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FYI: How to Embed a 2010 Census Mail Participation Rate Tracker Widget on Your Web Site

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

To find and embed a state-wide rate:

1) On the main map page (,
click on “View Participation Rate”
2) Enter a zip code or a county or city followed by a state, e.g., “22206”
or “New York City, NY,” and click FIND.  3) The map will center; click on
the chosen state.
4) A bubble will appear showing the current 2010 rate and the 2000 rate. A
“Track Participation Rate” link will be in the bubble. Click on the link
and follow the instructions for embedding tracker in your website.
5) Note: To find and embed rates for a lower level of geography, click on
the “Zoom In” link.