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Just in time for Christmas: Official 2010 Census gear on EBay…again!

Months ago, I wrote how 2010 Census enumerator bags were popping up on EBay. All of these bags should have been returned when operations were completed. But history tends to repeat itself. A savvy MyTwoCensus reader sent over the following:

Here’s the link to the auction. (Note, the 2010 Census bag is RARE!)

*Note: Last time this happened, the Census Bureau likely purchased the bags from EBay to quiet my grumbling, as the materials were purchased soon after my post and I was told by the Census Bureau PR folks “We don’t see anything on EBay.”Just in case this happens again, here are some lovely screenshots:

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4 Responses to “Just in time for Christmas: Official 2010 Census gear on EBay…again!”

  1. Jax Enumerator Says:

    I still have my census bag from VD Check. When they took everyone’s bag and badge from VD Check, they told me to keep mine since I was going to Field Verification. They gave us new bags, but never took up the VD Check bags. I kept the same badge throughout. At the end of Field Verification, my CL took up my badge and Field Verification bag, but not my VD Check bag. I still have it as a stylish fashion accessory and reminder of my time with the Census Bureau. In reality, it’s been sitting in my bedroom for the past four months. I’ll probably find some use for it.

  2. ProxOne Says:

    Nice ego problem, kid.

  3. Current Resident Says:

    Census contraband, priced to move! SOLLLLLD … perhaps to some novelty satchel collector out there, on a “Buy It Now” relist before the day was out. (“Ended: Dec 03, 2010 – 16:38:03 PST”)

    Curious how it could languish for five days of prior listing with the “hurry-up price” only two dollars higher. More curious that the relisting, MTC article, and item sale were all within a day. The seller has not responded to my innocent questions about the source of the bag, sent seven hours before the close.

  4. RCC folk Says:

    The f*cking Partnership Specialists have all the good stuff. Never gave it out and ALWAYS had an excuse to NOT distribute the items. Once a thief ALWAYS a thief especially if you get to work fo de gubberment!