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The Census Bureau fails to answer the questions: Part 1

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Last week, I wrote that I received a postcard in the mail alerting me that I qualified for open management/supervisory positions at U.S. Census Bureau. I followed the instructions on the postcard (which cost the Census Bureau 27 cents to mail to me…think about how much taxpayer money was wasted by sending postcards to the hundreds of thousands of other people who passed the Census employee exams) and was led to a job page that required me to print and mail out application materials. So, made an inquiry about the lack of online applications for these positions with the Census Bureau’s human resources representative for the Northwestern United States, Lori Brockmeyer. Here’s the chain of e-mails:

Dear Lori,

Is there any way to submit applications for the following positions online:

Local Census Office Manager – San Francisco PDF
Duty Location: Bay Area, CA
(Closing Date: April 17, 2009)

Partnership Specialist, AF-09-2010-PS-21ECA PDF
Duty Location: Bay Area, CA
(Closing Date: April 15, 2009)

Thank you,

Stephen Robert Morse

Lori’s response:

I wish! Sorry, but it is a manual process. Please mail the complete application packages to the address listed in the announcements- they must be received by the closing date.


My follow-up from yesterday morning:

Dear Lori,

How come there are so many federal jobs on that can be applied for online but this job has to be applied for via hard copies/mail?



As of today, I have receieved no response…someone must be held accountabile…