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Call to Action: Bring out your multimedia tools and get ready, aim, fire!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

During our nightly search roundup, we came across the most poorly shot census-related video of all time. This clip basically consists of an average Joe (or Joe six pack or Joe the Plumber or whatever) and his wife (or lover) video taping a Census lister in action. This ultimately causes a minor verbal altercation between Joe and the lister who says (while off camera) that he’s “just doing my job.”

We are amazed that in the past 5 days, 20,000 individuals have wasted time viewing this video, and we feel all the more stupid for being a part of that group of people. But, this made a light bulb go off inside our collective heads.

The fact that this poorly shot/do-nothing video has attracted so many hits makes us think that pretty much anyone out there can have more brains, less of a confrontational nature, and infinitely better videography skills than the fools (dare we editorialize!) who shot this clip.

So, citizen journalists from sea to shining sea, this is our call to action. Pick up your cameras, i-Phones, camcorders, and any other multimedia tools you have access to and submit your best 2010 Census-related work to us so we can publish it right here on MyTwoCensus.

Oh yeah, here’s the video…don’t say we didn’t warn you about how boring/bad/annoying/stupid it is: