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Why April Fools Day and Census Day shouldn’t coincide…

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

From the Christian Science Monitor:

April Fools’ jokes for 2010 Census form: What is your race? Vulcan.

In a trend worthy of April Fools’ jokes, Americans are challenging Question 9 of the 2010 Census form: What is your race? Some are self-defining themselves as ‘American’ or ‘NASCAR.’

If this man at a Star Trek convention is tempted to enter his race on the 2010 Census form as ‘Vulcan’ as an April Fools’ joke, the Census bureau might dispatch a case worker to his house to determine if he is telling the truth. Or it could jusy slap him with a $500 fine.

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It appears that some people are having some fun with their new US Census forms, including thousands of Trekkies telling the government they not exactly human. However, the government doesn’t think it is very funny and you could end up getting fined (unless you can prove your non-terrestrial ancestry). More details below.

Trekkies being counted

As mandated in the US Constitution, every ten years the government conducts a census to count up everyone in the country. In March tens of millions of Census forms were sent out to every household in the USA. Forms are already coming in, but apparently some people are not taking it seriously, or at least not Question 9 which asks for Race, and allows you to fill one in if it isn’t one of the options on the form. This is from an article in the Christian Science Monitor:

Census workers report literally thousands forms that include, well, creative self-identified races. They include Vulcan and Borg (nods to “Star Trek”), Cylon (for the “Battlestar Galactica” fans), and, yes, NASCAR. (Get it? Race?)

Although that is all pretty funny, apparently it is not legal. Again from the article:

In other cases, census workers will call or even visit to determine if a respondent is, in fact, from the planet Vulcan.

The Census Bureau doesn’t want to get serious. But if worse comes to worse, a recalcitrant Vulcan could face fines of up to $500 for wrongful disclosure.