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Uh-Oh(io): Will the Buckeye State lose 2 seats in Congress?

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Politicians in Ohio are getting nervous that they may not have jobs in a few years. The Newark Advocate reports, “Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland said the state is in ‘great danger’ of losing two congressional seats after the 2010 Census is completed. Strickland said Thursday he thinks Ohio certainly will lose one member in the U.S. House and chances are strong that it could be two. Ohio was on the brink of losing a representative after the 2000 Census and has since seen its population grow only modestly while many other states have seen much larger gains.” Uh-oh!

In general, as states in the Sun Belt see America’s largest population gains, the rest of the country’s population remains relatively stable or show slight population losses of people who are moving south. On the national stage, Ohio has played a major role in the past two Presidential elections, but that role will surely be diminished if it has fewer electoral votes up for grabs.