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Chinese Census

Monday, May 11th, 2009

2010 won’t just be the year of America’s headcount, as China will be conducting its 6th national census on November 1, 2010. Will the Chinese face the same issues that America faces? How will technology be integrated into their counting procedures? What questions will be asked on Chinese census forms? Hopefully we’ll soon know more information, but for now, here’s the story:

BEIJING, May 6 (Xinhua) — China plans to conduct its sixth national population census in 2010, the State Council, or the Cabinet, announced on Wednesday.

The census, which begins on November 1, 2010, will survey population, age, nationality, levels of education, profession and population migration.

The census will also collect data on marriage, housing, and social security of Chinese citizens, said a notice posted on the central government’s official website (

Vice Premier Li Keqiang will head a steering committee with members from more than 20 government departments and the army, said the notice.

The last census in the world’s most populous country nine years ago found there were 1.29533 billion people in China.

“The population condition has undergone great changes since 2000. New findings from the 2010 census will provide accurate and scientific information for the government to map out plans for economic and social development,” said the notice.