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Who will control the Census?

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

At this juncture, with a Democrat in the White House, and Democrats in control of Congress, many Republican and right-wing organizations fear that the Obama Administration’s desire to have more control over the 2010 Census will bring them harm. To learn about these fears, read the following articles that, with the exception of the LA Times, come from right-leaning publications:

FoxNews: Don’t Mess With the Census

LA Times: Growing political battle over the Census: Latinos versus Republicans

Wall Street Journal: Why Obama Wants Control of the Census

Investor’s Business Daily: Head-Count Case

Analysis Of The 2010 Census Promotional Video: "A New Portrait Of America"

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

With only 413 days remaining before “Census Day,” April 1st, 2010, there’s no better time than now to watch a corny video manufactured by the U.S. Government that promotes participating in the Census. Note: At the time of this posting, only 114 people (most likely all from the production company that made it) have viewed this promo.

Remember folks, the results of the 2010 Census will determine how 300 billion of your tax dollars are allocated each year. In the era of 800 billion dollar bailouts, that may not sound like much, but it’s enough money to give many elected officials the jitters.

Just ask Keith Hite, the president of the National Association of Towns & Townships who appears on this video – Come on U.S. government videography team and producers, is he the best celebrity you could find to promote the Census? – and says, “the Census, no matter when it is, is the consummate partnership between local, state, and federal government.” Thanks Keith. We’re glad that from your perch in your Town & Townships Tower (sounds like a Mickey Mouse organization to me) that you still find time to star in promotional videos.

The video goes on to discuss “innovations, like a new, short census form will help to make it even more successful.” I’m familiar with the phrase “less is more,” but how will asking fewer questions (seven in total) yield more accurate data? This “innovation” seems to be a concession to libertarians, most of whom won’t fill out the 2010 Census form anyway.

Only during the video’s photo montage (to the tune of an unknown “hopes and dreams” theme song) do we finally see the microcosm of America as we know it that features brief clips of every racial, ethnic, occupation, ability, class, and age group from sea to shining sea. If you look closely at these pictures, many appear to be stock photos that were likely taken in places other than American soil. Perhaps we at MyTwoCensus are cynics, but this is our job, so we can keep America strong into 2010 and beyond.