My Two Census

Formerly the non-partisan watchdog of the 2010 US Census, and currently an opinion blog that covers all things political, media, foreign policy, globalization, and culture…but sometimes returning to its census/demographics roots.

Salute to Northwest Arkansas, a news conglomerate for Northwest Arkansas, is the first news outlet to receive’s Golden Enumerator award. In the past week, their crime watch section has reported two 2010 Census-related incidents of interest to us:

At 9:36 a.m. Tuesday, a man on Grisham Drive was knocking on doors in the neighborhood; he had paperwork and was writing things down. An officer determined he was a census worker.

At 4:25 p.m.Tuesday, a caller reported that a Census Bureau worker was bitten by a dog on Newquay Lane.

This final bit of information about a dog attacking a Census Bureau employee is particularly interesting, as MyTwoCensus still seeks information from the Census Bureau to determine the number of injuries and deaths of field workers while on the job…

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