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The 2010 Census was close, but not perfect…

According to the Associated Press, “The 2010 census missed more than 1.5 million minority members after struggling to count black Americans, Hispanics, renters and young men, but it was mostly accurate, according to an assessment released by the Census Bureau on Tuesday.”

This is sure to revive the controversial issue of whether statistical sampling can be used in the 2020 Census. Though minority groups likely have advocates for them in the form of organized advocacy groups, “young men” and “renters” will likely continue to be shortchanged when political decisions are made.

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3 Responses to “The 2010 Census was close, but not perfect…”

  1. Richard J. Verardi Says:

    What do you expect from the Census Bureau? Do you think they would admit that the 2010 census was flawed??? I was the ELCOM at 2227 for a year and the LCOM for 2238 for about 6 months before I was terminated for poor performance. I insisted that the NRFU enumerators do a complete, accurate and deliberate enumeration of Staten Island, New York. I told them I did not care if we finished dead last amongst all the LCO’s in the NYRCC, to me an accurate complete count was more important. My tag line on all my correspondences was #’s + $ 4 S.I.
    After my speil, my area manager would get up and say that he wanted the NRFU operation finished very quickly and if the current enumerators could not finish ahead of schedule ( by weeks ), the NYRCC would “bring in a replacement crew from Juneau, Alaska.” The theme from the NYRCC for every operation was rush, rush, rush. Get finished early.
    I was the LCOM of staten Island in 2000 and we finished NRFU around 6/14/2000 and was cited as the LCO with the lowest error percentage in the entire nation. In my opinion, the management at the NYRCC was the worst. They were only worried about finishing early so it would reflect positively on the job performance and bonus.

  2. Jersey Census Says:

    Worked on the 2010 decennial operation in Northern New Jersey. Lots of apartments, in the area where I worked, lots of problems. Landlords and property managers who were uncooperative, when not openly hostile. Locked out of buildings, etc. The local LCO seemed totally unprepared to deal with such situations. “Keep trying.” was their stock response. I was forced to look up property records etc, to get any info I could. If there was an under count of apartment dwellers, it happened despite my best efforts.

  3. Headquarters Watchdog Says:

    The person Richard J. Verardi is speaking to now has a career conditional job at the agency for $56,863 (GS-07, Step 10). Surely this was a far cry from his temporary job as area manager for $95,334 (GG-13, Step 2), but at least now he is well on his way to being permanent.