federal mileage reimbursement rates were set at 58.5 cents per mile in August 2008 but dropped to 55 cents Jan. 1, 2009. Some of the agency’s regional offices mistakenly reimbursed 3.9 million miles at the higher rate, costing about $136,000 in overpayments, auditors found.