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Final Update: Confirmation hearing, here we come!

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Click HERE to check out the official memo and video (though the latter appears to be a dud as we couldn’t get it to work on PCs or Macs) about Robert Groves’ Senate confirmation hearing that is now less than 9 hours away!

For those people who are interested, this hearing will be airing live from 9:30am-11:30am EST on C-SPAN 2. (Stream the video live on your computer using the links on the RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PAGE!)

MyTwoCensus will be providing live updates throughout the day.

As there is another hearing scheduled for 2:30pm in the same room, we don’t expect Groves’ hearing to extend past lunch time.

Here is the list of Senators who are expected to attend the hearing:

Democrat Republican
Joseph I. Lieberman Chairman (ID) (CT) Susan M. Collins Ranking Member (ME)
image image
Carl Levin (MI) Tom Coburn (OK)
image image
Daniel K. Akaka (HI) John McCain (AZ)
image image
Thomas R. Carper (DE) George V. Voinovich (OH)
image image
Mark L. Pryor (AR) John Ensign (NV)
image image
Mary L. Landrieu (LA) Lindsey Graham (SC)
image image
Claire McCaskill (MO)
image image
Jon Tester (MT)
image image
Roland Burris (IL)
image image
Michael Bennet (CO)

If you’re in the Washington D.C. area and interested in the 2010 Census, this hearing is open to the public.