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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

As budget crises loom throughout the nation, state legislatures are being forced to determine which programs and services they should cut to close budget gaps. The below report comes from Spanish language newspaper La Prensa based in  Toledo, Ohio:

Special Policy Alerts: Ohio Latino Affairs Commission budget may be cut by 45 percent

The Ohio Senate has proposed a 45 percent budget cut from the Fiscal Year 2009 budget of the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission. This is more than double the proposed cuts to other agencies.  Only one other agency has been cut as much as we have been.  Also, the Ohio Commission on Minority Health is to be cut by 32% if the current version of the budget is adopted.

If this proposal passes, it will effectively eliminate all programming, including: OLAnet, Census 2010 Outreach, Project OPEN, and the Building Blocks Education Campaign as well as eliminate 25% of our workforce (1 out of 4 staff).

The finance committee is planning to vote on the budget at tomorrow’s hearing at 2:30 p.m.

The full Senate will vote on Wednesday or Thursday, June 3 or 4, 2009.